What I Ate Wednesday! New Recipes and Old Favorites!

Happy Wednesday!  It may be raining and gray here in Boston again this week but I’m not letting it bring me down! Last night I met up with a blogger turned real life friend Erin from Creative Soul in Motion for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Boston, Parish Cafe.   The menu is filled with specialty sandwiches created by the top chefs of Boston! The menu is always changing and the cocktails are as good as the food!  I love catching up with Erin and chatting about life, relationships, blogging and more.  Tonight I plan to head out for another easy 4 mile run and hope the rain holds off so I can stay dry!

Let’s continue to talk food today! This week’s What I Ate Wednesday has a few new recipes that I tried as well as a couple of my favorites!  As always many thanks to Jen at Peas and Crayons for hosting!


Saturday I was up early for an 8am yoga class at South Boston Yoga.  I hit the early class because it is only an hour-long and I wasn’t sure I was quite ready to suffer through an hour and a half flow.  Chicken? Yes. In my defense, the 9:15 class is HARD! Even in my best yoga shape I leave feeling completely spent and my muscles are exhausted.   After class I made my favorite weekend breakfast, scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese!  On the side I had a piece of whole wheat toast and blackberries.  I hydrated with coffee and a Vita Coco Tangerine Water.

Scrambled Eggs and Spinach with Whole Wheat Toast and Blackberries! Coffee and Vita Coco Tangerine Water!

I read the new Yoga Journal while I ate.  Is there really anything better than yoga, breakfast and some good reading on a Saturday morning?


The name of the game for lunches this week is leftovers! Tuesday I had leftover Pad Thai with an apple.  I brought some Pirate’s Booty, a Greek yogurt and a granola bar for additional snacks.  I ate the Greek yogurt and was satisfied!

Leftover Pad Thai, Pirates Booty, an Apple, Greek Yogurt, and a Granola Bar


Sunday was Michael’s birthday and he wanted to make homemade pizzas on the grill.  We recently bought mini pizza stones and have been wanting to try them out. We decided to make 4 pizzas because we knew the leftovers would not go to waste.  We went with a margarita pizza with fresh tomato, mozzarella and basil.  The second was a BBQ chicken pizza with carmelized onions, cheddar cheese and barbecue sauce.  The third pizza had carmelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, goat cheese, and arugula on top.  And the fourth was Michael’s birthday pick, a mac and cheese pizza! We made a box of organic mac and cheese added some bread crumbs and bacon.  We spread it on top of the pizza and added some cheddar cheese! It was really good!

Homemade Pizzas on the Grill!

I made Caesar salad to have with it on the side! Delicious!


A few months ago when perusing Pinterest I came across a recipe for cake in a coffee mug! I finally tried to make it on Thursday.  I had spent the rainy evening read 50 Shades of Grey and the  only thing that was going to make the night better was dessert!  It was quick and easy and tasted pretty good!  The texture was definitely a little bit chewy but nothing to complain about!

Coffee Mug Cake!

Did you notice my nails match the coffee mug?! 100% total coincidence!

What are some new recipes you’ve tried this week?  What is your favorite way to enjoy a weekend breakfast?  Ever made cake in a coffee mug?


13 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday! New Recipes and Old Favorites!

  1. Tiff (@LoveSweatBeers) says:

    Many WIAW posts showcase great eats, but this one seriously contains some of the best stuff. Seriously, what’s better than pizza, blackberries, pad thai and pirates booty??? 😀 Oh, and yes, I did try my 1st mug cake recently – it was a winner.


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