Workout Recap and April Goals!

Hey All!  Happy April! I’m pretty excited for the new month.  I love April because the weather really starts to warm up, the last of the winter like days come through, the trees start to get leaves and you can really start thinking about summer.  I love it even more this year since I’ll be running the Boston Marathon!  Let’s start the week and the new month by looking at last weeks workouts and my first week on taper and then I’ll get to April goals!

Last week was the first week of tapering.  I was very happy to be resting and so was my body.  If I could describe the week in one word it would be lazy.  I skipped all my 5am wake ups in order to get an extra hour of rest and was in bed before 10:15pm every night.  I also skipped yoga on Thursday to give my legs a little extra rest.  Saturday was a very easy 12 mile run.   I ran with my girlfriends and we chatted the whole time and really slowed our pace.  My tired legs are starting to feel much better.

Workouts Week of 3/26

Tonight I have an easy 4 mile run on tap and then tomorrow night I have a massage that I am very much looking forward to!

April’s goals are really the culmination of months of hard work and training.  I’m also looking forward to shifting gears a little bit towards the end of the month and enjoying some down time.  So here’s a look at this months goals…

Run the Boston Marathon!  

I am so excited about this!  Many of you know that since November I have been fundraising for Team in Training and I have been training since January for this marathon.  I’m really excited to wear my Team in Training singlet and run 26.2 miles for a great cause.  I’m excited to head to the expo, meet some other bloggers and runners, go to some Team in Training events and spend time with my family.  It will truly be an amazing weekend!

Can’t Wait to Cross This Finish Line!

Take my NASM Certified Personal Trainers Exam!

Yep, the time has finally come.  I’m still doing some final studying but by the end of the month I will be a certified personal trainer!  I’m really nervous about the exam since I’ve invested so much time into studying so send some positive exam vibes this way please!

Start a New Book.

I haven’t had a chance to read in ages since I’ve been busy running and studying.  I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to relax and read.  It’s something I’ve always loved and really need to get back into.  Anyone have any good reads I should check out?

Love to Read!


I am really looking forward to the opportunity to rest.  I want some time to not be stuck to a training plan, to skip a run when it’s raining and not care and to have a weekend where I can just go to yoga or take a walk and call it a day.  I’ve been on training plans since this time last year and I’m ready for a little break.  My body needs the downtime to rest and recover completely and I want to be sure I start yoga teacher training feeling healthy and strong!

Sometimes You Just Need Rest!

Have fun and relax!

This month has a lot of exciting things to celebrate and I want to be sure to relax and enjoy them all!  Running the Boston Marathon is something I’ve always wanted to do and I want to enjoy every minute.  I also think it’s important to celebrate the small victories like taking my personal trainer’s exam.

Toast the Little Victories!

Are you excited for the Boston Marathon?  Are you tapering for a spring marathon too?  What are your goals for April?  Do you give your body the opportunity to rest and relax after marathons or when you feel you need it?


7 thoughts on “Workout Recap and April Goals!

  1. amyfgray1106 says:

    YAY BOSTON!!! i am SO pumped!! congrats to you on running it too!! 🙂 what a huge accomplishment!!

    april is gonna be an awesome month! i took my NASM exam back in october and it was just fine. im sure you’ll rock that test!


  2. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf says:

    I can’t believe it’s April already. So many exciting things going on this month! I’m excited for you to rock both the Boston Marathon and your exam. You are going to do great. You’ve been working really hard towards these goals. I wish that I had a good read to recommend to you. I’m looking for one too so let me know if you find anything good!


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