Balancing Workouts and Relaxing!

Hi Guys! Happy Tuesday! Thank you all so much for your kind words yesterday.  I really feel like my honesty was appreciated and I’m glad to have shared.  Most of all it was great to hear from some long-time readers, first-time commenters.  I truly love connecting with you all!

So it’s been raining in Boston for three straight days now and it looks like we won’t see the sun until Saturday.  Ok, maybe for a little bit on Wednesday but you get the idea…it’s going to be gray, rainy and cool…uck!

Rainy Week!

When I originally thought about this post I had intended to talk about how I keep motivated and make running in the rain fun.  And then last night happened. It was raining AND there was 30mph winds.  As I walked from my car to my apartment I couldn’t help but think about how cold and gross it was.  I got inside and started unpacking from the weekend (only one more week of weekend packing!), put away the groceries and tried to rally for a run.  But then my mind started to wander to the dessert I needed to make and my book that I’ve been itching to read.

I decided to skip my run and curl up with my book.  It is pretty rare for me to be in the mood after work to just curl up and read.  I reminded myself that now is the time to do that.  I’m not training for races or following a training plan.  My goal is to workout, eat healthy and live a balanced lifestyle.  Part of living a balanced lifestyle is giving in to our mind and bodies desire to relax at times.  In order to achieve this balance in my life I approach working out a bit differently than before.

When I’m training for a race and following a training plan I follow it to a “T”.  If that means running on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays that is what I do.  I put it on my calendar and to-do list and get it done.  While this has made me successful as an athlete for years and helped me to reach my goal times for multiple marathons it does get tiring to follow a plan like that.  With yoga teacher training coming up and set days where I know I will be practicing yoga I know that lifestyle will be back soon enough.

Now I determine in my mind each week what workouts I want to fit in.  It all depends on what is happening in my life that week and how I feel.  This week I plan to take yoga on my lunch break on Tuesday and Friday.  I also plan to get in 3 runs.  If that means I get them in on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday that’s great or it’s completely ok with me to double up.  I view it as the number of workouts per week not the number of days per week I workout.  I am between 5 and 6 workouts per week right now.

Last Week’s Workouts- 5 in Total

I like this approach because it allows me to be flexible with my workouts.  It allows me to not feel guilty if I choose to skip a workout  for dinner with a friend or a night with a book.  The reality is we won’t feel like getting a workout in or sweating everyday.  That’s healthy too but the important part is to hold yourself accountable so you don’t end up blowing everyday off.  As they say healthy living is all about moderation!

What approach do you take to make sure you get your workouts in?  How do you balance your workouts with relaxation and fun?  Do you feel guilty when you skip a workout? How do you combat this?


3 thoughts on “Balancing Workouts and Relaxing!

  1. jobo says:

    That is an awesome approach. I too follow this, workouts I want, when I want and I TRY not to feel guilty if I skip a run or something. it is HARD to do, but it is HEALTHY to do too. Prioritize. What’s important. Quality. vs quantity. we have had majorly crappy weather, running outside, no thanks!


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