The First 20 of the Boston Marathon and a Workout Recap!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend!! I ran a successful 20 miles and am officially on taper and couldn’t be more excited!!  The remainder of my weekend was very relaxing.  A nap, and takeout filled the remainder of Saturday which is exactly what I needed after 20 miles.  Yesterday we slept in, did a little shopping and I spent the afternoon blogging and studying.  Perfect.  We end the weekend with the two-hour premier of Mad Men! I’m so glad that show is back on, I absolutely love it!

Let’s start with the 20 miler on Saturday.  Team in Training bused us all out to the start much like we will be on race day.  It was good to experience this because the ride took much longer than I anticipated and I was getting very antsy to run.  I really had to calm myself down and remind myself to stay relaxed until the time of the run actually came.  It was also good practice to stand in line for the porta-potties as I’m sure that will be the case on race day. I was glad to see the start area and the starting line before race day.  

TNT Friends!

I started just over the start line.  I refused to cross over the start line Saturday…that must wait until marathon day!  There is a pretty big downhill right in the beginning so you definitely need to hold yourself back, worth noting for sure.  The first 10 miles went by pretty quickly as this was all uncharted territory for me.  It was pretty rolling and there was not a ton of scenery.  We had water stops every 2 miles so I just focused on staying relaxed and keeping pace during the run.  We were able to see our friends and family along the way which made it really exciting!  After mile 10 the road became more familiar and we had a much better idea of where on the course we were and where the hills were.  Around mile 11 we saw Michael at the fuel stop and I was able to say a quick hello and grab a kiss which certainly gave me a little more pep in my step!  Miles 13 to 15 are very flat and are a great place to recover.  At mile 15 we passed our weekly meeting place for TNT and tons of volunteers and family members were there to cheer us on!  After that we knew it was 2.5 miles to the fire station and the turn to Commonwealth Avenue.  Mile 15 to 16 is downhill and quite honestly if felt like an awesome massage for my legs!  After that we started to hit the hills.  I was pretty surprised at how good I felt and I never once thought the hills were going to beat me! In fact we went negative splits on every mile from 15 on!  Our last mile was a solid 8:17 min/mile! It was a great way to end the 20 mile run!  We averaged an 8:45 min/mile pace and it felt effortless and easy…I like it! There was tons of snacks, Gatorade and friends to cheer us all on when we got there! After the run we headed back to the meeting place where they had 5 massage therapists there waiting for us and lots of good food! The massage felt amazing and was exactly what my tight hips and low back needed!!  Michael and I headed to Marathon Sports and got my marathon jacket and some other marathon gear in celebration of the run and starting my taper! We headed to Panera for a delicious post run lunch before heading home, showering, napping and spending the rest of the night relaxing.

Now on to last week’s workouts which were good but not great.  I’ve had a lot of trouble with my legs being really sore and tired the last two weeks.  I spend most of the week fighting tired heavy legs and finally manage to feel better for my long runs.  Both Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on slowing my pace to allow my body to really recover.  I switched up Thursday’s workout from a tempo run to a speed workout on the track and think my legs were happy for the change in pace.  They definitely felt better and fresher after.  Here’s a look at last week’s workouts!

Workouts Week of 3/20/12

As for the sore and tired legs I’ve been foam rolling twice a day and using The Stick which is helping.  I am not sure if yoga is helping or hurting me.  I’ve ended up cutting back on about one yoga class per week.  That certainly seems to be helping as I’m getting a little more rest that way.  I scheduled a massage for April 3rd and I’m very much looking forward to it! (Tip:  I buy my massages on Groupon and save a ton of money that way!)

All the talk of tired and sore legs leads us to the next topic of today…tapering! With 3 weeks to go until race day it’s time to start running less and allow my legs to fully recover for marathon day.  The focus also needs to be on getting enough rest and sleep and consistently eating well-rounded meals.  I’ll start carb-loading 7 days before and will gradually build up the amount of carbohydrates consumed over the course of the week. I plan to follow the same approach for that as I did Chicago.  Here is the remainder of my training plan…

Boston Marathon Taper

I really can’t believe taper time is here! It feels unreal that the marathon is 3 weeks away!  Time flies when you’re having fun…

Did you run the Boston Marathon course on Saturday?  Did you do a long run? How did it go? Any tips or advice for fighting heavy and tired legs?  How does your taper plan differ from mine?  How was your weekend?


8 thoughts on “The First 20 of the Boston Marathon and a Workout Recap!

  1. David says:

    I ran the final 20 miles of the course on Saturday (I made a special trip from NYC to Boston for it). As for tired legs, I recommend an ice bath and/or some quality time with a foam roller.


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