A New Month and What I Ate Wednesday!

Happy February! So I am pretty excited to kick off this month with a party and a food party no less! I hope you are all doing something, be it making a smart food choice or trying a new workout today to start this month off on the right foot! For me, today is all about making good food choices and resting my body.  I have a bit of a sore throat and am not feeling so great…I definitely need to rest and keep this sickness at bay.  Let’s kick off the What I Ate Wednesday Party courtesy of Jenn over at Peas and Crayons!


I’ve still been very obsessed with oatmeal.  I just really love mixing it up with different toppings and I love how filling it is.  I am so satisfied for hours when I eat it for breakfast.  I know I’m starting my day off right with it.  I recently started adding a chopped up banana to my oats before cooking them.  It makes them so voluminous and the subtle flavor of the banana is a nice addition.

Oatmeal with a glass of Orange Pineapple Juice

This week I have been adding a splash of almond milk to my oats and topping them with almond butter, raspberry jam, raisins, and walnuts.  It is so good!


I managed to have lots of leftovers this week to bring for lunch.  It’s been quite nice to have a warm and filling lunch each day.  I had some orzo with chicken, with sundried tomatoes Kalamata olives and feta cheese.  Delicious!

Orzo with Chicken


I brought an orange, a Chobani yogurt, a Lean Protein Shake and a granola bar.  I like to pack a variety of snacks for work but I don’t often eat all of them.  In fact, I only ate the orange, and granola bar.  I like to do this because if I have plenty of healthy options I have no excuse to indulge in unhealthy vending machine snacks or snacks by the coffee machine.



I recently bought some of the General Tso’s Sauce from Trader Joes.  I was intrigued when I saw this because I love General Tso’s Chicken when I order take out and the sauce seemed relatively healthy.  I thought maybe I could recreate my favorite take out at home and make it a little healthier! Turns out it was a success!

I used lean chicken breasts and browned and cooked them in a pan.  I added the sauce to coat the chicken and added some broccoli.  On the side I made some brown rice.

Homemade General Tso’s Chicken

It was so flavorful and delicious.  The best part? It was quick and easy just like my favorite take out!

No desserts for me this week.  My sweet tooth has been a bit out of control lately so I’m trying to reign it back in and avoid sweets at night.  The first week back is so hard!

That’s it for me this week! I can’t wait to see what you all ate, I get great ideas from your meals!

What is your favorite oatmeal topping? Are you a leftover or a sandwich person for lunch? Do you re-create your favorite take out meals at home? When you eat sweets does your sweet tooth get out of control?


12 thoughts on “A New Month and What I Ate Wednesday!

  1. Laura says:

    I’m impressed you don’t eat all the snacks you pack… i would have trouble with that. 🙂 I love frozen blueberries, cinnamon and ground flaxseed in my oatmeal, but I really should mix it up more often!


  2. Jamie says:

    I liked what you ate today! 🙂 I enjoy putting dried blueberries and ground flaxseed in my oatmeal and sometimes I like to cook it with milk. I like leftovers and sandwiches for lunch, I just gotta remember to prepare it ahead of time. Your General Tso’s looked delicious too; I like to make my own eggrolls b/c I think the takeout ones aren’t filling. I make them smaller, add browned ground turkey, and then try not to fry them in too much oil. I might try baking them as an experiment.
    Hang in there with reigning in your sweet tooth! I have one too… I try to drink water right afterwards so I can lessen any sugar cravings!


  3. Marina@cowboycountryvegetarian says:

    Wow, so many questions so early in the morning… 🙂 ok, oatmeal topping would be blueberries, a lot of it. some walnuts may go in too. I am a soup person for lunch. Yes, i need to have soup, warm in the winter and cold in the summer. I improvise in the kitchen all the time. Sweet tooth? what is it?! 🙂 and no. Great post!


  4. Erin says:

    I love steel cut oats with walnuts and fresh cranberries! So yummy!
    I eat anything for lunch – leftovers, sandwiches, salads, peanut butter and jelly.
    Thankfully I don’t have a crazy-out-of-control sweet tooth! Usually having 2 small cookies hits the spot for me. 🙂
    Feel better soon babe!


  5. Mattie @ Comfy and Confident says:

    Happy February! i am def a leftover person for lunch. I like sandwiches but I would much rather have leftovers, like chicken and rice or stirfry. Packing a ton of snacks a great idea. I always go through mine and then end up grazing on the treats around the office.


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