What I Ate Wednesday! Summer Staples!

And it’s Wednesday! I have a short work week and start yoga teacher training on Friday.  To say I’m excited is an understatement, so as far as I’m concerned this week can’t go by fast enough!

I’m not sure what has come over me recently but I took a TON of food photos this past week.  Normally I’m scrambling on Monday and Tuesday to take photos of meals that I may or may not have already eaten half of.   Michael and I are really getting into meal planning together and I’ve been digging through Cooking Light to find new recipes that are healthy and fun.  Sunday night we even took the time to grill veggies for the week, brew coffee for morning iced coffees, prep lettuce for salads throughout the week and I made a healthy chicken salad for lunches.  I’m so impressed with my eating lately!

Since today is August 1st (man time is flying!) we have a new theme!  This month we are talking about our favorite summer foods and how we incorporate them.  For me its fresh berries and fruit like peaches and cherries, I sneak them in whenever I can! Many thanks for Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting!


I’ve been rotating between two of my favorite summer breakfasts.  I love topping cereal with berries and fruit.  This week its Special K with skim milk, blueberries and peaches!  During the week I’ve been making smoothies to drink in the car.  I’m surprised at how full these keep me and I love how you can mix them up.  Into this mix is frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, a half cup of apple sauce, a half cup of apple juice and a quarter cup of skim milk.  Yum!

Berry Smoothies and Special K with Blueberries and Peaches!


Michael and I desperately needed some variety in our lunches.  I bring lunch to work everyday during the week and Michael packs a lunch about  4 days a week and goes to lunch with co-workers once a week.  Sandwiches with deli meat were just getting boring to both of us.  This weekend I made an Avocado Chicken Salad from Cooking Light.  It has chicken, avocado, salsa, lime juice, olive oil, cilantro, salt and pepper and is served with tortilla chips.  So so good!  I also took advantage of the fresh tomatoes I’ve grown and made a tomato and pesto sandwich on Italian bread with watermelon on the side…summer decadence if you ask me!

Avocado Chicken Salad with Tortilla Chips, Cherries and Chobani, Tomato and Pesto on Italian Bread with Watermelon


One of our favorite quick and healthy week night meals is grilled fish with rice pilaf, a fresh vegetable and salad.  This dinner is so good and comes together in 30 minutes.  Saturday night it was pouring in Boston so we opted for a date night in.  We bought fresh scallops and sautéed them with lemon,onions, butter and white wine and served them with angel hair pasta and asparagus with lemon.  Date night always requires wine!

Scallops with angel hair pasta and asparagus. Haddock with rice pilaf, green beans and salad.


Banana “Ice Cream”. This is so good and my newest obsession!  Many many thanks from Michael and I to Jolene at Determined. To Be… for making this suggestion in the comments!  We took frozen bananas and put them in the food processor with chocolate chips and white chocolate peanut butter and blended until smooth.  We topped the “ice cream” with a little bit of chocolate syrup and chocolate granola. We will definitely be making this again!

Banana Ice Cream with Chocolate Granola and Hersey’s Syrup

What is your summer staple? What do you love in your smoothies? How do you spice up lunches? Ever had banana “ice cream” before?


12 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday! Summer Staples!

  1. Christine says:

    The banana fro-yo sounds delicious!! I’ve totally be struggling with coming up with interesting lunches and dinners. The Avocado Chicken Salad sounds delicious and may have to try that! I can’t believe that you’re starting yoga teacher training on Friday! So excited for you!


  2. jobo says:

    Yay! LOVE that you tried the banana fro yo – it’s genius and SO GOOD!! Such a fresh and yummy combo. That avocado salad looks to die for! And I love date night in’s!


  3. Jess Sutera says:

    Isn’t that banana ‘fro yo’ the best invention ever?? I made mine last night with one frozen banana and two frozen strawberries, a sprinkle of cocoa powder and a tsp of peanut butter. it was SO GOOD with a couple of chocolate chips on top. mmmm!! I’m sad it was my last frozen banana, must freeze more!!


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