Faith, Fears, Yoga and Running!

Today I’m feeling inspired, motivated and hopeful.   One of the things David said to us during yoga teacher training is that if we constantly hold on to our pasts, our fears and our worries and fill our calendars and schedules how will there be room for the things we want in life?  He encouraged us to make space in our lives for the life we want.  I remember going home that night and thinking about his words.  I vowed to myself to let some things go, to make room for the things I wanted.  Well, maybe the universe heard me or maybe it’s just fate or maybe I’m just more aware but it seems more and more opportunities are coming my way.  I’m a believer that once an opportunity presents itself it’s up to you to make the most of it.  I’m trying my hardest to make the most of all of this.   The funny part about this is that, just maybe, there are signs that the world likes my new outlook on life.  Just recently my friend Erin and I were talking about my yoga journey and sharing all that we have going on in our lives, she’s said multiple times how she has good feelings about this journey I’m on.  My mom said the said the same thing too.  And then yesterday there was not one but two posts by a couple of my favorite bloggers talking about faith and releasing our fears.  Jess talked about having faith in all that we do and letting our faith be bigger than our fears.  Katy talked about re-framing our fears so that we don’t manifest them and we give the universe a chance to reward us.  Coincidence? Maybe.  But I’m going to take this as positive reinforcement that the universe likes the way I’m thinking lately.  Or at least a girl can hope. 

Likely adding to my inspired and motivated mood today is the fact that I’m still riding a high from an amazing 9 mile run on Tuesday.  It was my first long run since training for Boston.  I was a little nervous about building my miles up again and on Sunday I couldn’t help but feel like maybe running the BAA half wasn’t a great choice.  After all, I’m completely immersed in this journey to become a Yoga instructor and felt that maybe training and running was taking me away from that.  But after a 4 mile “free run” on Monday I was reminded that this journey is only adding to my joy of running and if anything yoga is making me a better runner.  To add to that running gives me the time to think about all I’ve learned in yoga teacher training and how I’m applying it to my life.

I had originally planned to tackle these 9 miles on Saturday morning but somhing inside me knew to head out on Tuesday night instead.  Maybe it was the fact that Michael had his own things going on that night and I knew I’d have the night to myself, maybe it was reading the inspiring post by Jess about her PDR 20 miler (<—this girl is seriously writing some amazing stuff lately as she chases down 26.2 miles!) or the post by her sister Jo and her 9 mile “sherpa” run to support Jess.  Or it may have just been my own inner desire to get out and run.

I planned a new route since I’ve not run more than 6 miles at the new house and mapped it out so I could run to the nearby lake.  This made me even more excited! Something about running around water makes me so happy!  The loop consisted of 3 miles to the lake, 3 miles around the lake and then 3 miles back home.  Perfect.

I set out around 6:30 when I got home from work and planned to keep the pace light and easy.  It wasn’t my fastest long run but man did it feel good.  The weather was cool and it was just a gorgeous late summer night.  The first 3 miles were the hardest.  I couldn’t mentally get over the fact that I had to run 9 miles and started to doubt myself but then I realized I was only a mile from the lake and it gave me something to look forward to.  The 3 miles around the lake were peaceful and calm.  Something about the water relaxes me and by then the soreness in my legs began to subside and I found my groove.  The final 3 miles home were probably the best.  I had a rhythm and felt awesome.  The miles ticked on by and before I knew it my Garmin said I was at mile 8.  The sun was setting by the time I finished out that last mile.  As I walked up the steps and into the house the sun had completely set and I was so proud of myself and the 9 miles I’d run.  There is something about sacrificing an entire evening after work, and eating dinner at 8:30 just to fit in a run that makes you feel so proud.

9 Mile Long Run!

As I was stretching I realized, that was the longest run I’ve gone in over 3 years without my knee strap or tape.  I’ve been running since Boston without my knee strap but tackling 9 without it felt like such a big deal.  I made sure to stretch and foam roll post run so as not to jinx myself.  Thank goodness I did…my IT bands were tight, tight, tight!   I think I owe yoga for that run, for running 9 miles with no brace.  Yoga really is making me a better runner both physically and mentally.  My body is stronger, balanced and flexible and my mind can find peace and calm within the pain of running.  More than anything I have a new level of respect for listening to my body and now days that means so much more than it used to.

So perhaps I owe this feeling of inspiration and motivation to my fellow bloggers who always seem to say just the right thing at the right time and to yoga for making me a better a runner and in time a better, more aware person.

What inspires and motivates you lately? Do you have room in your life for the life you want? Tell me about your latest long run! How has yoga helped your running?


14 thoughts on “Faith, Fears, Yoga and Running!

  1. Amanda says:

    Thank you so much for the inspiring post! I am a certified yoga teacher and am also training for a marathon. Unfortunately, with marathon training being so time-consuming, I do not always make the time that I should for my own practice. You have reminded me just how important yoga is for staying focused and balanced in my running, and how I do not not need to look at them as two separate things, but rather as 2 beams for the same bridge.


  2. jobo says:

    I love this post!! And LOVE that you were inspired by so many similar things around you in this lovely blog world. Isn’t it incredible when the right read hits you in the face and makes you realize something about yourself or your journey? And hey, we both did 9 miles on Tuesday, how cool is that? Also my longest. And we must meet up for a run sometime soon, we DO live close together and all! (what lake was it?!) Great post, great insight, and awesome job on that run! Yoga is most definitely helping you just like barre n9ne is helping us with our running too!


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      I love it! I’ve been so inspired lately and then to read those posts yesterday, it was just like WOW. I thought about how you ran 9 as I was running mine! It was cool! I SO want to meet up soon! It was Lake Q!!! I told Jess yesterday we need to plan a meet up! It’s be so amazing to chat with you ladies in real life!


  3. Jess Sutera says:

    ohh I just love how hopeful and faith-filled your words are in this post!! I am SO glad my posts lately have resonated with you on a different level, helping you to fully embrace your yoga journey while continuing to find a way to feed your running passion too. It’s tough to balance the two (for me, balancing barre with running) but it can be done and done without going crazy or overdoing it. I truly believe that if you love something and want it badly enough, it’ll all come together in the end. It’s all about believing in your path and trusting the unknown, as scary as that might be at the time. LOVE how great your 9 miler felt btw!! I’ll be channeling that tonight when Scott and I head out for a 10 miler after work (couldn’t do it this AM since I had to teach). It will feel so good to be done, no matter how late it gets!


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Thanks Jess! It is so hard to balance the two without overdoing it but like you said it can be done. Trusting the unknown is so scary but sometime you just have to trust your gut and have faith! I’ll be thinking of you two tonight! You’ll kill it!


  4. Click. The Good News says:

    Great job & good time! I started yoga last year when I was running (waaaay too many marathons) so I wouldn’t get hurt. I had to drop my gym/weight time, but I really adore that I found yoga & it has given me so much more than the asanas. I still do it twice a week, after my morning “short runs” & I’m in the midst of training for NYC marathon & philly. I’ve been knocking out 14 miles on Fridays….just praying for it to cool off her a bit in Houston.


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      I had to do the same but can honestly say my muscle tone is way better than when I was lifting. I’m much learner now. I’m glad fall is approaching us and you’ll have cooler weather! NYC Marathon is AMAZING! I loved it!


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