Run Free!

Thank you so much for all of your kind words and for sharing your thoughts with me during yoga teacher training.  I tried to share my thoughts and feelings as openly and honestly as possible and I think many of you appreciated it.  If the next 6 months are anything like the 9 days I’ve already experienced it will be simply incredibly.  If you missed those posts you can catch up on my yoga teacher training experience here:

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Today let’s give running some love here, after all the name of this blog is LiveRunLoveYoga!  Monday night I came home from work, changed and laced up my sneakers.  I hadn’t run in 12 days so the plan was to head out for an easy 3 miles.  I went to grab my Garmin and it was dead.  Not even low battery, just straight up dead but I guess that’s what happens when 12 days goes by and you don’t look at it once.  I considered grabbing my other watch to just get the time but then I thought “you could run naked…” and was reminded of the peace I feel when running and decided to make it more meditative.

I have to admit, my naked wrist felt empty.  It was weird to just start running, no starting my watching or making sure I had a signal.  Just running.  I settled in to my pace and focused on an easy run.  I listened to the bird’s chirp, soaked in the late summer sun, relaxed to the sound of my feet against the pavement.  I didn’t care how fast (or slow) I was going, I just ran at a pace that was comfortable.  It was FREEING.

At one point I had to stop to tie my shoes again.  Instinctively I reached for my wrist to stop the watch before realizing it wasn’t there.  I noticed that I took my time tying my shoes and adjusting my tank and started running again on my own terms.

I kept running, taking in the scenery and listening to my body.  I hit a hill in the last mile and felt my pace slow, normally I’d look at my Garmin and push the pace but on this day I just relaxed and let my legs work.

When I approached our house I felt my pace slow and I naturally came to a stop.  Normally I push it all the way to the end, willing myself to run harder or faster to meet some time or distance I set for the day.  I have to say, I prefer just naturally stopping.

This idea of running free and “naked” had me thinking about time.  One afternoon in yoga teacher training David (our instructor) asked what time it was.  Someone from the class responded and before he continued he asked the class “what is time?”  Time is just a number system we developed to contain ourselves, to define our days.  We allow time to dictate us and control our lives and it’s really just a number.  It’s crazy right?

I realized on that run that I need more freedom in my life.  Running “naked” may give me just that.  No set distance, no set time, no set pace; just the freedom to run and do what I love.  I think you may be seeing more “naked” runs over here in the future….

Have you run “naked” before? Does it make you feel free?  Did you enjoy it? Do you do this regularly?


7 thoughts on “Run Free!

  1. jobo says:

    I am a slave to time, yet what your instructor says is SO genius. We make time the way it is, we define it. Why are we always rushing to beat time, whatever it may be?! And amen to running naked. I’m not a Garmin user myself, anytime I use one, I stress out, so it’s just not worth it for me. Free running reigns!


  2. Jess Sutera says:

    I LOVE what your instructor had to say about time — what a great way to put time into perspective. we are all WAY too reliant on that number in our lives, it dictates EVERYTHING we do. And that’s not always a good thing in my view. I love that you ran naked…you know I’m a big fan of that approach and I honestly believe that’s a big reason why marathon training has been such a JOYFUL time for Scott and I. We’re out there embracing each run, enjoying the challenge and not stressing time or pace at all. It’s been amazing.


  3. Click. The Good News says:

    Lol…I felt like I was doing yoga naked the other day when I forgot my watch & couldn’t see how much more time we had left!

    I do enjoy a good “Free run” occassionally- usually I drop gear, leave the dog at home, and head out in the rain. It’s so incredible to feel nature stirring all around, the rain engulfing your body, and the energy pulsing all around the comes with a good storm.


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