Inside My Mind Post Boston Marathon

Hey! I have to tell you all that I absolutely loved all of your win from within moments you shared yesterday!  You are all amazing and inspiring…definitely some tough runners! If you haven’t entered yet but would like a chance to win a Rock n’ Roll Marathon Entry from Gatorade leave a comment on yesterday’s post telling me about a win from within moment you’ve had!  I’ll announce the winner on Thursday!

Well it’s been over a week since I ran the Boston Marathon.  It’s hard to believe that only a week ago I was recovering from having run 26.2 miles in 90 degree heat and blazing sunshine.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget that marathon, or those moments where I wondered how I’d finish.  I must admit that on that Tuesday morning I was debating about signing up for the Vermont City Marathon and running that on Memorial Day Weekend.  The thing was though that I had made a promise.  I promised Michael, I promised my Mom and more so I promised myself that I’d give myself a chance to rest.  A chance to have nothing on my to-do list.  A chance to be able to come home from work and do whatever I wanted for a while.  Too many times while training for Boston I had desperately wanted a break.  I had wanted to do nothing.

Hard to Believe This Was Just Over a Week Ago!

Then last Wednesday the reality of life post marathon began to set in.  I felt lost. Part of me wanted another marathon.  Another training schedule to follow and more long runs to look forward to.  Training for a marathon seemed easier than doing all the things I had neglected to do and needed to get done.  I was overwhelmed and  I kept thinking, “I thought when the marathon was over I’d get to do nothing?!”.

Marathons are lot, it’s a lot to train for months and months.  It’s hard to stay motivated and mentally tough and to deal with the inevitable challenges that come your way.  It’s hard to race a marathon, to stay in the game for 26.2 miles.  The hardest part though? Dealing with the physical and emotional exhaustion that comes afterward.  I was feeling both of those in a big way.

Last week there were more days than not where I just wanted to cry.  I’m not really sure why and I don’t think I could accurately describe it.  I just felt sad and like something is missing.  It seems kind of silly because I have so much to look forward to and a lot of good things happening but I just felt off.  I  wanted to get to yoga or head out for a run but my body was just telling me not to.  Actually Friday night I was walking with Michael to the train and we were in a very big rush so it was more of run than a walk and after about a minute I felt like I was back at mile 24 again.  It was not fun.

The reality is that I was struggling with the post-marathon blues.  I was struggling to deal with what comes next  and it just seemed easier to sign up for another marathon and focus on training schedules and long runs.  That seemed familiar.

In life we can get so caught up in our routines and our schedules and to break away from them even for something we desperately need or want can be so challenging.  But sometimes life is about letting go.  That’s exactly what I needed to do.

Over the last week I’ve let go of the training plans and the long runs.  I’ve tucked the list of marathons I plan to run to the back of my mind. I promised myself  a break.  I’m going to take it.  I know there will be marathon #4 and #5, #6, #7, #8 and at that point I’ll probably go #10 too.  I love marathons but now’s not the time.  I’ll dream more times than I can count about my goal to run a sub 3:30 marathon.  But  I know that when 2013 comes I’ll be ready, excited, motivated, focused and dedicated towards accomplishing my running goals.

So what comes next right now? 

Right now my focus is on the final days of studying before my NASM certified personal trainer exam.  The last task in what has been a winter of ambitious goals.  And then comes the opportunity to rest, recover, relax and recharge my mind and body.  It is a chance to read a good book for fun, get coffee or dinner with friends.  I want to find my way back to my yoga mat and build my strength.  I want to go for short runs and give up my knee strap that I can tell my body doesn’t need but my mind uses as a security blanket.  I want to have some fun at summer 5ks and running groups.  I want to enjoy the changes coming in my life.  I want to feel stress free for a bit and do whatever my heart desires.

In August, I want to start yoga teacher training feeling refreshed, and rested.  This is a goal I’ve saved for, dreamed of and wanted since I moved to Boston in 2009.  I want to enjoy every step of the way.

