Running Motivation!

Good Morning Loves! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to face the week with new energy and enthusiasm.  I had a very relaxing weekend.  Friday night was rainy and I was exhausted from a stressful week last week.  Michael and I ordered take out, watched Secretariat and went to bed early.  Quite honestly, it was perfect.  I headed out for a 7 mile run Saturday morning and enjoyed some sunshine and beautiful 40 degree weather.  I spent the remainder of the day studying for my personal training exam and relaxing.  We went and tried a new restaurant in the North End of Boston with Michael’s family Saturday night and had a great time.  Sunday morning I woke up and felt horrible.  I had a sore throat, congestion and a headache, Michael didn’t feel any better than I did.  We spent the day relaxing and trying to recover.  I hope this cold stays away thanks to a lot of rest and fluids.

Here’s a look at least week’s workouts. It wasn’t my greatest week of workouts.  I was exhausted and tired most nights from a stressful week and my legs felt tired and heavy on most runs.  I’m thankful that it was a recovery week for my marathon training plan.  My body definitely need a rest.

Last Week’s Workouts

Not only did my body need a rest from running so did my mind.  I have not been feeling the most motivated about marathon training.  It is a little discouraging since I have been looking forward to running the Boston Marathon for years.  It has always been a goal of mine! So why am I lacking motivation?  I think it is because I have been constantly training for a race since this time last year.  In one year I’ll have ran two marathons and one half-marathon.  I’m just getting tired of following a plan and constantly motivating myself for a tempo run or a long run or whatever kind of run it may be.  I’m looking forward to some freedom in working out.  So Saturday while I was out running I was trying to think of some ways to motivate myself so I can get over this little bump.  I thought I’d share since it’s January and the idea of comfort food and movies probably sounds better than the gym and all of our resolutions are slowly being forgotten.  So here’s 10 tips to keep us motivated to run!

1.  Run For a Cause.

I just raised over $4000 since December for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  That is amazing and does so much good for those suffering.  Fundraising is only half of the work, the other half is running.  I need to stay motivated to keep supporting my cause and helping those who aren’t healthy enough to run a marathon! If you are running and fundraising for a cause you need to keep running and training and supporting your cause as well!

2.  Find a New Route. 

I run the same routes again and again.  With it being dark most nights I’m down to one route or the treadmill.  Finding a new running route is my mission this week to help keep things fresh and challenge me on my runs since I know I won’t be 2.52 miles in when I hit a specific intersection.  Find a new route for yourself or try running your favorite one backwards to add some variety.

3.  Plan a Run Date.

There is nothing better than a run with a good friend.  I love chatting for miles on end and having a friend to pass the time with.  I plan to go to practice with Team in Training next Saturday to see some friends and run with them.  It will help pass the time for 16 miles and will make it more fun! You should schedule a run date too! It will challenge you and encourage you!

4.  Get a Massage.

I’ve had really bad low back pain after my runs lately.  It is very discouraging! Since “monster month” with my highest miles is seeming very overwhelming to me I am going to schedule a massage for the rest week following.  It will help soothe my muscles and will give me something to look forward to while I log those long runs!

5.  Make a New Playlist.

I don’t run with music.  Ever. But if I get really desperate I’ll create a new playlist and hit the pavement with some tunes to get my body moving and motivated.  If you regularly run with music trying making a new playlist to add some variety to your runs!

6.  Bribe Yourself.

Yep, I said it and I do it.  Do I want that new gym bag? I sure do! Do I want it bad enough to run 100 miles? Probably.  If there is new gear I’m lusting after but not feeling particularly motivated I bribe myself by setting a goal and once I accomplish it I reward myself by purchasing it! Sometimes it’s a new Lululemon top, other times it’s a cupcake from my favorite bakery as a reward for running that 20 mile long run.

7.  Plan my race day outfit!

Ok, yes I love workout and running gear and really use any excuse in the book to get it.  Sometimes looking online and planning what I might want to wear on race day is enough to get me fired up about the event and forget about my running slump!

8.  Tweet for Motivation!

There is a whole community of healthy living bloggers on Twitter! They are amazing people who encourage and support each other! Tweeting to the community and asking them for what motivates them to workout will inspire me to get out the door!

9.  Read Runner’s World Daily Motivational Email.

You can sign up for a daily email from Runner’s World to help motivate and inspire you to run! I get mine every morning and really look forward to them.  Sign up to get your own motivational email!

10.  Look on Pinterest.

Pinterest is filled with motivation and inspiration! I look to my motivation board and remind myself of the million and one reasons why I want to get out and run!

How was your weekend?  Are you less motivated to run in the winter? What keeps you motivated to run or workout?


18 thoughts on “Running Motivation!

  1. Ericka @ The Sweet Life says:

    Totally agree with all of these! I actually did the “tweet for motivation” one Friday and it helped. I know there’s always some motivating person on Twitter to help me out! That Pinterest poster you have up there is one of my favs. It’s SO true and I find it much easier to get myself to work out these days than I used to.


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Twitter is the best! Healthy living bloggers are so encouraging and motivating to each other! I love Pinterest too, sometimes it is a just a few simple words we need to change our attitudes! Thanks for reading!


  2. carlybananas says:

    Great post!
    I’m weird and I really love winter running but can use these tips in when it’s super hot and humid this summer. Especially the race day outfit planning. I love figuring that out 🙂 It makes the race feel so much more real!


  3. strawberryjamntoast says:

    I’m definitely in need of some motivation right this minute as I’m sat under a blanket on the sofa willing myself to go run an easy 5k. Hopefully re-reading your post will do the trick!


  4. Jamie says:

    Congrats on raising money for Team in Training! Of all of your tips that’s the only one I haven’t done yet, but will do one day. I live in a rural area so there isn’t a group close by, but it’s on my list. Hope you both feel better! 🙂


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