I Finished!

Hey Guys!  Just popping to say hi and tell you I finished!  It was hot and probably the hardest marathon I’ve ever ran.  But I managed to smile for most of it, have some fun and I finished with a time I’m proud of considering the conditions!  Post race was a whirlwind of after parties, dinner with my family and lots of celebrating and today I’m back at work with a final celebration party with Team in Training tonight!  I’m dying to upload my photos and write my recap.  I’m still getting my thoughts together from the day but hopefully my post will be up sometime tomorrow!

Here’s a quick look at my splits:

Boston Marathon Times!

And a photo before the start:

All Smiles before the Start!

I can’t wait to share the experience with you all! And many many thanks to everyone for all of their well wishes and tweets before the big day!   This tweet in particular was one that stuck with me the entire race!

Much love!



15 thoughts on “I Finished!

  1. amyfgray says:

    congrats!! thats awesome!! i ended up deferring to next yr..the high temps made me a bit nervous (5 months pregnant hah)…i was pretty bummed…but thats great u finished!!


  2. Emily says:

    Whew! Congratulations, Whitney. You did so well, and I’m delighted that you’re recovering nicely. Looking forward to reading the full race report…


  3. Laura says:

    Congrats to you! That’s an impressive time for that weather… I can’t imagine doing a whole marathon in that kind of heat. Love that you were still having a good time and smiling!


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