September is National Yoga Month!

Let’s face it September is a big month.  Labor Day closes out the dog days of summer, school starts and your morning commute suddenly gets longer, the weather starts to cool off, the leaves begin to change, it’s one of the final months of preparations for your fall marathon and so much more.  Well let’s add one good thing to the month…it’s National Yoga Month!!!

If you ask me this couldn’t come at a better time.   I’m immersed in yoga teacher training,  loving my practice and the journey I’m on.  I feel like I’m celebrating the month in my own special way but there are some awesome ways you can celebrate yoga this month!

The first way is through free yoga classes.  Yep, you read that right,  free yoga classes.  By visiting this website and getting the free card you can take one week of free classes at participating studios in your area.  Awesome right?

You can also join in to a nationwide yoga practice to close out the month on September 30th at 7pm.  The idea is to be part of a worldwide yoga practice.  I love this idea!

You can practice on your own or with a group by finding an event using the event finder.  So hopefully you’ll take part!

If that wasn’t enough Yoga Journal has partnered up with Athleta(<–loving this store lately!!!) for a month of yoga!  There are free classes in stores, awesome blog posts, words of wisdom, and an Instagram photo contest with the chance to a $200 gift card to Athleta and yoga inspired jewelry!

If you ask me, that’s a ton of ways to get your yoga on this month and celebrate!!  I’m always a fan of a Sunday morning class with your best friends followed by brunch and catching up! And you can always stop by here to get your fix of yoga talk.  I’ll be in yoga teacher training for two more weekends this month and will be sharing my experiences and lessons, so there will be lots of yoga chat.  Happy National Yoga Month!

Side Crow Pose

How will you be celebrating National Yoga Month?  Do you love yoga as much as I do? Will you try yoga for the first time this month?


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