Product Review: Margarita Activewear!

Happy Friday!! Let me be honest with you all for a second.  Life is really catching up with me.  If you saw yesterday’s Day in the Life post you know I start at 5:15AM and have a full day until about 10:30PM.  I’m someone who thrives with about 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.  I’ve been getting 6 to 7 hours and run upwards of 30 miles a week. I’m exhausted.  I’ve made more of an effort to get some extra rest this week.  Wednesday I was asleep before 9:30PM and slept til 6:15AM.  I feel better just having gotten some extra sleep.  Getting sleep keeps me motivated, it keeps me excited about running, studying and all the things I strive for in my life.  With that said, I am so happy it is Friday! I have a night to myself tonight and plan to do a little shopping after work, and then head home to make a delicious dinner before crawling into bed early with one of my favorite shows and getting some good sleep before tomorrow’s 16 mile run. Michael and I have plans for a nice relaxing dinner Saturday night and a day to catch up, sleep in and regroup on Sunday.  Exactly what I need.  And 2 more hours a day please.  Do you ever feel like you don’t get enough sleep and life starts to catch up with you? How much sleep do you need?

On to more exciting things…

A few weeks ago Activewear USA reached out to me to test out one of their products as part of the Margarita Activewear Challenge.  I was asked to pick out a product of my choice from the Margarita Activewear line and test it out and review it.  I was intrigued since I have seen the brand in a few of my yoga classes on other women.  What also hooked me was this line from the email,

I believe that Margarita Activewear is better than Lulu on every scale.

Those are some big words to throw around when talking to a Lululemon Aholic.  Challenge Accepted.

I headed to the website to checkout the Margarita gear and pick something out.  My first thoughts? They have some crazy patterns, and designs going on.  Honestly it took me awhile to look around the site and find something I liked.

Margarita Activewear Website

Most of the stuff wasn’t exactly my style.  Big flowers, hearts, crazy zig-zags down my pants leg is not really the look I go for.  With that said though, I did like some of the simpler capris and tanks.  I decided on this black top with lavender trim since my yoga wardrobe was in need of a simple black tanks.

Margartia Activewear Tank

Look and Feel.

When the top came in the mail I was pretty impressed.  It felt and looked like my beloved Lululemon tops. I also loved the subtle lavender detail because purple is my favorite color!  The back has straps that cross-over with a keyhole detail.  It think it looks really cute!

Margarita Activewear Back

 The front scoop neck on this top is low enough to make you feel sexy and beautiful but high enough that I never worried about falling out or anything like that.   The fabric was nice and thick and actually reminded me a lot of the Luon that Lululemon uses.  The seaming is also really nice and designed so you wouldn’t chafe.  The built-in bra is thick and very supportive which I really liked.  The Margarita Activewear logo is also very cute and embroidered into the top.

Margarita Acetivewear Logo


I tested this top out in a few yoga classes over the last week or so and have really liked it.  The fit is very snug on me so it never really moves around or shifts as I flow through poses which is huge for me.  I hate adjusting tops as I practice.  The material did a great job of wicking sweat off of me and made me feel dry throughout the class.  I also liked that the fit was long so my back was covered even in down dog!

So does it compare to Lululemon?

Definitely.  This top is very comparable to Lululemon and performed just as well as all of my Lulu tanks.

Cost and Availability. 

The tank costs $64.00 and can be ordered on  I actually feel that the price is a little steep for this product.  You can get a very similar top from Lululemon for about $52.00.  With that though, some Lululemon tanks can run as much as $58.00 or $62.00 and that’s really not that far from $64.00 so I guess it all depends how important that $10 is to you!

If you’re looking to try out a new brand or searching for something a little different to add to your workout wardrobe Margarita Activewear is definitely worth a look.  I really liked the product and will definitely be wearing it when I’m on the mat!  To view the complete line of Margarita Activewear check it out here.

I should also say that ActivewearUSA is a great site.  They have tons of different brands of workout clothing all in one place. I’ve used it a few times to find something different or to try a new brand on my own and have really liked it.  It’s definitely worth checking out!

*Note:  All opinions expressed in this post are mine.  I was provided the product by Activewear USA but was not compensated for this post.  I was asked to provide an honest, “no holds barred” review.

Do you get enough sleep? Do you find sleep and rest affects your motivation and excitement? Do you own any Margarita Activewear?  Have you ever shopped on Activewear USA?  Would you try Margarita Activewear?


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