A Day In The Life

I’ve recently gotten a few tweets and questions from readers asking the age-old question, “How do you fit it all in?”.  When I talk about all that I have going on and all that I hope to accomplish the general reaction is, “Wow you are busy!”.  So how do I fit it all in? I’m training for a marathon, studying to be a certified personal trainer, a blogger who blogs Monday through Friday, a full-time employee with an hour commute each way, a friend, a girlfriend, a daughter and so much more! Join me for a day will you?  Here’s a day in my life which just so happens to be Tuesday…

BEEP, BEEP…click.

My alarm goes off at 5:10AM.  I immediately hit the snooze button and roll over to get another 10 minutes of shut-eye.  It is only Tuesday morning and I’m exhausted.  Last night’s 11PM bedtime was too late.

Beep Beep!


Ok, I’m up. If I hit snooze again I’ll never wake up before 6AM.  I turn on the light and make a mental note to get to bed early tonight, 10PM at the latest and then grab my iPhone.  I spend the first 5 minutes waking up, checking email, and responding to a few tweets.  I skip Facebook since then I’ll just end up on my computer and never study.  I grab my highlighter and NASM Personal Trainer textbook and get to work on my second chapter of the week. I manage to get in 50 minutes of semi-productive study time and part of me wishes I had just slept til 6:15 AM.

Morning Study Time


I put the textbook down and get up.  I hop in the shower and take it steaming hot.  Something about that hot steam always wakes me up.  After my shower I do my hair, brush my teeth, do my 5 minute make up routine, get dressed and make my bed.  I leave the news and the Today Show on to catch up with the world and the weather.

7:10AM- 7:45AM

Head to the kitchen to make tomorrow’s lunch and breakfast.  I decide that today is a coffee day and turn the hot water on to make a cup to take with me in the car.  I sit and eat breakfast.  It only takes about 10 minutes and it’s a little “me” time before the day.  I flip through some vocabulary cards for NASM and listen to the Today Show.  Did you know that Eastern Europe is getting slammed with a ton of snow? News to me!

Breakfast and More Studying!

After breakfast I do the dishes, gather my work stuff and try to decide which shoes to wear.  I stare at my Uggs since they look nice and warm and comfy.  Try on a pair of flats and then say screw it and wear my Uggs.  I grab my coat, and we’re off!


Get in the car, thank myself for wearing Uggs because it’s cold, turn on the heat and put on Matty in the Morning.  At 8am I realize I have a very important phone call to make and spend the next 20 minutes or so on the phone.  Multi-tasking is key.

Morning Commute


I get to work, log in to the phone system at 8:28AM and then get settled.  I check my work email, see if I have any response from my customers, respond to emails, call some customers back.  Then I check Facebook, Twitter and my blog to be sure my scheduled post looks OK and usually shoot out a tweet or two.

8:45 to 11:45AM

I’m on and off the phone with customers all day.  I respond to emails, and do administrative things as well.  My day really depends on the customers.  The more questions and calls they make, the busier I am. Occasionally I have to research a more complex technical issue or help a co-worker.  I’m able to check Twitter, Facebook and email throughout the day but never spend more than 5 minutes at a time doing that.  If it’s really quiet I’ll briefly check BlogLovin’ and read some of my favorite blogs!


I start to get hungry, and get lunch out and ready.  I don’t actually take my lunch break until 12:35PM so I work and eat at the same time.


12:35 PM

I wrap up a call with a customer, grab my yoga mat and bag and head down to yoga. I’m fortunate that my office has a fantastic yoga instructor who teaches a lunch time class on Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays.

Mid-day Yoga!


Back in the office I catch up on customer emails, calls and issues that came in while I was out.  This usually takes a bit since lunch time and the afternoon are busiest.  I switch from my chair to the stability ball I keep in my cube to give my hips a little break.


With most of the lunch time business under control I grab an apple and peanut butter and delve into my snack. I get interrupted by the phone but happily finish my apple after the call while I do some documentation.

Snack Time!


Tea Time! On Tuesday’s someone in my office will bake a little treat for us.  We all think Tuesday’s are dull so Tea Time brightens the afternoon up.  My boss made Mini Twix Cheesecakes with Oreo Crust.  Not healthy but I know I won’t have dessert later so I indulge.  It’s absolutely delicious!

