Yoga For Bloggers!

A few months ago I connected with some of the people behind  Vita Coco and Eventbrite here in Boston.  Vita Coco offered to work with me to host an event for local healthy living bloggers.  I was excited about the opportunity and was psyched to join in!  Last Thursday night we held the event at Soul.Train., an awesome new studio in Sommerville.  The top floor is a beautiful yoga studio…the soul.  Downstairs is a gym with all you’d need to build strength and muscle (think Cross Fit kind of style)…the train.  Erica Bornstein led the small group of bloggers through a great vinyasa flow complete with tons of abs and a rocking sound track.

Yoga For Bloggers Event!

Rachel from Healthy Chicks was there to give a chat about nutrition and healthy eating as well as Ayurveda.   I was intrigued by this and definitely wanted to learn more since it meshed with all my yoga teacher training.  I filled out a questionnaire which asked questions about my eye color, hair type, stress, etc.  The 3 doshas you can fall into are vata, pitta, kopha.  I fell into the pitta dosha and based on this Rachel was able to recommend foods I should eat and avoid in order to find balance.  Things like meditation and yoga will help me to feel peaceful and foods with bitter, astringent and sweet foods will help to “cool” my body.  When Pitta’s are out of balance we tend to feel irritable and aggravated and can experience inflammation.  You can take a quiz and learn more about your dosha here. 

We closed out the night with dinner provided by Eventbrite.  They ordered tons of Greek food that was so delicious.  We had beet salad, fried zucchini, couscous, hummus and pita, marinated chicken skewers and much more.  It was a feast to say the least!

The event was very small and intimate which I really enjoyed, it gave me an opportunity to connect with local bloggers and get to know them more personally.  A few of the girls grew up near each other and knew many of the same people! I’m always amazed at just how small the world really is.   We were there for just over two hours and time flew by!

A big thanks to Vita Coco for hosting a great event and working with me over the last few months! It was a great experience!


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