Yoga Pose: Savasana!

Hey Guys! I hope you are all having a great Tuesday.  I have an easy 4 mile run on tap for this morning, some lunchtime yoga and another night of studying for my NASM Personal Trainers Certification.  Last week I did my easy run in the morning before work.  It involved getting up at about 5:15am but it was nice to have it done and out-of-the-way and an extra night to get things done.  I think I’m going to really try to do this for runs that are less than 5 miles.  It should really help with my studying.

My Mom recently tried her very first yoga class over the weekend! She’s been reading LiveRunLoveYoga since it was born and has been listening to me talk and talk about yoga for months and years and finally decided it was time to see what I was talking about.  I am happy to say that she loved it! She was telling me about the class and the poses they did.  She told me how they laid on their backs at the end and just relaxed.  She said it was amazing and she felt very relaxed in mind and body.  She asked me what the pose was I and told her Savasana.  Which got me thinking about the benefits and why we all enjoy it, so I thought I would share!

Savasana is called Corpse pose. Corpse pose is done at the end of your practice.  A good rule of thumb is that for every 30 minutes of practice, you spend 5 minutes in savasana.  In corpse pose, you want to lay on your back and have your body be in a neutral position with your palms facing up.  You want to be sure to relax your tongue and pull it away from your teeth and un-wrinkle your brow.  Close your eyes and relax your mind.


Savasana is a great pose to help alleviate stress and calm the body.  I personally love it for this purpose and will often end a practice a few minutes early to enter savasana when I am stressed.  Savasana can also relieve depression that may be associated with stress.  We all get a little bummed out when we are stressed! Your body will be relaxed and savasana can help to relieve headaches, fatigue and insomnia.  Which coincidentally, can likely help you sleep better during times of stress! See the big cycle of goodness we are generating with this pose? Savasana is also a yoga pose that will help to lower your blood pressure if it is high.

When I am in Savasana I try to not carry a thought and focus on the present.  I think about relaxing and breathing.  When my mind wanders off I bring it back to the mat, back to breathing and releasing tension in my body.  Eventually my mind shuts off and I am able to just  be in the pose.  My mind is calm and still.

To come out of Savasana you should start to wiggle your toes and fingers and slowly start to move your body.  As you move you should slowly roll on to one side, preferably the right side.  You should push yourself up to seated.  You’ll want to sit tall and take a few deep breaths.   Open your eyes and begin to feel the difference in your mind and body.

Don’t you feel so much better?

Do you like corpse pose?  Do you end your practice with Savasana? Does Savasana relax your mind and body?