Tea Time Treat

3PM- 5PM

Field calls from customers, respond to emails, and like.  Occasionally check Twitter and discover on Boston.com that Sam Adams is brewing a special 26.2 Beer for the Boston Marathon! I get all excited about marathon day and can’t wait to head home to run.  I wrap up my work day and head out to the car.


Hit the road for tonight’s commute.  I’m tired but know I need to stay motivated for my 8 miler.  I have my headset on my iPhone and chat with my Mom for some of the car ride.  It helps the hour to go by so much faster!


I get home from work around 6PM, put my lunch stuff away and change for my run.  I head out for an easy 7 mile run.  It is about 40 degrees out so I was able to leave the jacket, gloves and headband home.

Motivated and Ready to Run!


Home from my run.  Feeling tired and like I haven’t run in over a week.  All in all though, it was a good run and I’m glad to be back out and running! I head to the kitchen, turn on the oven and pre-heat it to 350. I gently stretch my muscles, foam roll and then use the stick to massage them.  Back to the kitchen I put the lobster pot pie in the oven that Michael left in the fridge for me as a little surprise this morning.  After all that I hop in the shower to rinse off.  I change into my PJ’s and a cozy hoody and head to the kitchen. I cook up some kale to go with the pot pie by steaming it and then lightly sauteing.

Post Run Stretching, Foam Rolling and Massaging


Sit down and eat dinner.  I watch a little TV, that new Tim Allen sitcom on ABC, and relax for a minute.  It feels good to relax and the pot pie is so good.  I head back to the kitchen and do the few dishes that remain.

Lobster Pot Pie and Kale


Finally sit down for the night to relax, blog and study.  I spend about an hour blogging and writing Wednesday’s post.  I upload and edit some other photos for posts later in the week.  Then I disconnect, and spend the remainder of the night studying.  I catch up with Michael and hear about his day and curling match before saying goodnight to him.  I try to study more and realize I’ve started dozing off.

Blogging and Studying


Put down the textbook, turn off the TV, make sure my alarm is set and shut the light out.  I’m exhausted and 5:10AM is coming fast!

This is just an example of a typical day in my life right now.  My life, like anyone else’s is always changing so my schedule is always changing as well. By then end of the week, I’m always exhausted!  I know I’m asking a lot of my body and mind right now.  Come April 17th my schedule will be different again since I won’t be training for a marathon and I’ll have more time as a result.  I plan to take some time to rest and recover fully and get some more sleep.  I’m also at a stage in my life where I still live alone and don’t have the added responsibilities of living with a significant other, being a wife or a mom.  If any one of those components were part of my life I don’t think this schedule would be conducive and quite honestly I wouldn’t want a schedule like this.  I’m just at a stage in my life where I’m trying to accomplish my goals and have the time and resources to do so and for that I’m grateful.

What is your schedule like? Is your day filled up from start to finish? How do you fit in working out, blogging and other goals you are working towards? Is time management your strong suit?


9 thoughts on “A Day In The Life

  1. Emily says:

    Hi again Whitney! If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of job do you have? I am in a career transition right now (used to be a lawyer) and trying to figure out what types of jobs fitness-minded people have. Thanks!!


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      I do run in the dark! It’s not my favorite thing but the time change is 2 weeks away! I normal would run through the parks in Boston but instead I stick to the sidewalks on busy streets and I wear a reflective vest and always bring my phone. I miss the running paths and no street crossings but I’ll have it back soon!


  2. Athena @ Fitness & Feta says:

    Whitney, this is a fab post! I literally just found myself nodding at each section going… “Yup… uh huh… oh yeah, me too… yup… omg YES” to the whole thing. Except you can replace marathon training with teaching my classes. My days are ALWAYS filled up from start to finish!! And I just have to schedule everything in. Especially study time! I can’t wait until this test is done – unless of course, I fail. 🙂


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Thank you Athena! I’m with you on wanting the test to be over! Everyday I’m liked x amount of time left, you can do this! I love being busy but sometimes I just get so sick of scheduling and trying to fit it all in! I’m glad I’m not alone! We should do a meet up soon…you know when we both have time:)


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