Running is Like Dating and Cheating is Allowed!

Hey Guys! I hope you all had a great weekend and are kicking your week off with a painless and quick Monday.  I had a great weekend! Friday night I was so tired and completely exhausted so Michael and I checked out a new to me restaurant in Melrose, MA called Turner Fisheries.  It was absolutely delicious! We had a crab cake appetizer, I had surf and turf and Michael had Seared Tuna.  For dessert we had chocolate ganache in a pecan crust with caramel on top, it was divine.  We each had a couple glasses of wine with dinner.  It was a great way to relax, unwind and catch up after a busy week.  If you are local I recommend you check it out for a delicious meal and relaxing atmosphere.  I promptly fell asleep as soon as we crawled into bed a little after 10.  I was happy about that since I had a 16 mile run to tackle Saturday morning with Team in Training.

Like most Saturdays I was up before 7am to get to practice with Team in Training.  I love going to practice and seeing new friends, running and chatting with my friend Lauren and the water stops and support of volunteers we see out there. It makes the long runs much more fun!  It was snowing and cold here in New England on Saturday morning so I made sure I was prepared with a hat, and a jacket to keep me dry.  My training plan called for an 18 mile run but the rest of the team was only running 16 miles.  I’ve had a lot of trouble lately with sore hips and tired legs.  Every time I head out for a run I my legs just feel tired and heavy.  I only dream of running with fresh legs and tons of energy these days.   With that I decided to leave the last 2 miles to be a game time decision.

Lauren and I headed out with the rest of the team and settled quickly into a comfortable 8:50 to 9 min/mile pace.  Saturday’s run included Heart Break hill.  If you’ve run the Boston Marathon then you know this hill is around mile 21 and comes after 2 smaller hills.  It is long.  And it is famous for breaking marathoners hearts.  I was actually excited to finally tackle this hill and break its heart.  While I did manage to kick the hill’s butt I was still feeling tired and sore by the time we hit mile 13 and I still had 3 more miles and 1 big hill left to tackle.  I actually borrowed The Stick at a water stop since my legs were getting so tired and sore.  I finished out the 16 miles but definitely knew that 18 was not in the cards for me and if anything would only cause more harm.

Saturday’s 16 Mile Long Run

After the run I changed into dry clothes and stretched and foam rolled for a bit.  I knew that with my sore hips and tired legs it was definitely time for a down week and a little break from running.  All my yoga, foam rolling and Stick loving hasn’t really been doing the trick.  I decided I’d talk to one of the coaches for Team in Training to hear what they thought.  I figured at the very least, they’d tell me I was right and I wouldn’t feel so bad about not running for a week. Yep, I’m crazy like that.  Sure enough Kelly, our coach, agreed with me.  To put it in her words, “Running is like a relationship and sometimes it hurts and it is not fun.  It’s like dating and you want to break up. Except your running a marathon and you can’t break up.  So you cheat. And in this case, cheating is totally allowed!” How awesome of an analogy is that?!  We agreed that I should just take a break from running this week.  She suggested I keep up with my yoga but instead take a fun cardio class at the gym on my running days or try a spin class, or best yet get in the pool for a swim.  I’m totally down with this plan.  She suggested I give it over a week and see how it goes.  She said by then I’ll be itching to head out for a run and will be good as new for our next long run and no harm will be done.

On my way home from practice I stopped to pick up a large hot tea and a big ‘ole bag of ice. What was the ice for? You guessed it, an ice bath.  It was my first one ever. Ever.  I’ve made it through 2 marathons and 3 half’s and have never had to take an ice bath but not anymore.  I filled the tub with ice and cold water and climbed on in.  I made Michael sit in the bathroom and talk to me!  He happily obliged and excitedly set the timer on his phone to count down 10 minutes so I wouldn’t cheat.

My First Ice Bath

I’ll admit, climbing into that tub after a snowy, cold and damp 16 miles wasn’t so fun.  But after a few minutes my legs went numb and honestly the ice felt amazing on my legs.  Michael and I chatted away and the time flew by!  A cup of warm tea certainly didn’t hurt either!

Sunday morning we had plans to go to yoga at South Boston Yoga but when I started to wake up around 8am I knew that wasn’t happening.  Luckily Michael rolled over and said, “let’s not go to yoga today”.  I fell back asleep and we stayed in bed past 9am.  My legs felt sore and tired throughout the day.  A relaxing morning in bed and on the couch and getting some extra sleep was exactly what my body needed.

Like I have always said, marathon training doesn’t always go according to plan because sometimes your body doesn’t like it or life gets in the way.  I’m happy because I feel like I have a great plan of attack that will keep me in shape and ready to hit the pavement and feeling well soon.  I’d rather hit “monster month” feeling fresh, pain free and excited than tired and beaten down.  There is no need to stress, because this is all OK.

How was your weekend? Did you have a race? Did you do a long run? Have you done ice baths before? Has your marathon training not gone according to plan before?


11 thoughts on “Running is Like Dating and Cheating is Allowed!

  1. JessSutera says:

    I have NEVER ice bathed either – but I know I have to learn to embrace them when I face down my first full marathon this fall. They scare me! I hate being cold haha! I love the way you use the dating analogy about running, SO SO TRUE! I’m glad you changed up your plan a bit this weekend to honor your body. Nice move.


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Hey Jess! The ice bath wasn’t so bad! I really recommend it as you train for your marathon. Those who do it regularly can’t say enough about it! I loved the analogy too…those TNT coaches are pretty smart! A rest day was so worth it and I am happy to have listened to my body.


  2. Candice says:

    I used to do ice baths when I was swimming after races or after really hard practices. Its absolutely torture for 15 minutes but I could definitely tell the difference in my muscles! They were able to recovery and felt “fresh”!


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