Weekend Workouts and Monday Motivation!

Hey Guys! Hopefully you all had a fantastic weekend and are ready for a productive week! I had a great weekend and was able to play a bit of catch up on things, get some rest and most of all have some fun.   Michael and I had a couple relaxing dinners out, did some shopping and just really relaxed in addition to yoga and running.  I have a quiet week this week so I’ll be able to focus more on running, getting enough rest and studying.  Only a month and half left until the Boston Marathon, can you believe that?! Staying healthy, having good training runs and getting myself prepared becomes of utmost importance around this time.  Last week was my first week back running after taking a week off to cross-train and rest my sore hips.  I only got in two runs last week but they were both good quality and long runs so I’m satisfied.  Of course there was lots of yoga!

Workouts for Week of 2/20

Saturday was a very windy long run with Team in Training.  The first 11 miles were OK and had small bursts where I was able to run out of the wind.  The last 5 miles though were killer.  We were running into the wind and up the Newton Hills.  It took quite a lot out of me and I felt a little bit more tired and worn out than normal.  The Hyannis Half Marathon was yesterday too so there was a smaller crowd than normal.  My running partner and friend Lauren was racing on Sunday so she wasn’t at practice.  I ended up running most of the 16 miles alone.  Let me tell you, I haven’t ran 16 miles alone since I trained for Chicago and it was pretty lonely! It definitely takes a lot more mental toughness to fight through that alone than when you are running and chatting with a friend.  Here’s a few tips I took advantage of to help pass the time:

  • Break up the miles in your mind.  Our course was such that we ran out 3 miles to a water stop, turned around and ran another 3 miles to another water stop then ran 2.5 miles to a water stop, another 2.5 miles out to the turn around point and a water stop then back 2.5 miles to a water stop and then completed the final 2.5 miles.  So basically the 16 miles was broken down into a 6 mile out and back and a 10 mile out and back.  I was able to just focus on about 3 miles at a time.
  • Relax and enjoy the quiet.  I’m always on the go, talking to customers at work, talking to friends and family when I’m at home, listening to the TV.  It was nice to listen to the birds chirp, relax my mind and unwind a little bit by myself.
  • Day Dream.  Really is there anything better than a good day dream to pass the time during a long run? I think not!
  • Repeat your mantra when the going get’s tough! I was really struggling from miles 11 to 16.  It was super windy and I was getting really sore.  I kept telling myself to keep going and talked myself through each and every step.  I kept telling myself I’d regret it if I stopped. I just kept going!

All in all it was a good run.  My hips were tight at times throughout but at other times the soreness broke up and I felt good so that was encouraging.  I ran an 8:46 min/mile pace.  I was very happy with that and felt pretty relaxed the whole time!

I did another ice bath after the run.  I was so tight and sore and was really struggling going up and down the stairs when I got home.  The ice bath was amazing and made a huge difference in my recovery! Michael and I went shopping during the afternoon so I also think that walking around helped a lot too. If you don’t do an ice bath after your long runs and struggle with soreness I really recommend it and think you will notice a significant difference in your recovery!

Sunday morning Michael and I slept til 8 and then headed to our favorite yoga class at South Boston Yoga with David Vendetti.  When the alarm went off part of me was disappointed.  I really could have slept in and been lazy all day but knew I would wish I had worked out.  David’s class is so challenging and works your legs and arms like no other.  My arms, legs and abs are always trembling during his class at multiple points.  I was a little concerned about my legs being so sore and being able to hold the poses.  I did all of them but came down on my knee during a long sequence in crescent lunge.  It was too tough on my quad and hip flexors which are most sore from Saturday.  I also skipped on the glute workout at the end of class since my hamstrings did not need to be tightened or strengthened since my hamstrings are so tight these days from running.  All in all I survived the class and left feeling so much better than before I went.  I was happy to be there and thought about how I never regret getting a workout in!

With that I leave you to start the week with some motivation via Pinterest!

How was your weekend?  What was your weekend workouts? Did you do a long run? How do you stay entertained during a long run by yourself? Do you ever regret a workout? Do you follow me on Pinterest?


8 thoughts on “Weekend Workouts and Monday Motivation!

  1. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf says:

    Really, Boston Marathon is only a month and a half away? Wow. This year is flying by. Glad to hear that your hips are feeling better and sounds like you had good runs. Great job and can’t wait to hear how the rest of your training goes. We’re up in the mountains this weekend and I’ve been chasing a 4-year old on skis the past couple of days. A different kind of workout for sure!


  2. ttrodriguez says:

    Glad your training is going well and your hips are feeling better! I’m running Boston too and know how important these last weeks of training are – must stay healthy and injury free =) Good luck with the rest of your training!!!


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