I’m not sure who I write this blog for at times. Sometimes it’s for you and sometimes it’s for me.  Today it’s for me.  I think this is the 5th version of this I’ve written.  My take away for you today is to approach your goals and life with an intention fueled by the desire to want to accomplish your goals.  Don’t just do things because it’s easy and familiar.  Do it because you want to and it is a goal you hope to accomplish.  If I signed up for marathon #4 now, it’d be because it feels familiar and easy to me.  Resting, listening to my mind and body and taking a break is hard but I need it.  It’s something I promised myself and it’s my intention to get it.  I want to accomplish my yoga goals, my running goals and so much more.  This will help me do that!

How do you approach the post marathon blues?  Do you struggle with change, even if it’s changing your focus to another passion? Do ever give yourself a break?  


20 thoughts on “Inside My Mind Post Boston Marathon

  1. dnardi710 says:

    Hi Whitney, I’m new to your blog and really enjoying reading it! I had some serious “post-marathon” blues after my first marathon in January, so much of my time and energy had been focused on accomplishing this goal I felt totally lost! I’ve tried to focus on setting new goals for myself…

    Interestingly enough two of my goals are to take yoga teacher training and get a personal training certifiation so I’m especially interested in reading about your jouney!



    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Hi Danielle! Thanks for taking the time to comment, I love “meeting” new readers!! I’m so glad you enjoy my blog! Setting new goals and focusing on what is ahead is the only thing that gets me out of the post marathon blues! I LOVE your goals!! Thanks again for sharing!


  2. Mom says:

    Your Mom is so proud of you and couldn’t be more happy that you have decided to keep your promise to yourself. Relax and take time to enjoy your other passions. Your family and friends, downtime with a good book, yoga. It will all fall into place. Rest your mind, body and soul- even if it’s just for a short time. I do know my daughter!


  3. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf says:

    I’m really glad to hear that you are giving yourself a break and sticking to that. Post-marathon, it’s so easy to jump in and sign up for the next because that’s what keeps us going. You have so many exciting things on the horizon. The want, the passion and the intention need to be there. I too am really glad that you wrote this for yourself and shared it with us.


  4. Fitness Bloggers Con (@fitnessbloggers) says:

    Firstly – Congrats! I ran my first half with Team in Training on the 15th. I immediately hobbled over to a grassy patch and busted out some big, backbendy yoga poses. Secondly – After such a struggle to even learn how to run in 9 weeks, I now find myself dealing with some post-race blues… especially since my foot is requiring me taking some serious off-the-feet recovery time. Good for you for committing to not over-committing! -elle @ Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference


  5. Pavement Runner (@PavementRunner) says:

    That photo of the yoga pose rocks! I typically have races lined up following a marathon. I tend to always have my eye on the next one. But usually the week after I just sit back and enjoy what I accomplished, or review what I “didn’t do” to accomplish what I was aiming for.

    Sounds like you are already headed in the right direction.


  6. runcupcake says:

    After I ran New Orleans in March I didn’t have time to think about post-marathon blues because I had another race on the horizon, just 8 short weeks away. Then I learned I was injured and couldn’t run my next marathon, and I was really bummed. I wanted to cry, I didn’t know what to do with myself. Once I was able to refocus my attention, I felt a lot better. Balance is definitely key, and living and enjoying all of your passions!


  7. The Running PT (physical therapist) says:

    Congrats on finishing Boston!! It was a tough day for sure! I definitely know the “lost” feeling that you’re talking about following Boston. Just like training for and running the race, recovering has a big mental component to it. It seems like you have a great plan set out from being introspective and honest with yourself, that’s not always easy.
    You made the right choice to skip VCM this year. I’ve seen many injured runners in past years who have tried to run both. It’s just a little too close to Boston to recover and then build mileage back up. VCM is a beautiful course with awesome community support so I highly recommend that you come up to run it some year, maybe the 2 or 5 person relay!!


  8. Jess Sutera says:

    Live with intention. That’s what this is all about, truly. Chase goals and dreams and hopes and desires – but with intention, not out of habit,not because someone else is doing it, not because it’s “the right thing to do” but because you want it, you need it, it’s who you are, deep down. I’m so glad you wrote this post for you (and for us) today – it’s an awesome reminder, truly.


  9. Tracy Carracedo says:

    We’re all in the same boat. I call it “Marathon Post Partum.” It goes away eventually. There’s always the Fall marathons.


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