Happy Friday! Even though I’ve only worked a short week I’m ready for the weekend.  In the days following a marathon I always feel like a big mess.  I’m usually over tired from the weekend and the race, and without having to train I’m faced with the to-do list of things I put off until after the marathon.  And at this point those things aren’t being juggled nicely in the air instead they are in a big old pile on the floor.  So this weekend will be spent playing a bit of catch up and getting organized and studying for my upcoming Personal Training Exam.  Hopefully soon I’ll feel all caught up and will be able to relax stress-free!

Last Friday night I was able to attend Saucony Presents: An Evening of Running Inspiration with an All-Star Panel.  It was held at the Cyclorama in Boston, they did up the inside with projections of all the #FindYourStrong tweets, photos and more.  The first part of the evening included a tribute to Caballo Blanco.  His friend, Luis Escobar spoke about his friendship and the legacy Caballo left with the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon.  After there were inspirational talks by Bill Rodgers, Mark Herzlich and Karen Smyers.  Hearing each of them tell their stories was incredible.  Mark Herzlich is a Boston College alum who just won the Superbowl with the NY Giants.  He was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma which is a type of bone cancer.  He spoke about his battle with cancer, how running helped him find his way back to football and accomplish his dreams.  Karen Smyers is a World Champion Ironman and also holds seven National triathlon titles.  She suffered a severed hamstring in a crazy window accident, got hit by an 18 wheeler while training on her bike and survived Thyroid Cancer.  She is tough and inspiring.  She talks about her mantra of, “Passion. Perseverance. Positive Attitude. Perspective.”  I really liked her and admired her tough attitude and ability to never give up.  Bill Rodgers spoke last.  For those who don’t know he is a four-time Boston Marathon winner.  What I found most interesting was he actually spoke more about his 8 DNF’s than he did about his victories.  Sometimes  our bodies are smarter than our minds.   I also found it so interesting that all 3 of them are cancer survivors.   Each of them were compelling and funny in telling their stories and I could tell they each wanted to accomplish their goals with every bone of their body and they would let nothing stand in their way.  Hearing them speak definitely made me excited for the marathon!  Many thanks to Saucony for hosting such a great event!

#FindYourStrong Saucony Speakers

After the talks by the presenters there was a chance to mingle and enjoy some delicious food and an open bar.  Each of the presenters were available to talk to, ask questions and have autographs signed.  I wanted to take the opportunity to speak with fellow FitFluential Dorothy Thorn Beal from Mile Posts as she is the new face of Saucony.  I was really excited to meet her in person and talk running and more.  As you may recall from this post, I’m a big fan of her and find her incredibly inspiring.  She’s just a regular mom, going out and accomplishing her goals!   I was also able to meet Pam from Sparkly Soul at the event.  We had lots to chat about it!

Mile Posts, Myself and Sparkly Soul!

The whole event really got me thinking about what #FindYourStrong means to me.

For me, finding my strong is all about digging deep within myself and finding that mental strength where nothing can stand in my way.  It’s the place where I will accomplish all of my goals no matter what the obstacle is.  I can’t really describe it.   But after years of seeing me compete my parents and boyfriend tell me they can see it on my face when I’ve gone to that place, when I’ve found my strong!

What does Saucony says that #FindYourStrong means?

 Strong can be found in every runner.  Personal.  Powerful.  Insanely motivating.  We find strong in others.  We find it in ourselves, and when we share it, we all get stronger.

Saucony will be giving away 100+ running shoes and other great prizes to passionate runners who participate in the Find Your Strong Project over the next 12 weeks!  Can we say awesome?!  There will be a new challenge each week where readers can enter…with 10 winners chosen each week! From now until April 24th the contest is to upload a photo a person, thing, state of mind or body that inspires you to find your strong!

Entering is easy! Just visit the Find Your Strong Project website and click to enter! Personally I think the website is AWESOME, it’s filled with all of your tweets and photos using the hashtag #FindYourStrong!  Definitely worth checking out!

How do you #FindYourStrong? What does that mean to you? Have you entered this contest yet? What are your weekend plans?  Do you feel out of sorts like me after you run a marathon?


8 thoughts on “#FindYourStrong

  1. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf says:

    I really love Saucony’s Find Your Strong campaign. It’s so inspiring, particularly that Dorothy’s the face of the campaign! Sounds like an amazing event. I hope that you are recovering well. Post-marathon is always tough both physically and mentally.


  2. Debbie Eck (running4shanti) says:

    Still trying to find my strong… you are a good inspiration. As for being “out of sorts” after the marathon, I’m sure it’s difficult to transition from superhuman intense physical and mental training and racing back to your role as a mere mortal. 🙂 This is a good time to use your yoga practice. Roll out your mat, do some seated stretches, standing stretches and a balance pose or two. Do three rounds of sun salutations. Back down to a seated position on a cushion, do a few rounds of breathing exercises and then a 15 minute meditation. Less than 45 minutes and a sure way to get your mind and body back in alignment and off to a productive day.


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Thanks Debbie! Your comment made me laugh today…I liked it! Yes, I do need to get back on the mat. Trying to give myself a whole week to rest and recover but am definitely looking forward to yoga!


  3. running 4 mamas comeback says:

    My kids are a large part of my motivation! No not what you’re thinking, I run for peace and quiet!! All kidding aside, I do run to stay semi sane but also show my kids they can do anything (hey if mom can run a marathon they can do anything)! I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to like the physical benefits, (so does the hubster!) I lost my baby weight by training for my marathon. I also like the friendly competition of races and challenging myself. I like to see what I can really do! It’s funny, I just blogged about how my toddler inspires me! Thanks for your post!!


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