Sparking Romance Through Fitness!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all are doing a little something special today.  I think it’s a great day to give a friend a little extra love, tell your sweetie how much they mean to you or take some time to love yourself.  I want to tell you all how much I love you guys! Your comments, tweets and Facebook interactions always put a smile on my face and keep me motivated to do the things I love and share them all here.  Many thanks to you all for that!

In honor of Valentine’s Day I thought I would share a few fun ways to bring fitness in to your love life and share the joys of healthy living with your loved one! I’m so lucky that Michael is just as active as I am and enjoys being on the go with me.  We learn from each other and it makes our time together fun and enjoyable.  AND it makes those movie nights and occasional lazy Sunday’s that much more divine!

So here’s some of our favorites…


I introduced Michael to yoga and he now loves it! We love to go to our favorite studio, South Boston Yoga and take classes together with David Vendetti.  Other times we like to try new studios and class styles together.  Recently we just tried Broga.   We love sweating side by side and trying more advanced poses.  It’s always awesome to smile at each other in the middle of an amazing class, it makes it that much better! Afterwards it is fun to chat about the class, how we felt and encourage each other to try new things the next class! Sometimes we go and get brunch after to make it a true Sunday morning date!


I love this one for multiple reasons.  When I was single I went to a lot of different running groups to meet new friends and find people who had similar interests to me.  On one Monday night I went to Social Boston Sports Community run and set out to do 5 miles.  I went by myself and didn’t know anyone there.  Michael and his friend Kris set out for a run and seemed to be a similar pace.  I asked if I could run with them and they were happy to have me join! Michael ended up taking off and running a quick 7 min/mile pace to blow off stress from work.  Kris and I ran together and chatted for the whole 5 miles.  Afterwards when we were stretching Michael and I got to chatting.  Rather than ask for my phone number he told me he’d see me again next week or later that week at this restaurant we both frequented on Thursday nights.  I made sure to drag my girlfriend out to the restaurant that night and as we were leaving we ran into Mike and Kris again.  Finally Michael asked for my phone number and the rest is history! We met up for “run dates” over the next month one or two times a week.  Before we knew it we were running and getting dinner and after about a month we were officially dating.  Running groups and clubs are a great place to meet new friends and potentially find someone who has the same interests as you!

In the fall Michael and I ran the Chicago Marathon together and trained for 4 months leading up to it together.  It was fun, challenging and deepened our relationship! You can learn so much more about your significant other on 2+ hour  runs.  We had a lot of fun throughout the process and the marathon day was amazing.  You can read my whole recap here.  Running a race with your significant other can really challenge your ability to work together, and stay motivated and can bring you together in a completely different way.  I highly recommend it for those running couples out there!

The Chicago Marathon!


Michael absolutely loves to cook.  I enjoy it but don’t have the same skills as he does but he likes to teach me so it works out well.  We like to plan out menus and try to opt for healthy options.  We enjoy heading to farmers markets to get fresh, local ingredients and avoid fatty meats and butter.  Cooking together and planning meals helps us to both stay on track.  With that said though, we also enjoy “cheating” together! Sometimes it’s just as fun to plan a special dessert or guilty meal that we have been craving.  It’s all about balance but together we manage to eat pretty healthy all the time.  Planning a good healthy meal, shopping for fresh ingredients and cooking together with some fun music on can be a great afternoon and evening with your special someone!

Other favorites!

While running, yoga and cooking are our favorites and what we love the most here are some other healthy activities we enjoy…

  • Ice Skating! Every winter we plan a date night or two and get some dinner and then spend an hour or so ice skating together.  It makes for a really fun night and there is nothing better than getting in some movement after a delicious meal!
  • Curling! Michael is a curler and absolutely loves it.  He curls two or three times a week and sometimes more.  He’s taught me how to slide and throw stones and it is really fun! In March we are doing a family tournament together!
  • Water skiing! My family has a summer home and we had a great time water skiing and being out in the boat together! It’s a great upper body workout and can really tire you out quickly.
  • Kayaking! We did this last summer as well and had a blast paddling to swimming holes and checking out the beautiful scenery.
  • Swimming! We both love the beach and the water so a beach day is a favorite for both us! We spend most of the day walking the beach, playing Frisbee in the water, and swimming.  After a day in the sun it’s great to come home and prepare a healthy meal on the grill!
  • Golf! I golfed as a kid but Michael really enjoys it. My skills are getting better as I play.  We leave the cart behind and walk 18 holes which is quite a workout! We want to play more this spring and summer as we won’t be training for a marathon!
  • Walks!  Sometimes on the weekends we have a rest day planned but still want to get out and do something! We’ll lace up out sneakers and set out for a 3 or 4 mile walk through Boston.  We love to check out the different neighborhoods and it gives us a chance to chat and have some fun.  I like to go in the morning and come back and have a healthy and delicious breakfast!

Michael and I Downhill Skiing!

Maybe you and your sweetie share some of the same activities as Michael and I but I hope you got some new ideas! Staying active with your significant other not only keeps you both healthy and moving but it can be fun and really spark some romance! Trying new things, can give you lots to chat about and get you both excited!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! And a very Happy Valentine’s to Michael! I love you!

How are you spending Valentine’s Day?  What activities keep you and your sweetheart active? Do you enjoy trying new activities together?