Favorite January Posts and February Goals!

Happy Thursday Loves! Despite battling a sore throat and not feeling so great I am in a pretty good mood today! I hope my cold stays at bay and gets better soon.  I have a 6 mile speed workout to do tonight and a date with the treadmill.  I’ve often referred to that device as the dreadmill but since I’m running in the dark for most runs I kind of enjoy using the treadmill for speed workouts.   Time flies while watching some trashy TV and changing the speed every 800m!  Plus it is nice to not worry about my footing or what looms in the darkness.  Monday’s post about running motivation sure did the trick for me.  To boost me even more my parent’s booked their hotel room for the Boston Marathon yesterday! It made me smile and reminded me how awesome, amazing and inspiring race day will be.  It got me thinking about how my parents, brother, boyfriend, boyfriend’s family and friends will all be along the 26.2 mile race! I literally get chills thinking about crossing the finish line less than 5 blocks from my apartment and celebrating with all of them.  And if that wasn’t enough to motivate me, I hit my fundraising minimum on Tuesday afternoon! I’ve officially raised over $4000 for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and have over $1500 more in donations coming in! The best part, 100% of every dollar goes directly to LLS now! Awesome! I think it is safe to say my lack of running motivation has been banished…

Boston Marathon Finish Line!

I really can’t believe that it is February already, where did January go? I thought it would be nice to highlight some of my favorite posts before I share my February Goals with you guys.

Changing Things Up With Circuit Training!

Athena over at Fitness and Feta wrote a great guest post for me about circuit training and how you can add it to your workouts! It burns a ton of calories and can target every part of your body.  She even gave us a great sample workout!

Circuit Training!

Finding the Yoga Style For You!

I wrote this post initially for FitFluential but wanted to share it with you guys! I break down the different styles of yoga and give them all a brief description.  It’s the perfect go-to guide if you are not sure what style works for you!

Celebrations and Awards!

I hit my 100th post and received my first blog award! The Versatile Blogger Award! It was exciting and a big milestone for LiveRunLoveYoga!

The Versatile Blogger Award!

A Response to “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body”

I loved the conversations that came in the comments section with this post! I summarized the recent NY Times article and provided the responses of South Boston Yoga and other yogi’s before giving my own!

A Published Writer: A Hope, A Dream and Why it Should be a Reality!

An audition piece for FitFluential, I wrote about why I should be selected to write for the likes of Shape Magazine, Women’s Health and other great magazines.  I loved all of your comments on why you’d like to see me write as well!

Running Motivation!

A reader favorite this month, I gave 10 tips I use to help keep me motivated to run when hitting the pavement sounds less than appealing!

And now on to my goals for February…

Pace Myself.

I am trying to focus more on quality and not quantity.  I tend to take on too much and then I feel stressed out and overwhelmed.  Right now I’m currently training for Boston Marathon and trying to focus on studying for my NASM Personal Trainer Certification.  They both take a lot of time and energy and I need to just focus on those.  Once they are over I can focus on growing this little ‘ole blog!

Train Hard.

I really want to stay focused on training for the marathon.  My mile times are slowly dropping particularly on long runs and I’m already noticing that I am 5 or more minutes faster than I was when training for Chicago.  It would be awesome to qualify and run a 3:35 at Boston so I want to remain dedicated.  I also want to keep up with my yoga, the key to doing this will be including a variety of classes with lots of restorative yoga!

Train Hard to Run a 3:35!

Study Harder.

I want to train hard but study harder.  I plan to take my NASM Personal Trainer exam in early April. That means I need to be through each chapter by the end of the month.  Then I can focus on practice exams and the like in March and early April.  I also need to sign up for a CPR class! That is on the calendar for this month too!

I’m keeping it simple this month and putting all my energy into those goals!

*Don’t forget you have until 8pm to enter my Divine Blessings Giveaway! I’ll announce the winner tomorrow morning!

What were your favorite posts this month? What are your goals for February? What else can you tell me about Boston Marathon to keep me excited?


Any Thoughts, Suggestions or Similar Experiences?

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