All Things Boston Marathon!

Happy Friday!! I’m so happy to see Friday.  I had such a weird week and felt so out of sorts.  I ended up working through lunch yesterday to get home early to avoid the traffic as a result of all the road closures in my neighborhood and to clean out my fridge.  I find it so crazy how power can have such a major impact on our lives!  This weekend should be pretty quiet.  Tonight I’m  heading home to study since I didn’t get much done this week with all the commotion.  Tomorrow I have a 13 mile training run with Team in Training.  Thank goodness it’s only 13 miles! My legs still feel so heavy and sore from last weekend’s long run.  I’m having a hard time recovering! After the run we are having a St. Patrick’s Day BBQ and celebration.  It’s a reward for collectively  raising over $750,000 dollars for LLS!!! That’s amazing! The rest of the day will be spent cooking and hanging out with Michael and I hope to spend sometime outside on Sunday since high’s will be in the 70’s!!! What do you all have planned?

Today is a pretty exciting day! Why you ask? It’s exactly 1 month until the Boston Marathon! Monday April 16th I’ll run from Hopkinton, MA to Boston, MA and I can’t even wait! The month leading up to marathon day has some pretty exciting events happening.  Just this week was Banner Day! They change the banners that hang in Boston to the Boston Marathon ones.  It’s very exciting to see the reveal.  Bill Rodgers was there and took part in the festivities. Check out the short video from the day!

Soon my mailbox will have the participant booklet and my Number Pick-Up card will be with it! I also love that my inbox will have emails with details about race day in it!

Boston Marathon Emails!

And with a month to go it’s safe to buy my marathon jacket! I don’t know what it is about Boston but the official Adidas Boston Marathon jacket is a big deal.  At least it’s a big deal to me!  I feel like once I get my jacket and finish the marathon I get to enter into a unique group of runners.

Boston Marathon Jacket! I’m all in!

And of course there is race weekend to look forward to.  I’ve already made reservations for my family for dinner the night before and for dinner to celebrate after I finish.  Friday afternoon my friends Bridget and Lauren who are also running with TNT will head to the expo with me and we’ll all get lunch! Saturday we have an inspiration lunch with TNT as well! The weekend will certainly be filled with excitement and the city will begin to swarm with runners and visitors!

On the running front this month is exciting as well.  Next weekend is my 20 miler.  It’s the last big run before my taper and also a big day for the charities running Boston Marathon.  First we get our TNT singlets that we’ll wear on race day.  We’ll have an unofficial charity start right at the Hopkinton start line and all the runners will take off for a ~20 mile run on the marathon course finishing just before heart-break hill and Boston College. Team in Training throws a BBQ for all their runners with food and music afterwards.  Michael is volunteering that day so I’ll see him at water stops along the way which makes me so happy! It should be a fun and exciting day!

After that tapering begins and the countdown of the final 3 weeks.  Here’s a look at the final weeks of my training plan:

Final Weeks of Boston Marathon Training Plan

I’m really looking forward to conquering that 20 miler and then letting my body rest, recover and heal so I’ll feel my best for race day!

Other things I need to plan for and prepare for race day are:

  • My plan for carb-loading.  I overdid it a little bit for Chicago.  I felt great on race day but did gain some weight during carb-loading and felt lethargic the week leading up to the Marathon.  I think I need to mimic what I did but cut back just a little bit.
  • Figure out what to wear on race day! Since it will be mid-April in New England it could be in the 40s and raining or it could be in the 70s and sunny or more likely in the mid-50s and low-60’s and partly cloudy.  Running skirt, capri’s, short sleeve, long sleeve, arm-warmers? So many options!
  • Plan my race morning out.  Everything from what to bring to the start to what to eat and when to eat it needs to be planned.  I like to enjoy the weekend and not be worried about these things!

I love the 1 month count-down! It makes me feel like it’s really time to start thinking about race day and really get ready and excited!

Are you running the Boston Marathon? Are you psyched about the 1 month count-down? Do you start to prepare slowly for race day one month out? What am I missing and should be looking forward to or planning for?


12 thoughts on “All Things Boston Marathon!

  1. amyfgray1106 says:

    I just found your blog!! I’m running Boston too yay!! I’m SO excited…I can’t believe how close it is now…yikes!! Sounds like your trainings going well. This week my long run is 20 miles then taper time…YESSS haha. congrats on Boston!! maybe I’ll see u there?


  2. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf says:

    I’m so excited for you! Wow, hearing about all the amazing things that TNT Boston does for you all that are running Boston – definitely makes it special. I trained with TNT for the NYC Tri and it’s kind of fun to be the “hometown” team. It’s amazing how much you all have raised too! Congrats! Have a great run and weekend.


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Thanks Christine! They do so much it’s really incredible! I didn’t even mention the victory party they throw the day after! It is really fun to be the “hometown” team. The fundraising continues to blow my mind! Hope you have a great weekend too!


  3. runningwiththegirls says:

    Yes – 30 days. The husband is running Boston and the nerves are kicking at my house. Someday I’d love to BQ and get my Boston Jacket. Best of luck to you!!!


  4. JessSutera says:

    So I have to ask – how do you feel, endurance-wise this time around vs. for your first marathon in Chicago? Do you feel stronger, more ready to tackle the 26.2? I’m SO curious to know what you’ve done differently this time vs. last — trying to soak in as much learning as I can before I face down my own marathon training!


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      So Chicago was actually my second. This will be my third. I felt WAY better for Chicago than I did for NYC. I injured myself in NYC and was just happy to finish. My training for Chicago went off with a hitch and so I felt very strong and confident. For Boston I’ve had really good runs but I’ve been plagued with sore and tired muscles so it’s been a lesson in trying to stay ahead of that. It’s frustrating. I know I’ll be OK race day because of the taper but it’s worrisome. Also for my long runs my legs get exhausted and tired in the high miles because of all the hills. That scares me. I’m scared mile 20 to 26 will just be HARD but it was HARD for NYC and I finished and got through it so I’m sure I’ll be good. Mentally I know I can take down 26.2 better than ever but physically I hope my body keeps up! I’ll do a whole post on what I did differently for each marathon once Boston is over!


  5. misszippy1 says:

    I’m really getting excited, too! Can’t believe it’s so close and that there’s only one more big run to go!

    With the warm spring, I’m a bit worried Boston is going to be a scorcher this year. They’ve had perfect weather for the past several years, so it’s time, too. But regardless, it will be a blast!


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      It’s crazy. It seems like just yesterday I was complaining about how many more months of training there was left and lacking motivation. I’m worried about that too! I’m hoping I can run in my skirt for the 20 miler I have coming up because I think that’s what I’ll wear race day. But then I’m fearful it will be cold and rainy and I won’t have done a long run in crops. Decisions, Decisions! It will be a blast! Good luck to you!


  6. runwiki says:

    I am hoping to BQ and run next year and, I am pumped reading your post. The jacket is a big deal! When I see people wearing one I have respect and know how hard they have worked for it. So very excited for you! Congratulations, wear your jacket with pride, you deserve!


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