B.A.A. Half Marathon Training Plan

With every successful half-marathon there is a training plan behind it.  Considering the B.A.A. Half- Marathon is 10 weeks away I figured I’d better get a plan together.  The challenge in creating this plan is that *little* thing called Yoga Teacher Training.  There are a lot of unknowns with Yoga Teacher Training, the most concerning being how tired will I be and how sore will I be.   To be successful this plan is going to require a lot of flexibility.  My goals each week are to get in one easy run, one long run and one track workout in addition to the requirements for yoga teacher training.  Some weeks have 4 runs scheduled which is an effort to get in enough miles since I’ll be missing 3 long runs.  As always, I listen to my body and adjust any training for injury, and tiredness.

B.A.A. Half- Marathon Training Plan

A few side notes:

  • I follow all runs with Abs, Strength and Stretching.  It totals about 20 minutes post run.  
  • I take an easy yoga class at lunch time on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  It totals about 45 minutes per class.
  • I plan to run a few long runs with a friend, distance may vary slightly. 

Color Codes:

  • Purple = Yoga Teacher Training
  • Gray = Yoga Class
  • Blue = Easy Recovery Run (~9:15 min/mile)
  • Orange= Run (~8:30 min/mile) 
  • Pink= Long Run (~8:50 min/mile)
  • Yellow= Tempo Run (~5K pace)
  • Green= Track Workout

I’m really curious to see how Yoga Teacher Training will impact race day.  You can be sure I’ll be blogging about my experiences in Yoga Teacher Training and will update you all about my training progress throughout the next 10 weeks!

Have you trained for a race and done Yoga Teacher Training simultaneously? What do you look to accomplish with your half-marathon training plans? What questions do you have for me about the plan?


11 thoughts on “B.A.A. Half Marathon Training Plan

  1. imarunner2012 says:

    Great blog and a great plan. Good luck with your training and the race. I’ll be running the BAA half also and can’t believe it is only 10 weeks away! I’m working through an injury so my plan is just to finish with no plan to PR or anything like that.


  2. Candice says:

    You definitely have a full schedule ahead of you. I don’t have teacher training but I do I am trying to swim more/get some yoga in along with training for the BAA Half. Working three jobs (full time job in the financial industry, coaching swimming, and teaching swim lessons at BSC) plus half marathon training is tough so I’m right there with ya! Good luck and I am excited to read more about your training leading up to the half. Maybe I’ll even see you there!


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      I do have a full schedule but it sounds like you do as well. I really think it will come down to flexibility and just doing what I can without over doing it. We’ll see. Good luck with your training too!


  3. balancedpeanut says:

    Love this post! I am also training for a half marathon AND starting yoga teacher training in September! Follow my blog and “like” my page, Balanced Peanut, on Facebook! Good luck to you and if you ever need any motivation let me know. Happy running!


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