What I Am Not…

Happy Tuesday!  6 days to go!   It’s weird and awesome to have a four-day week.  Is today my Wednesday or is tonight my Wednesday?  Regardless at 5pm today I’ll be half way through my work week! Not surprisingly the only thing on my mind today (and this week!) is the Boston Marathon.  This is a pretty quiet week for me and that is by design.  I like to get some extra rest, have plenty of time to prepare and eat balanced meals, stretch and foam roll and get some short and easy runs in.  Tonight I’ll be heading out for a nice and easy 3 mile run!  I’m looking forward to it!

When I ran Chicago we had to fly out there, pack ahead of time, and figure out what sight-seeing we wanted to do.  That meant that the week before there was plenty I could think about without actually thinking about the race.  I thought about what outfits to pack, how I was going to fit it all in my carry on, and I scoped out tons of websites to see what sights I wanted to check out.  My to-do list was actually quite long.  This time though, it’s different.  I’m in my own city, I’ll wake up race day in my own bed and know exactly where I need to be and when.  Logistically this is race is pretty easy for me.  Sounds great right? It sure is except for one thing…I have nothing to occupy myself with for the week!  So for the last day or so I’ve been creating a what I am not doing list in my head.  A not-to do list of sorts!

  • I am not checking the weather morning, noon and night from now until race day.  I’m already on the fence about what to wear and this only going to further complicate this decision.  And it’s New England, the weather will change 10 times between now and Monday.

What will it say for marathon day?!

  • I am not staying up late to watch the 11 o’clock news.  I am getting to bed early to be sure I am well rested.
  • I am not doing anything different than I normally would do!
  • I am not wearing high heels or those flats that are “oh so cute” but leave me with blisters every time I wear them!
  • I am not meeting friends out for dinner or drinks! But I will celebrate with you lots after the marathon!
  • I am not going to yoga on my lunch break.  My legs don’t like it lately so we’ll give them what they want and let them rest.

Lots of time for this post marathon!

  • I am not going to skip breakfast or second breakfast.   I’m going to be up 10 minutes early so I can actually enjoy it!
  • I am not going to bed without foam rolling or using The Stick.  I’ll be rolling every day until race day.

Massaging my legs with The Stick everyday until Marathon Day!

  • I am not enjoying a glass of wine or a beer until I cross the finish line!
  • I am not trying any new foods this week!
  • I am not missing my favorite TV shows…down time is exactly what I need!
  • I am not taking part in desert this week.  I’d rather fuel myself with something beneficial to my body.  And let’s be honest, I ate enough sweets on Sunday to last me all week.
  • I am not leaving the house for hours at a time without a granola bar in my bag.  Responsible carb-loading!

I will not leave home without one!

  • I am not missing a run.  Runs are important this week.  Not for my body but for my mind.  They keep me sane and remind me how I will rock this marathon!
  • I am not eating pasta for the next 6 days.  Carb-loading can involve eating foods like potatoes, tortillas, granola and more.
  • I am not missing the story on NECN news Wednesday morning featuring Team in Training and the Boston Marathon.

Team in Training on NECN!!

  • I am not talking incessantly to my co-workers about the marathon.  I’ll reserve that talk for here….you guys get it and understand!
  • I am not thinking about the Wellesley hills and the stories I have heard about amazing runners struggling with them.  I’ve trained on those hills all winter.  I will beat them!
  • I am not getting so busy I forget to drink water at work.  I will drink two water bottles a day!
  • I am not stressing out.  It’s a waste of energy and I want every ounce to be stored for Heart Break Hill!
  • I am not thinking anything but “I will rock this marathon on Monday!”

Can't Wait to Cross This Finish Line!

Are you a local runner who is running Boston Marathon? What aren’t you doing this week? What are your tips to make it to race weekend?!


20 thoughts on “What I Am Not…

  1. amyfgray1106 says:

    yayayay bostons monday!!! i cant wait!! i am trying SO hard not to stress but i have to admit, im nervous! im also super excited though…i know it will be a great experience. have a good week this week!


  2. The Running PT (physical therapist) says:

    I like your style! Great attitude and mental preparation. That kind of thinking is like getting a head start on monday. You’re not doing everything you shouldn’t 🙂 I was out there a couple weeks ago running the course with you, I just had to drive a bit to get there. My best advice for the race is to smile the whole time, even if you don’t feel like it. Oh, and be ready for some VERY loud cheering when you hit the hills…it will give you a real boost, it’s awesome!!
    I’ll be looking forward to reading your race recap. Good luck!!


  3. Jess Sutera says:

    YEAH!! You are SO READY for this marathon, particularly mentally, I LOVE THAT!! I need to borrow some of that mental strength I think, my brain is playing tricks on me all over the place lately!


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