What I Ate Wednesday! Mexican Food, Fruit and More!

Happy Wednesday Guys! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day and spent some time loving yourself, with your friends or with your special someone.  Michael and I had dinner before his curling match and I stuck around to watch him and cheer him on.  It wasn’t the most fancy or elaborate Valentine’s Day but it was nice to spend time together! I feel like this week has a lot of action going on.  Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, today is the What I Ate Wednesday Party and tomorrow and Friday I have dinner plans with some girlfriends and this weekend I’m visiting my family.  It’s all good stuff and has me smiling! Shall we get this party going? I think  so!  As always a big thank you to Jen at Peas and Crayons for hosting!

We are still loving our vegetables this week and I tried to showcase a meal that uses lots of veggies in a very fun way!


If you recall Michael and I decided to skip yoga on Sunday to sleep in, and let ourselves recover.  I was thankful for this since Saturday’s 16 mile run really wiped me out and these sore and tired legs are just not going away.  We laid in bed til almost 10am dozing, reading and chatting.  Perfect.  Even more perfect is having a delicious cup of coffee, scrambled eggs with Provolone cheese and an Everything bagel with veggie cream cheese! Delicious!

Scrambled Eggs, Everything Bagel and Coffee

The sunlight was pouring into the kitchen and it was the perfect way to start the day!


I love when I can bring leftovers because it is easy and delicious. But dinners have been quick and easy with things like veggie burgers and steamed broccoli and they don’t make great leftovers.  So I’ve been eating sandwiches for lunch.  This week I’m keeping them simple with some of my favorite toppings…banana peppers and honey mustard!  I bought turkey, American cheese and whole wheat bread.

Turkey Sandwich, Chobani Yogurt, Orange and Strawberries

On the side I had a Chobani Greek Yogurt in strawberry flavor, oranges and strawberries.  I also packed some Nuun to mix into my water.  Healthy, simple and delicious.


Saturday afternoon Michael and I went and did some errands.  I had been craving Mexican food all week so we decided to make steak tacos, homemade guacamole, Spanish rice and re-fried black beans.  I sliced up some lettuce and tomato and we had some cheese too!

Steak Tacos, Re-fried Black Beans, and Spanish Rice

Of course we had some whole grain Tortillas to dip in the guacamole and salsa too! The highlight of this meal was the steak.  Michael made a rub for the flank steak with cocoa, chili powder, cumin and other delicious spices and grilled it outside on the grill! Mexican food is so good, I could seriously eat it every night!

There was lots of sweets to be had over the weekend but I never took a picture of any of them! So sorry!

Really though, everything I ate I was so good this week! Never a bad meal for this girl!

What did you eat this week? What’s your favorite Sunday morning breakfast? Do you love Mexican food? What is your favorite Mexican dish?