Yoga, A Love I Can’t Deny

Good Morning!   I woke up this morning to the sound of rain against the window.  We are supposed to get a winter storm here in New England today.  I’m not thrilled about this since I am supposed to do a track workout today.  6 miles of speed in the rain and the snow, no thanks.  It looks like week 2 of Boston Marathon training may include a treadmill workout.  I’ll survive, the important part is I get my workout in right?

Last night Michael and I had our Wednesday night date night.  I love these nights, it’s a chance for me to unwind mid-week.  I eat a good meal, we watch our favorite shows with no computers in hand and we get to catch up with all the little things from the first half of the week.  Last night was a little different, we went to yoga! Michael and is really into practicing lately and wanted to get a mid-week class in.  I of course said yes.

We went to South Boston Yoga and took David Vendetti’s all-levels class.  He is my favorite instructor ever.  His classes are fun, and always make me laugh.  His flows and poses are challenging, inventive and I always leave drenched in sweat.  Best hour and a half ever.  This is also the studio where I plan to take my yoga teacher training. It starts in August and I can’t even wait.

As I rolled out my mat last night and got settled to begin class I felt the warmth of the room (he keeps it about 85 degrees) and the peace which yoga brings me.  I felt every part of my body smile. I had a huge grin and I could not get rid of it.  His class was a “back to basics” kind of class.  Sun Salutation Series A, B, C  and lots of twists and challenging standing poses.  He helped me get into some really deep twists that felt amazing.  I left so happy and relaxed.

Last Night’s Tweet After Yoga!

See it is classes like last night’s that reaffirm my love of yoga.  They remind me that patience is a virtue and that in a year I will be yoga certified, that I’ll be beginning to teach classes and will soon be able to teach full-time.  Classes like last night build confidence in my decision to follow this path.  Again and again I am convinced that I KNOW I am making the right choice to become a yoga instructor.

Every now and then (ok, like every 2 weeks) life throws me a curve ball and I am forced to re-think my choices and where I am going.  Yet every time that happens I come to the same conclusion. Yes, I want to be a full-time yoga instructor.  Lately, with each passing day the doubt and scariness of life’s decisions continues to fade and I become more and more confident with my choice.  There is something amazing about this feeling.

Now all I need is some patience for the next 8 months, to focus on what is happening in life NOW and enjoy every minute of it before diving in head first with full enthusiasm to Yoga Teacher Training in August.


I came across this yoga poem recently about waiting.  Personally, I think it really speaks to coming in to your own.  Becoming the person you want to be inside and not what reality and life is forcing us to be.  It’s something we can all relate to in some way shape or form.

“Waiting” by Leza Lowitz

You keep waiting for something to happen,

the thing that lifts you out of yourself,

catapults you into doing all the things you’ve put off

the great things you’re meant to do in your life,

but somehow never quite get to.

You keep waiting for the planets to shift

the new moon to bring news,

the universe to align, something to give.

Meanwhile, the piles of papers, the laundry, the dishes, the job—

it all stacks up while you keep hoping

for some miracle to blast down upon you,

scattering the piles to the winds.

Sometimes you lie in bed, terrified of your life.

Sometimes you laugh at the privilege of waking.

But all the while, life goes on it its messy way.

And then you turn forty. Or fifty. Or sixty…

and some part of you realizes you are not alone

and you find signs of this in the animal kingdom –

when a snake sheds its skin its eyes glaze over,

it slinks under a rock, not wanting to be touched,

and when caterpillar turns to butterfly

if the pupa is brushed, it will die—

and when the bird taps its beak hungrily against the egg

It’s because the thing is too small, too small,

and it needs to break out.

And midlife walks you into that wisdom

that this is what transformation looks like—

the mess of it, the tapping at the walls of your life,

the yearning and writhing and pushing,

until one day, one day

you emerge from the wreck

embracing both the immense dawn

and the dusk of the body,

glistening, beautiful

just as you are.

from Yoga Heart: Lines on the Six Perfections © 2011 by Stone Bridge Press

I’m off to get this day started and do at least one thing to help me reach my future goals today.  Doing one thing a day to help you get to where you want to go is a powerful thing. Thank you for letting me reaffirm my decisions, my career path, my aspirations today!

What are your hopes and dreams?  What do you hope to become? Is making life choices as scary and daunting for you?  Do you find yourself reaffirming your life choices? Do you have moments in life that help you to know you’ve made the right choice?


8 thoughts on “Yoga, A Love I Can’t Deny

  1. Tara Burner says:

    my hopes and dreams are many…one is huge and scary but if I had a few million $ it’d be a reality…and right now I honestly don’t feel like I’ve made right choices…but I’m getting there


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