What I Ate Wednesday! Sometimes I Eat Leftovers!

Hey Guys! I’m so happy it is Wednesday! Why? Michael and I have a date night planned tonight and I haven’t seen him in over a week.  He’s been away curling and I’ve been busy traveling, doing yoga and the like myself.  This is a rarity for us to go this long without seeing each other so I’m looking forward to tonight for sure.  Last night’s run went as expected.  A little bit good, a little bit frustrating.  All in all I felt better than I did before the break and am glad to be back out running and training.  Success.

I’ve been busy.  A good kind of busy.  Dinner dates with girlfriends to catch up,  dinner out with my family over the weekend, Valentine’s Day dinner last week with Michael and lots more.  What this means though is that I’ve been eating out a LOT.  When I have weeks where I know I will be eating out more than normal I don’t grocery shop as I regularly would and buy some healthy veggies to eat when I am home and to pair with leftovers.  I also love taking my leftovers to work for lunch.  As such this week’s What I Ate Wednesday features lots of leftovers.


Luckily this meal has been leftover free! I did come up with a new oatmeal combination that is absolutely delicious.  So delicious that I’ve deemed it a “special treat breakfast” so it doesn’t become a habit.  Oatmeal with bananas, strawberries, almond milk and Nutella.  The Nutella is what makes it a “special treat breakfast”.  And quite honestly I wouldn’t want the sweetness of chocolate and hazelnut everyday.

Oatmeal with Strawberries, Bananas, Almond Milk and Nutella

It is really delicious and it all melts together as the Nutella gets soft.  Every bite tasted so good!  Of course I had my glass of orange juice with it!


Monday’s lunch consisted of leftovers! My family went to dinner on Saturday night to this amazing Italian restaurant for dinner.  Everything is homemade including the bread and gelato I had for dessert.  We had appetizers and salads too so by the time dinner came I was almost full.  Luckily I got to enjoy the rest of my Penne a la Vodka with Chicken for lunch.

Leftover Penne a la Vodka, Chobani Greek Yogurt, Apple and Granola Bar

I studied for my NASM personal trainers exam while I ate.  A little while later I enjoyed the Chobani yogurt and granola bar.  Around 4PM I enjoyed my apple since I was heading to a yoga class at the Put Some Miles on Your Mat fundraiser and didn’t want to be hungry! Spacing my meals and snacks out through the day really helps me to stay energized and I never feel like I over ate.


This is dinner from Sunday.  I drove home from visiting my family in NY and after being out with friends and to dinner with night before I was ready for a lighter meal and some greens.  I wanted to get some laundry done, studying done and catch up on blog things so I wanted it to be quick.  Luckily there was some left over barbecued meat from the week before and some baked beans.  I threw together a salad with avocado and cucumber and tossed it with some Italian dressing.  I also finished up a bottle of open wine!

Salad with Cucumbers and Avocado, Leftover BBQ Beef and Baked Beans

It may look pretty on the plate for the picture but I can assure you that when I ate it was a big old delicious mess!


Let’s chat about this for a quick second.  I have thought to myself, “oh some dessert would be delicious tonight” every night for the last week.  Dessert even exists in my house.  Yet I always get busy blogging or studying and before I know it, it’s after 10pm and I’m just ready for bed.  No dessert for me.  And no pictures for you.

So lots of leftovers but I really don’t mind! I try not to waste food and eating leftovers can make life a little bit easier when your busy! I can’t wait to check out all of your eats this week!

Do you combine leftovers to make a meal? Do you grocery shop less when you know you’ll be eating out more? What are your thoughts about Nutella on Oatmeal? Sweetness for breakfast, yay or nay?


9 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday! Sometimes I Eat Leftovers!

  1. Nancy says:

    I really wish I was better at taking leftovers for lunch, or even making enough FOR leftovers. I just can’t stand a lot of it. Though, there are a few exceptions (like lemon pepper chicken stir fry…yummm)


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