What I Ate (Yesterday) Wednesday!!

Who is psyched we are half way through this week? I am! For those who didn’t have to work on Monday, Wednesday probably came pretty quick! I think for the first time in What I Ate Wednesday history here on LiveRunLoveYoga I actually took photos of an entire day worth of eats.  Yes that is right.  Your going to see breakfast, lunch and dinner all from one day!   As always, a big thanks to Jen at Peas and Crayons for hosting this party!


I had to completely resist the urge yesterday to have oatmeal with almond butter, raisins, walnuts and jam.  We know I am obsessed with oatmeal lately but variety is the spice of life right? So today I made whole wheat waffles with banana sliced on top and maple syrup! It was delicious.  Yesterday it snowed in Boston and I did an easy 5 mile run so a cup of hot cocoa was completely necessary to warm up!  I make it with almond milk and Ghiradelli hot chocolate mix and a dollop of whip cream on top.

Whole Wheat Waffles with Bananas and Maple Syrup, Hot Chocolate and Orange Juice


I was working at a customer site all day yesterday so I packed lunch to bring with me.  My job has shifted a little recently so I’m not sitting at a desk all day.  Instead I do my office work at home and spend the rest of my time at customer sites doing repairs.  When doing repairs at customer sites it is so easy to lose track of time and just stay buried in the work.  I really have to force myself to stop and go eat.  It’s still new so I’m still figuring out a schedule and routine.  Anyway, I made a delicious sandwich with chicken, american cheese, spring mix and a little bit of humus dressing from Trader Joe’s.  It is so good.  I also thoroughly enjoy it grilled!  On the side I had some veggie chips and an orange.  I packed a Chobani Greek Yogurt and a granola bar for a snack but never ate it.  Water to drink.

Chicken Sandwich, Veggie Chips, Orange, Chobani Greek Yogurt, Granola Bar, Water


Michael had a curling tournament over the weekend so I had Saturday to myself.  I took the opportunity to make a big pot of risotto to eat throughout the week.  I added sausage, peas and mushrooms to the risotto and cooked it with some chicken broth.  Delicious and I love having a pot of good, warm food to eat all week!

Sausage, Peas and Mushroom Risotto and Broccoli

I was craving some green in my life so I made some broccoli to go with it. I quickly chopped the end off the broccoli crown and used the Ziploc Steamer bags to steam the veggie in less than 2 minutes. Talk about quick and easy.

Ziploc Zip ‘n Steam

I really like them and they eliminate the clean up of a pot or pan.  They cost only about $2.5o a package so it is pretty reasonable.

With dinner I had a cup of tea.  How do you know it is winter in New England? I constantly drink tea to hydrate and stay warm!  I chose herbal tea to avoid the caffeine. It is delicious!

Herbal Tea


We are still working on that Chocolate Cake from last week.  I ate the last of it last night with a scoop of Frozen Yogurt with fudge and peanut butter cups in it! It was so good.  It seemed like a good night to have a little sweet, it was cold and rainy and I spent the night relaxing and blogging!

Chocolate Cake and Frozen Yogurt

It was a delicious day of eats!

What did you eat yesterday? How do you mix up breakfast? Do you like making a big pot of food to eat throughout the week?  How do you steam your vegetables? What have you been eating for dessert this week?


9 thoughts on “What I Ate (Yesterday) Wednesday!!

  1. Kathleen says:

    One of the reasons I love the slow cooker is that you can have a week of food already prepared for you! It makes dinners so easy. I’ve been eating a chili dish a couple of times this week. I try not to overdo it, so I don’t get sick of it. 😉 Breakfasts are usually: protein pancakes, oatmeal, or Greek yogurt. I need to get more creative, but for now, this is what works for me. Happy Hump Day!


  2. Corinne says:

    That chicken sandwich looks like an awesome lunch! I love that you posted your dessert – think it’s important for other bloggers to see! That yogurt sounds awesome – what brand is it?
    Stay warm!


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