The Little Things!

Wohoo! We made it to Friday!  I’m in a particularly good mood today and had a pretty good week.  I’m not someone who needs fancy events and things of that nature to make my week.  It is really the little things that make my days and weeks more fulfilling and complete.  Here is a look at the little things that made my week and put me in a good mood today!

Awesome Runs. 

I don’t normally post about each and every run I do but yesterday I was up at 5am for a 4 miler.  Let me tell you, I felt AWESOME! My pace had been slowly creeping up to around 9:15 to 9:20 min/mile but I noticed this week it was slowly dropping with each run.  I headed out and was so happy to be running in cool air and actually avoided running through the lawn sprinklers this morning.  The heat wave broke Wednesday night with some crazy thunderstorms so the clouds were still lingering.  It was perfect weather.  I felt light and strong and found that rhythm and pace that makes a run feel so good! The best part was I finally ran a 4 mile run at a sub- 9 min/mile pace.  I think I’m on to something good here!

The hills on the last mile didn’t even kick my ass!  I’m counting that as a small victory.

Friends New and Old. 

Last night I met some lovely lady bloggers from the Massachusetts and Rhode Island area in Providence at the Lululemon showroom for a meet up (hence the 5am run).  Lulu served us wine and light snacks while we shopped the showroom and got to know each other.   It was awesome to meet long time virtual friend,  Sam from Running Cupcakes! I also had the pleasure to meet Jessica from 30 Something Mother Runner, Jennifer from Savoring The Thyme, Kaitlin from For Love of Carrots, Tera from Girl Gone Healthy, Steph from Stephanie’s Mommy Brain and Jane! I was able to get some new items that I needed for yoga teacher training which is in 2 weeks!!!  It was a great night and a lot of fun! I look forward to more events with these lovely ladies!

I love when you are thinking of an old friend and they just happen to think of you at the same time.  My long time friend and LiveRunLoveYoga reader, Jen texted me to tell me she was so excited I’m running the BAA half.

This made my morning on two levels…one it’s always good when your best friend’s read your blog and two it’s awesome when they text you to tell you their excited you are running another race.  Only true friends can understand the amount of love and passion I have for running and support my craziness.  Plus Jen had good news of her own to share! I love catching up with good friends!

Good Hair Days. 

I have thin, fine, curly hair.  When the heat and humidity is up I have awesome curls, other days I have limp and flat curls.  Those who have curly hair can attest that you have absolutely no control over your hair, it does what it wants.  As such, when I find a product that I like AND have a good hair day with it I am happy! Plus it smells really good too!

Love the curls this gives me!

Thank you Not Your Mother’s for the good hair day!

Time in NY. 

Last but not least I’m excited to be heading to NY to spend time with my family.  We are heading to my summer-house where I literally spent every weekend of my summer’s growing up.  We spent our time swimming, boating, eating and sitting by the campfire.  I can remember it being March and looking forward to the summer days that were ahead.  Now that I live in Boston I don’t get there as much as I used to and am really looking forward to a swim!

Time in NY!

What are the things that make your week? Does a good run or workout make your day?  Do friend’s and family make each week better?  Do you love a good hair day? What are your plans for the weekend?


8 thoughts on “The Little Things!

  1. jobo says:

    So jealous about the lulu event! I couldn’t make it either, was teaching barre n9ne or I would have wanted to come and meet you and the others and see Sam again, miss her!! Your run sounds absolutely awesome, I love runs like that!! Hoping for some of those this week myself 🙂


  2. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf says:

    So excited for you and your awesome run AND the fact that you’re running the BAA half!! And yoga teacher training is starting in 2 weeks? So exciting. All the things you’ve listed above make my week – family, friends, good workout, etc. We’re hanging out with our kids in Mystic, CT for a few days which should be a nice little escape from NYC!


  3. Jess Sutera says:

    Aw I just love happy posts like this! I am SAD I missed the lulu event last night, it sounds like it was awesome!! And YES, you did NEED those items for yoga teacher training, DEFINITELY a must-need kind of thing. hehe. I am SO lulu obsessed it’s not even funny (as I sit here in my purple lulu crops I”ll wear to teach my second class of the day later today…haha)

    Happy weekend!
    PS. your lake house in NY looks a lot like our lake house in Maine! LOVE IT!


  4. Karen Bee says:

    As a fellow curly-fine-haired girl, I have to ask – where did you pick up the texturizing spray? I’m always on the lookout for a product that improves my curls.


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      I also use the Not Your Mother’s Curl Cream and love that. It gives me good hold without making my hair crunchy. I bought the spray at CVS, it was $6. I’ve also bought this brand at Target. I definitely recommend them!


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