A Mid Month Update for a Short Month!

Hey All! Even though it’s Thursday I feel like it’s the start of my weekend because I have so much good stuff planned through early next week!  Michael is away at a curling tournament so I planned on catching up with my girlfriends over dinner and visiting my parents for the weekend.  Sounds good to me! Can you believe it is February 16th already? This month really flies by since it is so short!  I thought a mid-month update might be a good idea.

So here’s February’s Goals and an update…

Pace Myself. 

This was a big one for myself.  I usually take on a bunch of things that interest me and THEN try to figure out how to schedule it all.  What ends up happening is that I constantly feel busy and my weeks are absolutely jammed pack.  Not bad but not ideal also.  So the goal of this month was to focus on quality not quantity.  I’ve really been sticking to this and feel like I have a great balance in my life! I feel as if I have enough time to study, train for the marathon, socialize and relax and of course keep up with my blog.

Train Hard.

So far so good! I’m feeling much more motivated these days and am really getting excited for race weekend.  Remember when I wasn’t feel motivated?  Since then my parents have booked their hotel for marathon weekend, I hit my fundraising minimum, the marathon jackets have come out (getting mine tonight!),  and I took my first ice bath in addition to some great long runs with Team in Training.  I’ve been making smart choices when it comes to training.  The key to making smart choices?  Listening to my body.  I had Strep Throat in the beginning of the month which caused me to miss a speed workout and a cross-train day but getting better was more important.  I’m currently taking a break from running this week.  I’ve had really heavy and tired legs on my last 3 or 4 long runs.  On top of that my hips have been screaming at me! They are tight, and sore and my hip flexors have had spasms.  Not fun.  So this week I am taking yoga, and hitting the gym for some spin classes.  It feels great to be doing something else and I it feels like the change is exactly what I needed.  I’ll be back running next Tuesday and am already looking forward to it!

Study Harder. 

I’m doing really well on this! I take my CPR class next Thursday night to get certified and I’ll sign up for the exam soon.  I’m more than half way through the chapters and have been sticking to my study plan.  Yes, 5am wake up calls to study have been regular and frequent but I am incredibly productive then so I really don’t mind it! I’m really excited to take this exam and become certified!

I love setting goals.  As many of you know my long-term goals include becoming a certified yoga instructor and teaching.  I’d love write for a healthy living magazine or website too.  I always say, just do one thing a day to work towards your goal.  One simple thing can make you feel like you are doing your best to get to where you want to be.

And with that I will leave you for today but go do something, anything to help you get one step closer to where you want to be!

How are your February goals going?  Did you check in with yourself this month? What were your goals?