Broga and a Weekend Wrap Up

Good Morning Loves! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I’m a little bummed out that is Monday and we are all heading back to work but hopefully Friday will come soon enough.  Luckily I have  a little busier of a week than normal so that should help the week fly by!

Michael and I spent the weekend relaxing and enjoying each others company.  We have been so busy lately running every where and  living life that we were due for a bit of a down weekend.  Our plan? Get in some yoga and spend the day at home cooking, relaxing and eating delicious food!  Michael has been super into yoga lately and has really found the benefits to be numerous and has been noticing his strength increasing tremendously.  I can even say his body is definitely becoming more toned.  He and his friend Mike both bought an online deal for Broga.  When Michael told me he was going I immediately wanted to tag along to check it out and see what it is all about it.  I’ve talked about Broga before here and yoga for men, it’s growing quite quickly so be sure to check that post out.

Broga is basically yoga designed for men.  Here is their description,

Broga is a yoga class geared for men (where it’s okay if you can’t touch your toes).

Strong, energetic,and challenging, Broga combines the best core-strengthening, muscle-toning, cardio-working, stress-reducing, clarity-enhancing yoga postures with functional fitness exercises for an amazing workout.

You’ll get that pumped-up feeling you get from working out and a deep flexibility and relaxation feeling from “working in.”

Michael’s friend had never taken yoga before so we decided to take the “Chill” class.

Energetic, fun, challenging, but set to a chill, accessible pace. Perfect for Broga or Yoga newbies or those interested focusing on fundamentals. 75 min.

It sounded good to me since my body is feeling a bit tired lately from 1 hour 30 minute classes of yoga 3 days a week and training for the marathon the other 3 days.  In fact, I said to Michael that I couldn’t wait for an “easy” yoga class.

It was a snowstorm here in Boston on Saturday so we planned to leave a little early and got there about 10 minutes before the class started.  The studio is located in the basement of an armory in Sommerville, Ma.  The room was basically a shared yoga studio and dance studio but it had nice wood floors, mirrors to the front of the room and was definitely warm so I wasn’t going to complain.

Broga Studio

The class started on the mat with a few minutes of focused breathing on our backs.  The instructor was really good about explaining the breath and how yoga is all about breathing and movement.  The class progressed on the mat, moving through poses like cobra, child pose and cat and cow before heading into downward dog.  It flowed from the ground up.  Once we were standing it combined some basic flows and asanas.  Most of the poses were held for 5 to 10 breaths and sometimes longer.  There was a lot of plank work, chaturungas and yoga push-ups.  When I say a lot, I really mean a lot.  My arms were definitely feeling the burn.  After moving through the standing poses and flows we moved into balance poses.  Most of the poses were very basic.  There was a lot of Warrior 1 and 2, extended side angle pose, and pyramid.  For balance poses we did tree, Warrior 3 and then moved into a standing split.  After balance poses we moved to the mat and focused on abs.  He walked us through some final stretches before having us move into shavasana.


Overall I would say the class was good from a yoga stand point.  The instructor went around and introduced himself to everyone before the class began and was sure to ask about injuries.  He made corrections on people who were not in poses correctly and also helped deepen poses for myself and Michael.  The class was challenging and I definitely got a workout! My arms were sore yesterday!  It is most definitely geared towards men and does not go into any advanced poses or deep flows.  As for the yoga speak, it is less “zen” and more “Ya man, feel the burn.  Breath deep.”  All in all I think it would be great for a man looking to try yoga and avoid all the bendy women in their Lululemon.

After class we went food shopping and picked up lunch at one of my favorite Boston food joints, Anna’s Taqueria.  We each got a grilled chicken burrito with cheese, rice, beans, guacamole, pico de gallo and green chilli sauce inside.  It was delicious and the prefect meal after a challenging yoga class.  We got to work making Beef Bourginone for dinner with Tiramisu for desert.  It was delicious and you can be sure you’ll be seeing that later this week!

Sunday was a chill day, we slept in and made breakfast.  Late morning Michael took off to spend the night at the casino watching football with his guy friends.  I headed out for a cold and sloppy 14 miles.  I felt great for the first 10 miles.  They flew by! After that I started to get tired and my leg muscles were getting tight.  I’ve had some trouble lately with my low back being incredible sore and tight.  I think it is from the combination of yoga and running that I have been doing but it seems to be improving and I feel like I’m getting stronger so I’m still monitoring it!  I was pretty psyched since I ran a pace of 8:51 min/mile for the run and finished about 5 minutes faster than when I ran 14 miles training for Chicago!

Here’s a look at last week’s workouts:

Workouts Week of 1/16 to 1/22

I spent the remainder of the afternoon relaxing, blogging, studying for my NASM personal trainer’s exam and watching football! I’m not much of a football fan but I grew up in Upstate New York with my Dad and brother always rooting for the Giants.  Now that I’m dating Michael we head to his parent’s house almost every week to watch the Patriots with them.  It’s hard to live in Boston and not root at least a little bit for the Patriots! So Sunday I had to watch both games and root for both the Patriots and the Giants! I’m excited for the Superbowl!

Also just a reminder! Today is the last day to enter my raffle for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! All proceeds go directly to my fundraising!  I’ll be drawing the winner tonight at 8pm so please be sure to head on over to the raffle and support a good cause and win some fun prizes!

How was your weekend?  Have you tried a new kind of yoga recently?  Do you mix yoga and running?  Who are you hoping wins the Superbowl?


13 thoughts on “Broga and a Weekend Wrap Up

  1. shawn says:


    Broga wow i just came acrss this, Have you been to another class? I’m in CA, Do you know if BROGA is out here? please respond.


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Hi Shawn! I haven’t been to another class but I can say that my boyfriend has. Him and a friend go on Saturday mornings and absolutely love it! They find it to be challenging and a great workout. This studio only has classes in Boston and Martha’s Vineyard but I have heard and read a lot about Broga. From what I read there are studios out in California that offer this. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Hi Steph! I use the Garmin Connect software. I find it super easy to use. My Garmin automatically uploads my runs there and I can manually add my yoga classes and “non-Garmin” workouts. I manually add my weight but it does work with the Tanita scales, I just don’t have one. It saves all my running routes and allows me to generate reports, add notes like when I started a new pair of shoes or was sick, etc and compare workouts. I love it!


  2. Meredith @ DareYouTo says:

    Ah! My boyfriend’s New Year’s resolution was to try yoga. He started Vinyasa and likes it except he gets VERY sore because he isn’t flexible enough (yet!) to do a lot of the moves. He’s athletic, but just can’t touch his toes, like you said.

    SO I passed this “Broga” business along to him ! Thanks 🙂


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Oh I am so glad you sent it along to him! That is perfect!! He will definitely get better in time. My boyfriend is noticing lots of improvement since he started in December. Thanks for reading and sharing!


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