Yoga= Pure Happiness!

Remember yesterday’s post about faith and hope? Yep, that feeling is still flowing through my veins and I’m loving it.  What is better than yoga, friends and my better half to keep me feeling inspired and hopeful?  Pretty much nothing!  On Wednesday night Lululemon hosted an outdoor yoga class at the Prudential Center.  Todd Skoglund, one of the owner’s at South Boston Yoga and one of my teacher trainers, taught along with Joanna Benevides in the square.  It was a gorgeous summer night, warm but with a cool breeze and perfect for practicing outside.  I was thrilled to see some of the teacher trainees, it’s amazing how much of a bond we all formed in just 9 short days!

I’m pretty sure the big grin I had on my face never disappeared throughout the entire practice.  I couldn’t help but think that this is what pure happiness feels like.  

Setting up for an amazing flow!

Warrior 1 Anyone?! (source:

A view from Updog!

Rest Between Backbends! (source)

Savasana View!

Teacher Trainee Love!

More Teacher Trainee Love!

Love that we practice together!

There is something amazing about practicing among the buildings with a busy street behind you and people milling about and taking pictures of you.  To find peace and calm within that craziness makes it so much more satisfying!  Every time I step on the mat I can’t help but feel that this journey I’m on is exactly where I am supposed to be!

And ending the night with dinner at one of my favorite restaurants and fro yo with my love just makes it all that much better!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and can take your mat outside to get your flow on! xoxo

Have you practiced yoga outdoors before?  Did you love it? What kind of workouts do you love to do with your friends and significant other?


13 thoughts on “Yoga= Pure Happiness!

  1. christine says:

    yay this post brought me right back to wednesday night – pure happiness is right!! great to see you and our fellow teacher trainees and meet michael 🙂 see you next weekend ahhh


  2. Candice says:

    I wanted to go to this the other night! Lululemon Newbury also does an event called “Happiest Hour” once a month and its a roof deck yoga session at Sports Club/LA. You should go in September!


  3. Mary McManus says:

    I participated in Salutation Nation last year hosted by Lululemon. David taught – need I say more? It was early on in my yoga practice and it was a transformational experience to just let go and feel the flow on the Boston Common underneath a radiant blue sky last September.


  4. feridee says:

    I can relate to this. Couple of months ago my friends and other people decided to practice yoga outdoor. What differs from this was that we were on the Bermuda grass.


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