Working Out and Finding a New Routine!

Happy Friday! I’m really looking forward to the weekend.  Since we were on vacation last week and are busy during the week getting workouts in and eating dinner I feel like I haven’t really had time to just be home.  We need to spend some time cleaning the house, getting organized and taking care of a few things there.  We still plan to get outside and have some fun though too!  On Saturday we’ll be playing a round of golf in the morning and then on Sunday I’m doing the Color Me Rad 5k in Boston with Erin from Creative Soul in Motion!  I am really excited to run and tie-dye myself!  I love a low-key weekend every now then in the summer!

Yesterday I chatted about calorie counting and using it as a tool to understand my eating habits and to learn more about portion control.  I’m really enjoying the process and am looking forward to losing the 5 pounds I’ve put on since the Boston Marathon.  While portion control and calorie counting is great it is only one piece to the puzzle.  Working out and getting my muscle tone is the other part.  Since I moved in with Michael and then went on vacation we haven’t really had the opportunity to establish a routine of balanced meals, workouts and time with each other at night.  Michael is also trying to lose weight so we both agreed now was the time to create a routine that would benefit us both.  I think when you live with someone you can really motivate and encourage each other to make healthy choices but you can just as easily convince each other to skip your workout or go for that dessert you didn’t really need.  We want to make healthy choices together, just as we always have.

Michael and I at the Chicago Marathon!

Because we moved north of Boston my commute increased.  It went from about 50 minutes at night to anywhere between an hour to an hour and half based on traffic.  Most nights I get home between 6 and 6:30.  You all know I like to keep my workouts focused on running and yoga so the gym membership didn’t seem necessary.  Also with teacher training starting soon I knew I really wouldn’t use the gym much.  I can run from home and there are a LOT of yoga studios along my commute so I’ll be able to find a studio I truly like in addition to South Boston Yoga where I’ll be getting certified.  It’s a little bit tricky finding a class that starts at a time I can get there without me getting there too early and have a ton of time to kill.   My goal is to be home by 8 in order to make dinner and relax.  It will take a little experimenting to find a studio and location that I really like but it’s kind of the fun of it.

I tried a new yoga class this week.  The location is along my commute so it was definitely on my way home and it turned out to be directly in the middle so it broke up the drive a bit.  It’s not the perfect situation though, I get to the studio about 5:30 and the class starts at 6:15 so I end up having to kill about 45 minutes.  I suppose I could bring my computer and hang out at the coffee shop near by but I’d really just prefer to start yoga earlier and get home earlier.  I don’t get home until 8:15 so it makes for a long day.

The yoga class is also a HOT class.  I’ve tried them before and didn’t really care for it then and after taking this class twice I’ve come to the same conclusion.  I really hate sweating so much that it’s dripping in my eyes so I can’t see and just feeling the sweat is getting the way of me staying with my breath and practice.  I like sweating just enough so my body feels warm and I know I’m working but I’m still able to stay relaxed and with my flow.   The class is also a set flow and it doesn’t change from day-to-day.  As someone who loves Vinyasa I struggle with this.  I love classes that vary and challenge me in new ways.  So it’s not the perfect class but I’ll find another one to try.


Experimenting with yoga studios and new classes styles and instructors can be really fun.  While you might not love a class, an instructor might say something or adjust you in a way so that you can improve a pose or your practice.   Even if you move to a different studio or class, you still learned something and improved in some way.  Also, learning what you don’t like is just as helpful as learning what you do like.  Ultimately I hope to be able to find 2 yoga classes along my commute that I can take during the week in addition to my lunchtime yoga classes.

As for running, I’m still trying to get out of the marathon hangover.  I need to start adding in one longer run per week, shorter runs are just not cutting it.  There is also a track nearby that I can run to from our house so I would like to do some speed work.  I really enjoyed doing that when training for marathons and there is no reason why I can’t do them now.  With these additions a typical running week would be 3-4 runs with one track workout, a longer run (6-8 miles) and one or two easier runs (3-5 miles).   I also bought a 12lb. medicine ball with handles and 10lb. hand weights to use post run.  I’ll be able to add in some good core work and some strength work after my runs which complement my yoga nicely.  I’m also planning to try to register for the BAA HAlf- Marathon.  I ran this in 2011 and was thoroughly impressed with race and the course.  It usually sells out within hours of opening so I hope I get a spot! I should be able to manage and balance training in addition to yoga teacher training!

Running the Boston Marathon!

So that’s  the scoop here on LiveRunLoveYoga.  A two-part update on how we are adjusting to moving in and establishing healthy eating habits to lose weight and creating workout routines!

How do you create new routines?  How do you adjust to changes in your location?  Do you have a gym membership or get your workouts in outside of the gym?


7 thoughts on “Working Out and Finding a New Routine!

  1. Hipolito M. Wiseman says:

    I just want to say I am just very new to blogging and site-building and really enjoyed this blog. Very likely I’m planning to bookmark your blog . You definitely come with very good articles and reviews. Regards for sharing your website.


  2. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf says:

    I totally hear you about not enjoying yoga classes that are super set in their flow and get you so hot and sweaty that you can’t see! Maybe that’s why I never took to hot yoga. I feel like I need to get back into a routine now that I can start to work out a bit more and I need to get my eating habits back on track too. I think that’s always been the hardest part for me about moving or returning from vacation but have no doubt that you guys will find the right balance and what works for you.


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Yeah, there is something about those yoga classes I just don’t love. Glad I am not alone! It is hard to get back on track but once you start and get momentum and you feel good it’s easy to keep going!


  3. runcupcake says:

    We are so much on the same page again! Kevin and I, although we don’t live together (I spend most of the time at his place though…) are also trying to plan a routine. For us, the tricky part will be scheduling. He’s in retail so his hours vary from week to week, so our routine will have to involve weekly scheduling, which could be a pain!

    I look forward to hearing how you guys make it work!


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Haha so crazy how this keeps happening! It is really hard to plan a routine but I’m sure you will make it work. We kind of do weekly scheduling too…figuring out if someone won’t be home for some reason or if we have social engagements. Adjustments usually result in 5am runs for me. We also make extra food for dinner the night before so the person who will be home can have healthy leftovers. Flexibility is key!


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