Running and Random Thoughts

Wohoo Friday!! This week FLEW by and I certainly will not complain! It’s been a good week for sure.  Good weeks make me happy! Hopefully this weekend will be just as good.  It should be a pretty quiet weekend filled with friends, yoga and downtime.  If I’m lucky and the weather cooperates I might even get some beach time!

The 90 degree weather here in Boston has certainly been front and center and on most people’s minds.  On Wednesday I decided to head out for a few miles after work.  It was my first time running in 90 degree weather since, you guessed it, the Boston Marathon! I decided to head out for an easy 3 miles.  I didn’t want to over do it and quite frankly I was still wicked sore from Ashtanga.

Easy 3 Mile Run

Knowing that the temperature would be hovering around 95 degrees during my run I made sure to prepare.  I took a walk around my building at lunch to try to acclimate to the temperature.  I ended up walking for about 30 minutes at a casual pace and was glad I spent some time in the heat before my run.  I drank more water than normal as well.  Hydration is key!

About a half mile in to my run all I could think  about was how hot it was.  And then I realized I hadn’t run in heat like this since the Boston Marathon.  My first thought was “How did I run a marathon in this weather?!”.  I was never able to shake that thought.  I survived that marathon in part to being smart and listening to my body and the sheer fact that I was determined to finish the Boston Marathon.  The energy and support from the crowds was unbelievable and definitely kept me going.  Thinking back on the memories from that day definitely made the miles tick by! Before I knew it I hit my goal time of 30 minutes.  I followed my run with abs and stretching.   Gotta love a sweaty run.  I felt great after and was happy I went.

Sweaty and Stretching Post Run

When I first started this blog I wrote a really good post about running in the heat and my tips for staying cool.  It’s worth checking out! An oldie but goodie for sure!

Yesterday was an easy day.  I went to yoga on my lunch break and called it a day.  I hadn’t had a night where I just went home and hung out since I moved in with Michael and was really in the mood to do that. Sometimes that is exactly what we need!  Unfortunately there was a ton of traffic on my commute home and I got home late anyways.  Oh, well!

I’m not sure what today will bring in the form of a workout.  Hopefully something good! I’m looking forward to more Ashtanga this weekend.  I’m truly loving this combination of running and yoga in my life these days.  But then again if I didn’t I wouldn’t have a blog titled LiveRunLoveYoga now would I?

Ok, I’m off! Stay cool out there and be careful running in the heat!

Did you run in the heat this week?  Did it remind you of the Boston Marathon? How do you stay cool in the heat?


8 thoughts on “Running and Random Thoughts

  1. jobo says:

    Running in the heat is HARD! I did it a few times this week and it was difficult but at the same time, I LOVED it. I felt strong, and bad ass! I think sweating that much when you run just naturally makes you bad ass anyway, right? 😉 happy weekend!


  2. Jess Sutera says:

    My thoughts exactly while running 10 miles in this humidity! I kept thinking to myself how the HELL am I going to run a full marathon in Chicago that COULD very well be really hot?? Like you said, the crowds are definitely going to come in handy but I also think that I’m just going to have to really focus on allowing my body to adjust to running in the heat. It “remembered” the feeling fairly well today but man, towards the end I was dying!


  3. AmyC says:

    I attempted to run 5 miles yesterday, but it was so humid I had to stop after about 3.5. I’m going to try the wet headband trick you mentioned in your other post.


  4. KrisLawrence says:

    I didn’t run Boston this year so I didn’t think of it at all but it’s been scorching hot here too! I plan my runs early or late and make sure to run routes with water fountains….so key!


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