Happy March! Goals and Random Facts!

Happy March! I’m rather excited about this month because it’s the biggest month before the marathon with my longest runs.  I have an 18 miler and 20 miler on the schedule.  We start tapering at the end of the month too.  So in running terms, lots of good things happening! It also happens to be 10 days until the time change and I can kiss running in the dark goodbye for quite a few months.  Very exciting stuff if you ask me!

You all know I like to kick my month off with some goal setting which I will get to.  I was tagged by  Heidi from The Balance Project and Halifax Runner Girl in the 11 Things Post! I’ve already done that, remember the Day of Elevens? So rather than repeat myself I’ll indulge these lovely blog ladies and all of you with 11 Random Facts!

1.  I really love coffee with skim milk. Like a lot, it’s my favorite.

Coffee with Skim Milk! Yum!

2.  Michael and my family think I am OCD.   I think I’m highly organized.

3.  I’m loving Selena Gomez’s new song, Love You Like a Love Song. It’s catchy and I can remember all the words and sing it to myself when I run.

4.  I played soccer when I was a kid for years. One day I said to my Mom, “Do we have to keep playing soccer? I really don’t like it.”  She was baffled, here she thought I loved it and was running me all over for the travel team I was on when in reality I didn’t care for it much.

5.  My brother and I hated going to ski school when we were kids. Why? Because they made us do turns. We had so much more fun bombing the mountain and skiing with my parents.

6.  My childhood dog, Maewest, didn’t like gloves or mittens. So all winter she would snatch our gloves and mittens off our hands when we were playing the snow.  Every spring we’d find them as the snow melted!

Maewest and I

7.  I love down comforters.

8.  I wear a Patella Tendon Knee strap when I run because of IT band issues I got when training for my first marathon.

9.  Next marathon on my bucket list is Nike Women’s Marathon.

10.  I used to do some modeling, for a brief period of time.  I was 15 and thought it would be cool.  Taking photos every week in a bikini, getting measured and worrying about what I looked like wasn’t as fun or glamorous as I thought it would be.


11.  I love chocolate and have a very very hard time saying no to it!

Sorry ladies for not doing the whole post but hopefully you enjoyed the random facts! And hopefully you all learned something new about me!

March Goals

Get Enough Sleep.

Last month I was really pushing it with 5am wake ups and getting to bed at 11pm.  With my higher mileage this month and the marathon getting closer by the day that just won’t cut it! I’m focusing on keeping a clear schedule so I can get things done, and get to bed early.  My goal is to clock 7 and half to 8 hours of sleep a night.



I love “monster month” of marathon training.  I love the long runs and the excitement that builds as we get closer to the big day.  This month I want to focus on fueling well during my longs runs and practicing how I will do it on marathon day. I also want to get in speed workouts. My mile times are dropping on long runs which is encouraging but some solid speed workouts between now and race day will make a huge difference. Training is a huge priority this month!

Boston Marathon Finish Line!


I have 3 more chapters to cover in the book and will hopefully be through them by the end of next week.  Soon it will be time to review and take practice exams.  I’ve already taken CPR and got certified.  So as soon as I feel ready I’ll be able to sign up!  Studying is a huge goal this month and I’m excited to be ready to take the exam.

NASM Certified Personal Training

Eat Well. 

I eat a well-balanced diet. I don’t often over indulge or eat a ton of junk foods.  I eat lots of vegetables and lean meat but lately my sweet tooth is getting the best of me! I can’t eat just one or a little bit. I’m always reaching for sweet foods.  My goal is to cut back on sweets this month and get my sweet tooth under control.

Goodbye Sweet Tooth!

Have Fun and Enjoy Life.

I’ve been so busy lately that at times I feel like I’m constantly running around from place to place and never sitting still.  As a result sometimes I have a hard time relaxing and ignoring my to do list and living in the moment.  This month I really want to relax a little more and just have some fun.  To-Do lists and all will be there when I’m ready to tackle them!

I apologize if my goals sound the same as they did for January and February.  My life is really in a stage right now where things take months to come to fruition (marathon training and studying). They also take a lot of time in addition to my job, commute and life in general so I do need to make them a goal. I promise that April will have a completely different set of goals as the marathon is April 16th and I’ll have my NASM certification done by then! I’m excited for the spring and the things I want to tackle!

What are your goals for the month of March? Did you do an 11 Things post on your blog? Want to share some random things about yourself with me? What are you looking forward to the most in the month of March?


16 thoughts on “Happy March! Goals and Random Facts!

  1. KymberlyFunFit says:

    I LOVED playing soccer, though when I was growing up teams were for boys only until I was 13. My daughter played soccer 13 years quitting for volleyball saying, “I love soccer, but I hate running.” Ha ha aaa Keep running as ypu may find more mittens!


  2. JessSutera says:

    Oh I love this post! I learned a ton about you — and totally giggled at the patella strap one, I do the same thing. I got ITBS after training too hard for a half marathon (one of my first) and then got a touch of runner’s knee about a year ago. So I always wear them just to be safe. My knees are much happier now that my hamstrings and glutes are a lot stronger, I haven’t had any pain, it’s like a miracle!!

    Happy training this month – I can’t wait until I have a monster month of training runs on the schedule!!


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      So glad you liked! I think ITBS is pretty common in new runners doing half-marathons or marathons. Or it seems like it at least! I haven’t had any pain since I started doing yoga, it’s the best! Thanks!


  3. Heidi says:

    I loved reading this!

    People also think I am OCD as well hahahaa

    I have to say reading about your life and how you manage it all really makes me feel like I’d be able to take on a masters program, part time of course, that I want to do. I just want to know that ill be able to work full time, take a course, train and still have a life and you give me hope that it can be done.


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Thank you Heidi! I’m so glad that you find my blog motivational like that. I think it can be done, just with a lot of planning, the ability to be flexible and some hard work. Oh, an amazing support system who can help take care of all the other things you won’t have time for! Haha. Thanks for your comment! That really made my day!


  4. Tracie says:

    I can totally relate to the sweet tooth problem. I decided last night, from now until Boston, only one sweet thing a week. I think it’ll help with performance and maybe I’ll drop a pound or two =). Good luck to you and cutting back on the sweets and I’ll think about you every time I want to go for the chocolate – you’ll keep me motivated since I know someone else will be “suffering” along with me!!
    Have a great Thursday!


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