Mid-Month Update and Workout Recap!

Happy Monday! I hope you all are having a good Monday.  Why does it always seem that Monday’s come too quick?? I had a great weekend.  It was very relaxing as Michael and I aren’t the type to head out for the traditional St. Patrick’s Day Festivities.  Saturday I want to Team in Training and had an awesome 12 mile run.  I held about a 8:55 min/mile pace.  I love running 12 miles at this point in training because it feels like such a short distance, I feel fast and strong.  After the run we had a team BBQ to celebrate raising over $750,000 for Team in Training.  We have just under $250,000 to go before we hit our goal of 1 million dollars on Marathon Day!  It was fun to socialize and hang out post run with everyone from the team and to celebrate the holiday.  If you have been following my training and would like to donate please head on over to my fundraising page.

Last week’s workouts were solid but I fought heavy, tired legs for the majority of the week.  Thursday’s workout called for a speed workout with 3x1600m with 800m rest.  Since my legs still didn’t feel so great I decided to skip this workout in choice of 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by lots of stretching and foam rolling.  It was exactly what my body needed.  I had some good yoga sessions as well.  I am really looking forward to practicing more once the marathon is over.  I’ve lost much of my upper body strength and can’t wait to get it back!

Workouts Week of 3/12/12

Smart training does pay off and can result in great long runs when you listen to what your body needs!

Over the weekend I realized that we are half way through March! I never did a mid-month update like I normally do so I thought I’d do it today.  It’s been a good month so far!

Get Enough Sleep. 

Definitely a big ‘ole check next to this one.  I have been getting more sleep during the week, averaging 7 to 8 hours a night and have been catching up with my sleep on Sundays by sleeping in and relaxing.  I’ve also been taking naps on Saturday’s after my long runs.  It’s helping my recovery tremendously.  It’s crazy how much better my running, studying and everything else is when I get plenty of sleep!

Naps Post Run Are Awesome!


Check! I have been running a ton this month and have been feeling great.  I’ve had some awesome speed workouts despite the fact that I skipped last weeks.  As for fueling I’ve been doing well with that too.  I’ve stuck to my Shot Bloks on long runs every 2 miles and have been taking Gatorade and water at alternating water stops.  I have managed to stay hydrated but never dehydrated or over-hydrated.  I’ve also been hydrating well post run which is helping me avoid the afternoon headaches I normally experience hours after my long runs.  With a month to go until race day I can tell my hard work is paying off.



I’m doing well with this but still struggle with life interrupting my studying.  I’m not behind at all but would love to be further along in my studying.  I’m getting pretty nervous about the exam so I hope to study hard the next two weeks and build more confidence.

NASM Certified Personal Training

Eat Well. 

So my goal was to get my sweet tooth under control.  I still indulge on the weekends with sweets but they are always homemade.  We try to use ingredients like applesauce instead of oil to make them a little bit healthier.  During the week I don’t eat any sweets at night and have cut them out of my lunch as well.  Michael and I have been cooking a lot more so we are not even eating out as much.  We eat out about once a week now which is a big improvement for us!  I feel better about what I am eating for sure!

Favorite Meal of the Month!

Have Fun and Enjoy Life. 

I’ve been feeling so much better about this one! My schedule is much more manageable lately.  Keeping my weeks cleared out to focus on running and studying is huge and gives me so much more time to get things done.  Michael and I have also had some quiet weekends so I’m able to relax more and enjoy the time we spend together.  I hope things stay at this manageable pace for a while!

I’m happy to report that all of my goals are going well, that my running is going well and that I’m feeling positive about life and all I have going on! So far March is a good month!

Did you do a weekend long run? How is your spring marathon training going? How is March going for you?  Are you accomplishing all of your goals?  How was your weekend?


4 thoughts on “Mid-Month Update and Workout Recap!

  1. JessSutera says:

    Way to rock all of your goals so far this month!! I have to say, I’ve been really focusing on getting good quality sleep lately too and it’s TOTALLY made my workouts that much better and more energy-filled! It definitaly translated to my best longer run in awhile – on Saturday, I ran 8 miles and it felt like I could’ve gone on for miles and miles more. I LOVE that feeling!!!


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