The Boston Marathon Expo!

Hey Guys!  Thank you all so much for your support and wonderful comments over the weekend and on my Boston Marathon Race Recap.  They all mean a lot and you all made the experience that much more special!  It was certainly quite the race and honestly, I don’t think that post even does it justice.  The heat was definitely a major challenge and I think I did as best I could in the conditions.  There is a line between pushing it and pushing it to hard and ending up in trouble…I definitely walked the line.  Tuesday I tried to go to work but just wasn’t feeling well at all.  I spent most the day with an unhappy stomach and a horrible headache.  I wrapped up the whole weekend with a final victory party with all of my teammates from Team in Training.  It was fantastic to hear everyone’s race stories and say goodbye one final time!  I’ve been trying to play catch up here on the blog, at work, at home and with all of your blogs! 4 days away from my normal routine definitely has me a bit behind!

Marathon weekend was filled with so many amazing events and opportunities! I kicked off my weekend with a relaxing morning at home.  I slept in, ate a delicious breakfast, foam rolled, stretched and got a manicure.  A little me time felt so good!  I met my friend and running partner Lauren for lunch before meeting up with Bridget and heading to the expo.  I was so excited for the expo! And justifiably so, it was awesome. I really find that going to the expo on the first day makes for a much more fun and relaxing experience! 

The first order of business?  Picking up our bibs!  I was so excited!

Bib Pick Up at the Expo!

Afterwards we headed out to check out all the gear!  Since we are local and Marathon Sports carried all the official gear most of us had bought our race gear before hand so we were there more for the experience.  The first booth we visited was with Gatorade, they had a fun white board for us all to write messages on!

Gatorade Booth!

We wandered the expo and checked out all the gear.  We stopped for quite a while at The Stick to massage our legs and try out the different products.  I didn’t know there were so many styles and strengths of The Stick.  I have one of the thinner core ones which gives more of a surface massage.  I tried two with thicker cores and definitely got more of a deep tissue massage.  I may have to invest in a stronger one soon!  I also found this tee which is so close to my blog name!

Live Run Marathons!

I was surprised and beyond excited to see Lululemon at the expo! This was the first expo I’ve seen them at and was thrilled.  They had posted photos of the containers on Facebook so I wondered if they might be there.  They didn’t have any Lulu gear specifically for the marathon which was a little disappointing, I’d love to see them do tees or something for the big marathons.  We definitely checked out the lounge and I may or may not have struck a pose or two!

Tree Pose at the Lulu Booth!

The girls laughed pretty hard at my excitement over the Lululemon booth and then again when we hit the Nike booth and I found out they had limited edition Boston Marathon Lunar Glides. Michael bought the Chicago Marathon ones in the fall and I passed because I felt they looked too masculine.  Every time he wears them part of me wishes I had gotten them.  The Boston ones are blue and purple and so very me.  It was meant to be and I was psyched!

Boston Marathon Lunar Glides!

We also had to stop at the Saucony booth!  The new campaign was out in full force! Saucony had really cute marathon tees.  I ended up getting one and my friend Lauren also got one.  We were definitely fans!

Find Your Strong at the Boston Marathon Expo!

We visited the Sparkly Soul booth and I was able to meet Pam! They helped me out with my fundraising and I was so happy to say thank you in person!  The Puma Running booth had some cool gear and one of the local running stores was helping to run it so it was nice to see them as well!  I wrapped up the day by having a Nutrition Feedback Session with one of the scientists at the Gatorade booth.  More on that in another post with a little treat for you too!  Next up was the Saucony Find Your Strong Event….

Did you head to the Boston Marathon Expo? Did you enjoy it?  Do you like going to the expos early like I do? What are your favorite brands to see at the marathon expos?


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