Workout Recap and Altering Your Running Routine

Hey Guys! I hope you all had a great weekend and are starting the week of feeling rested and motivated.  I had a great weekend.  It was relaxing, fun-filled and of course involved a long run! Saturday’s 13 mile run was rainy and wet.  I went to practice with Team in Training and was so happy to be able to run with my friend Lauren and play catch up with my friend Bridget.  I felt pretty good during my run.  We skipped the hills this week and ran a flat course.  I think my body was pretty happy about that.  I didn’t even take an ice bath!  All in all, last weeks runs were good and my hips are definitely feeling better.  I’m starting to feel more confident and ready for this marathon.  With my two longest runs left to come I know I will be ready on race day.

Workouts for Week of 2/27

Training for the Boston Marathon has definitely been different from my other marathons.  I learned how to adjust my schedule, alter my training plan and be flexible.  I’ve learned that I really need to foam roll and use The Stick and the more diligent about this I am, the better the results.  My running routine has definitely changed.  Let’s go over some aspects of running and maybe you’ll just find some ways to alter your running routine for the better!


Do you stretch before a run or after a run?  Good question.  Today it is not recommended to do static stretching before runs.  This is when you would slowly extend your muscle and hold it.  This can lead to injuries while running.  Instead look to dynamic stretching.  You should be thinking high knees, toe touches, and butt kicks! You should especially do this if you run first thing in the morning or after a long period of inactivity.  Trust me; your muscles will thank you!



Many runners out there love their schedules.  They like knowing that Sunday is their long run, they have an easy run to recover, a middle distance workout or maybe a track workout.  The reality is though that our bodies don’t work on a schedule.  Some weeks we are tired and need more rest and other weeks we can handle more stress.  Learn to let go of your schedule and listen to your body and adjust your plan accordingly.  It is all about good, quality miles.



We all admire the elite runners who are thin and ripped.  Unfortunately (or fortunately!) that is not a realistic body composition for the majority of the population.  Running without lifting is not ideal.  You should be doing strength training at least twice a week.  According to Runner’s World,

“Studies have found that resistance training can improve your running economy, which reduces the amount of energy it takes to run at a given pace.”  Hit the gym to target both your upper body and legs.  Try push-ups, dips, lunges, and squats.


Ditch the Garmin.

If you are like me you are addicted to your Garmin.  The truth is being addicted to it is not helping your running.  It decreases your proprioception, or your body’s ability to gauge your speed and movement.  Try running without your Garmin to judge your speed or set it and then don’t look at it during your run.  Go back and compare the speed you thought your body was running to what the Garmin recorded.  This will help you to better understand your body.  Do this multiple times each week for best results.

Garmin Forerunner 405

Rest after Long Runs.

Taking a rest day after your long runs is not always the best.  Some people experience soreness and muscle tiredness two days after a long run rather than the next day.  If you are one of those people consider switching your rest day.  Try doing your long run and then the next day do your recovery run.  Take two rest days to give your body ample time to recover.  You may find that your body likes this best!

Rest After Long Runs

Running Goal Pace on Long Runs.

It makes sense to try to push your pace so you’re running at goal pace during your long runs.  The reality is that you are doing more harm than good to your body! Pushing the pace can fatigue your body and muscles making for a longer recovery time.  Try running 2 to 3 minutes slower than your goal pace.

Run Slow on Long Runs

How were your workouts last week? Do you adjust your training plan and running routine to meet your body’s current needs?  Do you stretch before or after?  How do you schedule in your rest days and recovery runs?


8 thoughts on “Workout Recap and Altering Your Running Routine

  1. peachyshel says:

    Great tips. I’m new to running and run a steady 6.2km 5-6 days a week. Time is the biggest hurdle for me but I’m also just not sure how to go about tackling longer runs…any suggestions? 🙂


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      I’d alter your mileage a little. Run longer, SLOWER distance on one day, follow it with a rest day and then run a shorter distance a little quicker. Think of your runs in terms of short, medium and long and alter your runs so it looks something like rest day, short day, medium day, short day, long day. Email me if you have more questions and I can help you out!


  2. petitchat03 says:

    Interesting post. I’ve been a competitive runner for years and there’s still things I need to figure out. Especially the last one, I’ve pushed my goal pace on long runs a few times and suffered 3 days later for a few days (serious muscle delay lol).


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