An Update on Running!

Hey Guys! How’s your week going so far? I hope it’s off to a good start! Over the weekend one of my best friends came to visit me in Boston.  We spent Saturday getting lunch by the ocean, shopping,  chatting, walking around the city and getting dinner at Tico.  It was perfect!  I haven’t really mentioned this on the blog yet but Michael and I are moving in together in mid-June!  My friend Jen came down to stay with me one last time in my apartment in the city.  Michael and I are moving to a home in the suburbs.  We are only 20 minutes from Boston so we have convenient access to the city but all the perks of suburbia like a driveway, a grill, a yard and a whole house to live in! I’m excited and  nervous!


I feel like I haven’t really spent a ton of time talking about running here and I kind of miss it.  I had so much to talk about when I was training for Chicago and Boston!  Now that I’m just running for fun and to stay in shape I don’t feel like I have as much to say but over the weekend I realized I do, just in a different way.  Running is running.  So here’s a few updates on my running without a training plan or a race on the calendar:

  • I’m lucky enough to live in the Back Bay of Boston and with that I’m able to run the Esplanade for all of my runs.  It’s beautiful, surrounded by water and trees with a wide path and fresh air.  Since I know that I’ll have to find new running routes and areas I’m definitely more motivated to go out and enjoy what I have now! I find myself getting out for runs just to relax in nature and unwind from a long day.  With no goals in the future it doesn’t matter to me if it’s 2, 3, 5 or 8 miles!
  • I really love running based on how feel.  Some days I’m tired and it’s nice to just run 3 miles and be done with it.  Other days I get out, feel great, the sun is shining and I’ll run 5 or 6 miles.  I also like knowing that I don’t HAVE to run.  Some times I just don’t feel like it and it’s nice to do something else on those days too.
  • I haven’t run with my knee strap or kinesio tape since the Boston Marathon.  I feel great on my runs and can feel myself getting stronger on that leg.  So far I’ve not had any knee pain or IT band issues.  Running without a brace is very freeing.  I love not have one more thing to fuss with.
  • I’ve been using my Garmin and uploading my runs but am not as attached to it as I was.  I rarely check it while I am running and don’t usually wait around for it to find it’s signal.  I just start the clock and go, when it finds signal it finds it.  This too is also rather freeing!
  • Speed workouts really do make you fast!  That’s the truth! I haven’t done one track workout or tempo run and my pace shows it.  I’ve been hitting about a 9min/mile pace.  Ideally I’d like to hit about an 8:45 min/mile for easy runs.
  • After each run I’ve been doing a series of abs, planks and push-ups to help get some strength back.  When I move in with Michael I don’t plan on getting a gym membership right away.  With yoga teacher training and running I don’t see a need for it.  I do plan to purchase some 8 and 10 pounds weights and a medicine ball to have at home.  I’d like to incorporate more lunges, squats and arm strength after my runs.

I’ve been aiming to get in 3 runs a week and have been successful with this! In addition to 3 or more yoga classes I think this makes for a great mix!

Workouts Week of 5/14/12

One thing I haven’t done since the marathon is a morning run before work and I really miss it! I think I may try to get one in tomorrow morning! I love starting my day with a sweat, the quietness of the city and watching the sunrise!

Update me on your running! How have your runs been? Have you been running free and for fun?  What races do you have coming up?  What is your favorite post run strength exercise?


14 thoughts on “An Update on Running!

  1. jobo says:

    My sister Jess suggested I read your blog and am so glad to start reading! You sound like you are in a great place in your run-career but also your personal life! Congrats on the move, and from what she tells me, you are really close to where I live too (when you move). SO COOL! We’ll all have to plan a meet up 🙂


  2. runcupcake says:

    My runs have been free and easy lately too! I’m starting my Chicago training plan today – a few weeks early so I have time on the back side of it for extra long runs.

    I’m so excited for your move!!!! 🙂


  3. Jess Sutera says:

    Congrats on moving in together!! If you’re cool with it, I’d love to hear from you (email me?) on where you’ll be living (maybe its closer to me??), would LOVE to meet up with you sometime!! Maybe even take a barre class together or rundate! 🙂 LOVE that you’re back at your running and yoga thang, you’ve got a great mix worked out I think!


  4. Jillian @ KMF says:

    congrats on the upcoming move! 🙂 i’m glad to hear that you’re loving “intuitive running”. I had acl replacement 4 years ago, and I’ve finally started to run without my brace. I feel so free without it, so I totally know what you mean! I hope both our limbs can stay healthy and aid-free!


  5. strawberryjamntoast says:

    Wow, congratulations on moving in together! I’m sure you’ll be so happy.

    I’m really enjoying my running at the moment, although some days I’m slower than usual whilst other days I’m a tad faster – confusing, huh? I’m training for the Great South Run in October so I hope it evens out soon!


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