What is Your Word?

Happy Friday! I’m psyched that the weekend is here and today is a rest day.  Tonight Michael and I are ordering takeout and watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics! I personally love the Olympics.  I truly love the winter sports and enjoy watching Nordic Skiing because many of the athletes are women and men I skied with in college.  While I don’t know anyone at the summer Olympics I still love the swimming and running!  Since the royal wedding I’ve been kind of obsessed with London and the royals so the fact that the Olympics are in London makes it even more exciting.  What sports are you looking forward to watching this Olympics?

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about being an athlete and what that means.  Maybe it’s all the Olympic coverage and listening to interviews with amazing athletes or just chasing down my dreams.  The word that comes to mind, and has stuck with me throughout the week is dedication.

When I was a college athlete I was always dedicated to my workouts, to my success, to accomplishing my goals.  I’d be the girl out skiing at 7am in -20F weather because I had labs and classes all day.  I’d study on the bus to and from races.  I’d go to class in sweaty workout clothes because that was the only time of the day I could get my strength workout in.  I’d be the girl who’d be at the library until close on a Friday night because time was valuable and I was going to ace my exams.

Now, I’m the girl who runs at 5am because I have a full day of work and a full night ahead of me.  I’m the girl who gets out the door for a run in the wind, rain, sleet, snow and sunshine to be sure I have the best chance to get my goal time for my next marathon.  I’m the girl who saves for a year to be able to take Yoga Teacher Training.  I’m the girl who digs deep and runs when it’s the last thing on earth I want to do.  I’ll push through the pain and find the strength to run my tempo run 10 seconds per mile faster than my training plan calls for.  If I sign up for a race you can bet I’ll cross that finish line.

As an athlete we all have a word.  Maybe your word is strong or resilient or passionate.  Whatever your word is, it describes you and why you are out there chasing your dreams and goals.  For me it’s dedicated; dedicated to a life of healthy living, running for me and that little thing called a personal record, to becoming a certified yoga instructor and sharing my passion with others.

Each and every athlete at the Olympics has a word to describe themselves.  The athletes at the Olympics remind me of my word, they remind me why I am so dedicated to 5am runs and time in the yoga studio.  They inspire me to live up to my word and remain dedicated and determined to accomplish my goals.  I hope these next two weeks of competition inspire you to find your word as an athlete and live up to it!

What is your word? How does it describe you as an athlete? Do you see your word in the Olympians competing?  Do the Olympians inspire you to be the best athlete you can be?


4 thoughts on “What is Your Word?

  1. Jess Sutera says:

    I love this! My word: determined. I am determined to make every single day an active one and to try my hardest to embody the fit and happy person I’ve always wanted to be…and have finally become. I am an athlete, my own kind of athlete…and wouldn’t have it any other way!


  2. jobo says:

    What a great post in time for the Olympics! Dedication is such a good one ,it takes hone, focus and determination. And speaking of determination, that’s my word. Determined. In life, love, running and work 😉 I will be watching the games tonight too! so fun!


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