Put Some Miles on Your Mat

Hey Guys! I hope this Tuesday is a Monday for most of you! I had to work yesterday so today is a Tuesday like any other for me.  An 8 mile run is on the schedule for tonight which I’m looking forward to and slightly nervous about.  I know I won’t feel like my normal running self but I hope I feel better than last week!  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Last Monday I received this tweet from Eventbrite Boston…

I was intrigued and went and checked out the link.  Turns out this was a fundraiser for Boston’s Yoga Reaches Out 2012 to benefit Children’s Hospital Boston and Africa Yoga Project.  If you haven’t heard about Yoga Reaches Out check out the Facebook page.  It’s an amazing event and I hope to be part of it!  I’m waiting to sign up and register since I’m still fundraising for the Boston Marathon. One thing at a time, one thing at a time.

Last night’s fundraiser was held at Exhale on Boston’s Battery Wharf.  It featured a yoga class designed for runners, followed by food from Bricco in the North End and cocktails from Vita Coco.  Exhale is a beautiful spa and yoga studio and is famous for their Core Fusion Yoga classes.  The locker rooms were gorgeous and appointed with really nice spa products.  I love going to a gym or yoga studio and seeing nice products in the locker rooms.  There is something about it that is just wonderful.  After getting changed and settled we headed into the yoga studio for an hour-long class.

Our Instructor Talking Before Class

The class was awesome and reminded me of some great modifications to enhance the poses.  Rather then end the class in savasana she had us make our way to the wall.  We used a bolster under our hips and let our legs and feet rest on the wall.  This allows the blood to circulate differently and also helps to drain your legs.  It felt so good and I completely relaxed in this pose.   This was the perfect class for me tonight and really gave e a chance to stretch my legs before I return to running tomorrow.

Is there really any better place to start your week?

After class we socialized, had some appetizers and Vita Coco cocktails.  The food from Bricco was delicious and included meats, and cheese and tuna tartare on baguettes.  Vita Coca made a Pina Colada with rum, coconut water and pineapple juice.  It was delicious served over ice.

Appetizers from Bricco

Drinks by Vita Coco

It was great to socialize with other runners who are also running Boston Marathon and other fun spring races.  Among the crowd was fellow Boston Blogger and FitFluential Ambassador Sarah Fit.  It was great to meet her in person and talk blogging, running, being a FitFluential Ambassador and so much more.

LiveRunLoveYoga and SarahFit

I was also given two complimentary passes to come back to Exhale to try a Core Fusion class.  I’ve never done one but would love to try it.  Michael and I will definitely be making a trip over there to take that class and see how we like it!

Complimentary Core Fusion Class

All in all it was a fun night and supported a great cause! I really encourage all of you to take a look at upcoming Eventbrite events in your area and see if you can get out and try fitness in and fun and different way.  You’ll likely meet some new people and have a great time doing what you love!

Many thanks to Exhale, Vita Coco, Bricco and Eventbrite Boston for making last night such a fun night in support of a great cause!

Have you done a yoga charity event before?  Have you been to an Exhale Spa and Yoga Studio?  Is there a Yoga Reaches Out Event near you? Are you a runner and just trying out yoga?


5 thoughts on “Put Some Miles on Your Mat

    • liverunloveyoga says:

      That’s great that you came out to the event! I hope you liked it, yoga and running go amazing together. I was talking to the instructor for awhile after. I’m starting my yoga certification this summer and she gave me some passes to come try out core fusion and to blog about it!


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