Guest Post: Find Your Power in Power Yoga

Happy Friday! Thanks for all the blog birthday wishes yesterday!  

Today, I have a guest post for you all from the founder of YOME- The Yoga Video Portal.  YOME is a new site that connects yoga teachers with practitioners.  Specifically, yoga instructors are able to submit videos and articles that practitioners can view for free.  It’s a fantastic source for free yoga videos.  I’m really looking forward to practicing at home with a few of the ones I’ve found.  Once I finish yoga teacher training you may see a few of my own videos on there!  Hopefully you’ll check it out and enjoy their post!

Find Your Power in Power Yoga

Yoga will always evolve to meet the demands of the culture and time in which it is presented, but the true core of a yoga practice always remain the same. While yoga has gone through many ‘upgrades,’ since its original birth thousands of years ago, power yoga is a great evolution of Ashtanga yoga, specifically, because while we all want to be more flexible, strength cannot be overlooked as a significant contributor to overall health. This benefit of practicing power yoga is not the only reason it should be embraced as a modern form of this ancient art.

Power Yoga Stays True to Yogic Principles

Power yoga, taught by a good teacher, never dismisses yoga fundamentals. It does not sacrifice form and alignment in order to ‘power through’ a series, but it does offer a wonderful way for students to evolve their own practice and even do some more advanced asana that may never otherwise be approached doing other styles of yoga. After all, forearm stands and handstands as well as many arm balances and balancing asana, require pure strength and good body awareness, not just the flexibility to wrap one’s legs behind their heads.

The Importance of Keeping Yoga’s Roots

Ashtanga yoga was the first ‘power’ yoga. It was designed in a series that was meant to be practiced its entirety before moving on to the next series. Students who practice this type of yoga have the discipline to perfect a set of core asana before trying to attempt more advanced postures. While this is a wonderful way to make sure students are getting an education in anatomy and learning how to perfect each asana before moving on to more challenging postures, some  present day yogis felt that the practice should be less rigid and that powerful yoga series could be mutable.

The birth of power yoga came from the feeling that while learning the Ashtanga series was wonderful, there were too many other yoga poses that shouldn’t be ignored. There are, after all, thousands, and while it makes no sense to practice them all willy-nilly without attention to form, breathing and  a full experience of each asana, it makes sense that some teachers would want to ‘flow’ into a more varied series of movements. Power yoga gives a yoga teacher and her students the ability to experience a more flow-like set of movements that often include the warrior series and other powerful asana that build strength. Jumps backs, jump through and eventual handstands during a ‘vinyasa’ are the norm, and students get the backbone of Ashtanga yoga with the creativity of each yoga teacher sharing their version of yoga.

Yoga is Always Evolving

While the roots of yoga should never be ignored, power yoga is just an example of the constant evolution of yoga. Even among Patanjali’s time there were many versions of yoga, and that is why he was inspired to write the Sutras – they were a way to boil down the many oral traditions into one cohesive and succinct description of yoga as an entire practice. As long as we stay true to yoga’s roots, power yoga and other types of yoga can only stand to benefit us.

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YOME- The Yoga Portal For Wonderful Life

 YOME connects yoga teachers with yoga practitioners and features FREE high quality, hand-picked yoga videos which you can select according to your specific need. To practice yoga anywhere anytime you can create your own list of Favorite Yoga Videos. Visit to register and start your yoga journey.

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One thought on “Guest Post: Find Your Power in Power Yoga

  1. Faye Rousso says:

    Thank you Whitney for the kind words. I will be happy to share your own videos on YOME when you are ready 🙂
    Happy Birthday for your blog. It is a great inspiration source!!!. Love it. Your achievements are amazing!! all the best.


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