National Running Day!

Did you think I’d let National Running Day go by without a post?! There was a lot to chat about today, so much so it called for two posts! In case you missed it I shared this week’s eats earlier in What I Ate Wednesday.  Now on to running! To celebrate National Running Day I went out for a 5 mile run after work.  I’ve been getting very comfortable running 3 and 4 miles at a time so I want to try to get in one longer run a week.  I’m thinking 6 miles would be perfect but for today I started with 5 miles.  I started the run with a 7:29 min/mile and felt awesome the whole run! The sun came out and the air was nice and cool…perfect running weather!

National Running Day!

In honor of running day let’s talk about a few of my running favorites!

Favorite Shoe. 

Mizuno Wave Inspire! It got me through both Chicago and Boston Marathons and months and months of training.  I’m still running in this model shoe and absolutely love it.  I’m on my 5th pair now!

Mizuno Inspire 8

Favorite Race. 

I’d say the NYC marathon.  It was my first marathon and I still to this day remember every single detail.  The standout for me was crossing the Queensboro Bridge at Mile 15 and coming into Manhattan for the first time with the crowds going CRAZY! I have never heard anything like that and I think it will be a moment that will never be duplicated.  Being my first it was one of my proudest running moments.

NYC Marathon!

Best Running Partner. 

Michael is definitely the best.  Training and running Chicago Marathon with him was one of the best experiences ever.  I always hoped I would date someone who loved to run and would be running along with me.  I love that he understands my NEED to run and always supports me.  Running  challenges our relationship and brings us closer in so many ways!

Michael and I at the Chicago Marathon!

Favorite Place To Run. 

The Esplanade! I am so lucky to be able to run every single day on the paths along the river and in the parks of Boston.  I’m surrounded by trees, waters, sailboats, runners, people walking their dogs and so much more.  I love love love it.

The Esplanade!

Hardest Race. 

The Boston Marathon this past April.  A marathon in 90 degree temperatures in April in New England with rolling hills, need I say more?  I think not.   But you can read my whole recap here!

Running the Boston Marathon!

Favorite Piece of Running Gear. 

By far the Lululemon Run Speed Skirt! I wore it for both Chicago Marathon and Boston Marathon and countless training runs.  It is always comfortable and always stylish!  My full review is here!

Lululemon Running Skirt!

What are your running favorites?

I truly love running and am thankful that my body has allowed me to run 3 marathons.  Running NYC, Chicago, and Boston marathons was amazing and are experiences I will hold close to my heart forever.  I love looking forward to a run, the way it makes my body feel and the strength it gives me both mentally and physically!

Happy National Running Day! Why do you run? How did you celebrate the day?


4 thoughts on “National Running Day!

  1. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf says:

    I’ve been wanting to try to speed shorts! The NYC Marathon is my favorite too because it was an incredible experience to run through the city that I live in and to see all the different neighborhoods up close and personal. Plus the fact that there are so many people out cheering. Now, we live right off the marathon route and get to relive it every year. I love running because it makes me feel alive and strong.


  2. jobo says:

    I love run speed shorts too! the best ever! don’t ride up, super comfy! And I have YET to run on the Esplanade!! I need to change this asap! Loved reading this, since I am new-ish to your blog, and catching up on some of your races!


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