I’m Running the B.A.A. Half Marathon!

So it’s official.  I have an addiction, an addiction to long distance running.  Of course, you already knew that.  You also know that I was going to take some time off from running and just focus on yoga and my upcoming yoga teacher training.  That is still happening but with a small twist.   I’m going to be running the Boston Athletic Association Half Marathon on October 7th!

I feel like I’ve finally kicked the “marathon hangover” and am feeling like my motivated self again.  In fact just this morning I was up before 5am and out the door to get in 4 miles, some abs and some weights before work.  I’m not going to lie, the excitement of registering for this race put a little “pep in my step”.

I first ran this race in 2010 and PR’d.  I ran it in a time of 1:41.38.  It was also the race that motivated Michael to agree to run the Chicago Marathon with me.  I remember the race and the day so clearly.  It was a cool, crisp fall day with just enough sunshine to warm you up.  I made my way to the race on my own, checked my bag, stretched and got into the corrals early.  The gun went off and the first mile of the course was downhill.  I remember telling myself to take it easy and not push too hard.  My first mile was a 7:15.  The miles ticked by and my pace remained low.  I was cruising and felt awesome.  Around mile 6 I was still holding the pace and did some quick math and realized I could PR in a big way.  I kept pushing it and was able to hold the pace.  I saw Michael around mile 8 or 9 for the first time that day and was so happy.  We’d only been dating for a month or so at that time and since he was finishing up his Masters and taking time away from his thesis to cheer me on it felt like a big deal, which it was.  I remember mile 10 was really hilly and my legs were screaming at me but my mind knew we had this half marathon.  I pushed and pushed and loved the downhill at mile 11.  I saw Michael for a second time and threw my pack of Shot Bloks at him and continued on.  He knew I was rocking that half marathon and was in the zone.  As he says, my face said it all.  Part of mile 12 was uphill and I just threw it down.  I pushed and pushed and told myself to keep going.  When I crossed I was thrilled! Michael was waiting for me at the finish and we got my medal and race shirt.  I remember walking through the park back to the car and that’s when we decided we’d run the Chicago Marathon together the next fall.  We went to this awesome diner nearby for the breakfast of champions; eggs, pancakes and a milkshake.  I spent the rest of the day napping and relaxing on the couch while Michael cooked and chatted with me.  It was a pretty perfect day.

I really hope that the BAA Half is just as good to me this time as it was then.  I’m not planning to go for a PR because I doubt I’ll be able to get in as many long runs as I’d like; teacher training takes up quite a few weekends between now and then and fitting in 9 or 10 mile runs after work will be hard.  I still hope to have a good race and enjoy the experience.  Michael will be there to cheer me on again and this time I’m lucky to be running with my friend Lauren.  Lauren and I became friends through Team in Training and ran the Boston Marathon together.  She is a fantastic running partner and will enjoy the post half-marathon brunch just as much as I will!

Lauren and I running the Boston Marathon!

I think running and training for this will be the perfect way to bring in the fall.  It will give me something to look forward to and I know I’ll get the most out of my runs.  I plan on one easy day, one speed day and one long run per week.  The plan will also incorporate teacher training so it should be a good mix.  I’ll post the plan once I get it all together!

And a few random thoughts to round out the post…I took a new yoga class on my way home Tuesday night.  I LOVED it! The room was a perfect 85 degrees, the music was good, the Vinyasa flow felt divine and the instructor was encouraging and insightful.  I’ll definitely be heading back there next week! Tonight I’m heading to Providence, RI after work to meet some fellow lady bloggers for snacks, drinks and some shopping at Lululemon! I am SO excited and plan to get some goodies for the start of teacher training!

Are you running the BAA Half Marathon?  Have you ran it in the past?  What was your half marathon PR like?


7 thoughts on “I’m Running the B.A.A. Half Marathon!

  1. Candice says:

    I will be there too! I was so pumped to get the confirmation email! Excited to train the RIGHT way this time since my last half was a disaster and resulted in an injury.


  2. Jess Sutera says:

    Love it!! And guess what? While you’re running this half, I’ll be running my first full – ACK! haha. kind of neat though, no? PS really wish I was going to that lulu event with you guys!! have an awesome time!!


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      I know! I’m so excited for you to run Chicago! I think it is really neat that it is the same weekend and coincidentally that’s how we came to choose Chicago as Mike’s first marathon. I wish you were going too! It’d be awesome to finally meet you! I’ll email you, maybe a run one night next week?


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