Color Me Rad!

Oh Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  We had a great weekend…we spent most of our days at home getting organized, cleaning and the like.  It felt good to be home, I always feel more centered when everything is in order at home.  The weather was hot (highs in the 90’s), hazy and humid so we didn’t feel like we were missing much beach time.  It wasn’t all work and no play though! Friday we cooked a really good dinner, then went for a drive so Michael could show me some places to run and expand my loops and we stopped for ice cream.  Soft serve with jimmies is so, so good!  Before cleaning and tackling the to-do list Saturday we headed out for 9 holes on the par 3 course near our house.  I’m pretty new to golf so this was perfect for me, I even got my first birdie!  Saturday night we headed out for a little date night and went to a ‘new to us’ sushi place in Arlington.  It was delicious!  Sunday morning we were up early to head to the Color Me Rad 5K…

I won an entry for the Color Me Rad Run from Mattie at Comfy and Confident and was pretty excited.  I asked Erin from Creative Soul in Motion to run with me.   By the time she went to register the race had already sold out so she emailed the race director, told them she was a blogger and was hoping to run and blog about it.  The emailed her a few hours later and told her she was in! I was pretty impressed with that and so glad she could join me!

We met at the South Shore Mall in Quincy around 7:15AM.  Our wave went off at 8AM.  The Color Me Rad Run is an un-timed 5K where you run through color stations where they spray or throw color on you.  The idea is that by the end you’ll be tie-dyed!  We wore white shirts, old shoes and shorts and I sported a white bandana to avoid getting the dye in my hair.  They said with light-colored hair it often can take days to come out, I’ve never dyed my hair so I wasn’t willing to risk it.  As part of your race packet they gave you fun colored sunglasses!

Erin and I Before the Run! Still WHITE!

We set off for the run which weaved through the South Shore Mall parking lots.  We ran through 5 color stations and realized after the first one you really needed to slow down and run to the side to be sure that you got colored the most.

Erin and I Approaching the Finish!

As you come to the finish they hand you color packets and then once you cross the finish they have “color parties”….

Color Party!

Everyone throws their color packets at the same time and you become completely tie-dyed!

Crazy Color Party!

We finished the race completely colored with big smiles!

Erin and I Colored Rad!

It was a really fun way to spend the morning! I would definitely recommend the Color Me Rad races, especially for those who have kids.  They let kids under 7 run for free and the course is very open so it would be a ton of fun as a parent! I even saw some parents pushing running strollers (covered in garbage bags to protect them).  The other awesome part of this race is that the T-Shirts are really cute and I’ll definitely be wearing mine! And in case you were wondering the color came right off with a wash cloth! I washed my clothes on warm in the washer and all the die came out!

Have you ever done a Color Me Rad Run?  Would you like to get tie-dyed? 


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