Love the Run!

Happy Friday and Happy June!! This short week flew on by! Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday but I had some other things to take care of and just didn’t have time.  I was thinking about my goals for the month of May.  May in reality was rather goal-less.  I tried to live in the moment more, connect with friends, read and relax, run for fun and start to build my strength back for yoga.  What I didn’t expect was to find motivation to take control of my frustrations and work to change those situations.  Today that has me feeling pretty awesome.  I anticipate that June will be similar to May.  This month I move out of my apartment in the Back Bay and to the suburbs with Michael which I am so excited about! That means I’m trying to get in as many fro-yo dates and stoop nights with my neighbors as possible, packing, and getting in as many runs around the Esplanade as I can before moving day.  After the move I will be getting settled and adjusting to a new commute, new running routes and most importantly a new routine with Michael.  At the end of the month is vacation!  I plan to enjoy life and all the changes this month brings! I’ll continue with running and yoga, focusing on doing what feels good and what makes me happy.  Speaking of making me happy…I’ve been loving running this week!

I’m three for three on all my runs this week! I plan to run on Saturday or Sunday as well which means I’ll get 4 runs in this week and it’ll be the most days I’ve run in one week since training for Boston.  For the last month or so my runs have been SLOW (slow for me that is) and it’s been frustrating.  Hitting around a 9:15 min/mile is not something I am used to.  Even on my longest training runs I rarely went above a 9min/mile.  I tried to embrace it and just continued to run for the enjoyment of running.  I liked being outside and moving my body and sweating after work.  I liked knowing I was still putting miles on my shoes.  I tried to tell myself that my body was just tired and it was part of the process of healing and recovering after both Chicago and Boston marathons.  You know what? I really think it was.

This week I have been MOTIVATED and EXCITED to get out and run! I look forward to it every day.  Tuesday night I laced up my shoes and headed out for an easy 4 miles.  I had no expectations…just run.  In fact I thought I might be feel crappy and have to deal with annoying itchy legs because I hadn’t run in a week.   Much to my amazement I felt incredible and as I ran over the Mass Ave. bridge I knew I was going to have a good run.  I felt strong, my breathing was calm, my mind was relaxed and I was enjoying the cool air surrounding me.  After a mile my breathing picked up and it felt good to be breathing hard.  I kept pushing myself and kept trying to go faster and faster.

Tuesday’s Splits

I was really happy to see negative splits.  That might have been a first since the marathon.  I just felt so good and the run left me feeling so motivated!

When I set out for Wednesday’s run I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I recently added in lunges and squats post run to help build some strength.  At first my legs felt tight and sore and I told myself it was ok if it was a slow and easy run.  And then I remembered Tuesday and how good I felt with those 8 minute miles.  I wanted those again.  I pushed through the tired legs, found my groove and just went into cruise control.  I soaked up the sun and the warm air and the view of the sailboats on the water.  I could have stopped at mile 3 but I pushed through and went for 4 and was so happy I did.

Wednesday’s Splits

Check out mile 2…an 8:13! That’s motivation in a mile if you ask me.  To have an average 8:37 min/mile run made me feel so good! I felt strong and proud of my body.  To be honest, I hadn’t felt that way since the marathon.  That run reminded me why I love running.  I love running because I feel strong and powerful and totally in control.  I’m in charge of my run and the outcome of the run.  I reveled in the feeling of that run, the way my muscles felt and my heart pounding in my body and feeling the sweat dripping down my forehead and down my back.  I was reminded of my mantra for the Boston Marathon, “You are Strong, You are Beautiful”.

Boston Marathon Mantra

Last night’s run was just as good.  I was in the groove again and once again felt strong and beautiful.  It felt like I was running out all of the emotions that had been holding me back lately.   Frustration, anger, anxiousness, fear all were left on the pavement.  Once again I was left feeling like I could do anything! That is why I love to run.

Why do you love to run? How have your runs been lately? What do you have on deck for June?


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