Rest Week and a Modified Marathon Training!

Good Morning! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Mine was busy but fun. The weekend included dinner with friends, yoga with my Mom, relaxing and chatting with my Dad, dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants ever and about 11 hours of sleep on Saturday night.  It felt really good to relax and spend time with my family.  After one more good night’s sleep I’m ready to face yet another busy week.

So remember last week I talked about how I was breaking up with running for the week?  Well tomorrow running and I have a date to re-kindle our love.   An easy 8 mile date.  I spent last week resting, practicing yoga and spinning.

Workouts February 13-19

I’ve never taken a week off from running in the midst of marathon training.  To be honest, I was very worried about this.  Following a plan ensures that you’ll be ready on race day.  My body was telling me though that it wasn’t liking all the plans and runs.  Here’s my thought’s on the week off…

  • I’m ready to run and really looking forward to it tomorrow.  I miss lacing up my shoes, the fresh air and seeing the miles add up on my Garmin.
  • Monday’s spin left my legs feeling heavy and tired.  I knew I made the right choice by resting this week.
  • On Tuesday, the 14th, I felt great.  I wanted to run and my legs felt fresh.  I was feeling pretty positive about my recovery.
  • Wednesday I spun again and was felt pretty good.  The longer I spun the fresher my legs felt and by the end they felt loose.
  • After yoga on Thursday my hip flexors were tight and were spasming. It was really uncomfortable and they hurt for the remainder of the day.  I was also exhausted by the end of the day and went to bed at 9:30 and skipped my 5am wake up call and slept ’til 6AM.
  • After Thursdays exhaustion I took a complete rest day on Friday even though I had planned to do yoga.  I figured more rest time was probably worth it.  I did feel well rested and my legs felt better.
  • At Saturday’s yoga class I felt great! My legs felt strong, I was beginning to feel very flexible again.  Positive signs in my book.
  • Yesterday I took a rest day and slept in.  My body just felt tired.  Not sore or overtrained, just tired. Another relaxing day was definitely necessary.

What I think was really beneficial about this time off was that it reinvigorated my excitement about running.  I was definitely missing Team in Training on Saturday morning and my long run so from a motivational stand point the time off was amazing.  Going froward I really need to be conscious of a few things to be sure I’m rested and ready to run my very best on marathon day.  I plan to adjust my schedule and life according in order to make all these things possible…

  • Get enough sleep.  More rest is better than less rest.
  • Foam roll more.  I saw a big difference during the week off on the days I rolled and the days I did not.  I need to do this almost everyday.
  • Use “The Stick” before bed.  I noticed that massaging my legs before bed made a really big difference in how I felt the next day.  I need to be diligent about this.
  • Drink more water.  I’ve been so thirsty lately and can’t get enough water.  Staying hydrated will help me recover quickly.
  • Did I mention get enough sleep at night?

I also plan to adjust my training plan.  If I were to continue following my plan here’s how the next 2 or so months would go:

Original Training Plan

And here’s the modified training plan:

Modified Training Plan

Basically the biggest difference is that I’ll be cutting back on my mileage on long runs. I think alternating with increasing my mileage and recovering with a 13 mile long run the next week will make a big difference and will give my body a chance to really recover before going up in mileage again.  I’ll be running my planned mileage during the week which will keep on track with speed workouts.  I should also note that only Mondays are denoted as yoga but I actually do yoga Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.   To mix it up either Monday or Friday will be a spin class or something of that nature to add variety and I’ll be down to 3 yoga classes.

I don’t feel as if I am drastically changing my training plan or workout routine but adapting and adjusting it to my needs will likely make a significant impact on how I feel during runs.

Training is all about adapting to your body’s needs so you stay healthy and on track!

How was your weekend? Have you had to rest, adapt and adjust your training plans before?  Did you listen to your body and find success on race day?


3 thoughts on “Rest Week and a Modified Marathon Training!

  1. Heather @ Better With Veggies says:

    I’m not sure I’ve ever made it through a marathon plan without adjusting and adapting the original plan. 🙂 It’s normal and part of listening your body – glad that you made the tough decision and are feeling better. Marathon training is a balance between getting enough miles on your legs, good quality runs, and rest. Don’t be surprised if you feel off the next few runs, just allow it to happen and you’ll be back to normal in no time!


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Thanks! I totally agree with you. My first marathon was adjusted and adapted like crazy but my second followed the plan to a T. This one not so much. I’m fully expecting some not so great runs this week but I’m sure I’ll be back to normal soon just like you said!


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