Get Excited and Make No Excuses!

Hey Guys! I’m not sure what specifically it was from the weekend that got me thinking about this but regardless it’s a thought I’ve been carrying for two days. I’ve been thinking about the phrase No Excuses. I know a lot of bloggers talk about making no excuses for eating well or working out but I’m thinking about no excuses on much bigger level. Maybe it’s the forecast predicting almost 70 degree temperatures here in Boston on Thursday, or the time change coming on Sunday or the bright sunshine that forced me to wear sunglasses on my way to work or just knowing that the Boston Marathon is 42 days away and that means spring will be here before we know it but I’m feeling invigorated this week and excited about life. And with that I’m carrying the thought of No Excuses.

Let’s back track for a second to the weekend, and the things that happened to get me thinking about this. Saturday I ran 13 miles in the foggy, rainy, slushy, gross weather. Never once did I think about pushing my run to Sunday. Never once did I think about rolling back over that morning and falling back to sleep to the sound of the rain on the windows. Nope, instead I thought about which jackets to bring with me so I could choose the one that would keep me the driest. I thought about which running tights would shed the water so I’d feel dry. I thought about what my mantra would be for that run. And I thought about finishing that 13 miles and feeling strong and capable. I never made an excuse.

Michael started a new job yesterday. But it’s so much more than a new job he’s starting. He moved a month ago, so he’s also starting a new commute and a new routine. He’s not once made excuses to make this transition easier on himself. In fact, he’s been coming up with ways to hold himself accountable. His old job was a field job, so he was constantly on the go and working from his car. Planning lunches and breakfast was hard. He struggled to find a routine since no day was the same and since the marathon he’s had a hard time staying consistent with workouts. Since moving he’s been getting up early to eat a healthy and light breakfast at home, and has been packing a lunch everyday. He even told me last week that he wants to take a photo of himself in just shorts every Sunday to see the progress of his healthy eating, renewed running and focus on his yoga practice. This is why I love this man. Instead of complaining, he’s come up with a plan. A way to hold himself accountable and isn’t making excuses. He’s taking this time of change and transition and running with it to make himself better and to make his life better.

I guess maybe it’s the change in seasons coming and seeing Michael run with this that has been thinking about No Excuses. We all have a lot we want to accomplish in life. Maybe its a major career change, or new degree. It could be running your first marathon or your first 5K. Maybe it’s something as simple as eating healthier. Whatever it is don’t make excuses. I know this is easier said than done. Here’s some of my thoughts on ways to hold yourself accountable:

  • Define your goal, your hope and dreams and make them tangible. Make them something you can write down, something you can see and feel.
  • Create an action plan. Outline how your going to make it happen. It doesn’t need to be set in stone, it just needs to be the start of a path. Life is always changing so you need to have a plan that can roll with the punches.
  • Find something, anything that you can do TODAY to get you closer to your goal. I always tell myself this. I may not be able to get to where I want to be today but I can do one thing to get myself closer.
  • Remember the journey is just as good as the destination. Celebrate the little victories, the small wins along the way and don’t get frustrated and upset by the set backs and disappointment you’ll surely experience. Keep adjusting your plan and moving forward. The journey is part of the process and you need to let it change you and alter you because the journey is what makes the goal feel so incredible.
  • Make No Excuses. We create our own destiny. If you choose to not put the effort in to get where you want to be, well then that is the choice you’ve made. Life is all about choices so make choices that will get you where you want to be.

The whole idea of No Excuses has me excited this week. I’m thinking of it in terms of my running, in terms of my studying, in terms of my career and my life in general. Own up to your choices, and make no excuses. Don’t let the fear or the unknown, or the fear of change, or the fear of failure hold you back. If you fail, it’s not really a failure it’s just a lesson in life you’ve learned. You can take that experience and apply it and move forward in a way that will make you successful. So embrace the new season, the changes in your life, the new day, the month and start now. Start now on your goals, get excited and make no excuses!

Are you going to join me in this excitement of No Excuses? How are you going to apply the idea of No Excuses to your life? What areas do you not allow excuses in your life now? Do you find change motivational? What are excuses holding you back from accomplishing?


12 thoughts on “Get Excited and Make No Excuses!

  1. JessSutera says:

    Awesome post! I’m going through a lot of change and challenging (good ones) times right now and I need to remember this “no excuses” mantra next time I feel overwhelmed or want to run away from my goals instead of towards them. Thank you for this message today!


  2. strawberryjamntoast says:

    What a great post – your excitement is infectious! I have a feeling that I will be back to re-read this post when I need to…


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