Dressing Right for Cold Weather Runs and Fundraising for a Cause!

Good Morning! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! My weekend was great, and super productive!

Friday night, I ran some last-minute errands for our fundraiser and had the rest of the night to myself to relax, have some wine, and watch a movie.  It was much-needed after a crazy week at work and some long nights trying to fit my runs in and plan the rest of our fundraiser!

Saturday morning I woke up and hit the road for my first long run of training for the Boston Marathon.  I had a 10 miler to do and it was awesome! It was such a beautiful, warm and sunny winter day in New England.  The high was 55.  I definitely overdressed for the run. Over my runs throughout the week I learned a little bit more about dressing for winter running:

  • When it is winter in New England it is amazing to have wool running socks on. I bought these last week at my favorite running store Marathon Sports and love them both.  They both keep my feet warm and are very comfortable.  I was a little cautious with the Experia socks since the middle part is very thin and the pads of the heel and toes are very thick.  It felt funny at first but once I started running they were very comfortable.

Balega Wool Running Socks

Experia Wool Running Socks

  • When it is nighttime and colder than 25 degrees with a wind, it is MUCH more comfortable to wear a wind blocking jacket and pants. I have these Swix soft shell pants from my days of nordic skiing and they are awesome. They move with me and they keep me warm.

Swix Aurora Soft Shell Pant

  • When it is 35 degrees and warmer and the sun is shining I do not need to wear a coat! This is the second time I’ve learned this lesson and have been WAY to warm during a run.  Unfortunately I learned this again during Sunday’s 10 mile run.  I have pulled out my half zip running tops so I’ll be sure to layer up and skip the coat next time!
  • The thinner the gloves the better.  My hands get so warm when I am running and I am finding that I need gloves that are easy to carry and stash in a pocket should I need to take them off.  I’m also learning that lotion is my best friend because it is still cold out.
  • When it is cold out, 25 degrees and below, I need to wear a buff to keep my neck warm and use to cover my mouth should the air be really cold.  I still have my green paisley one from when I competed in Nordic skiing so I use that! It was one of my favorite things in those days!

See my buff around my neck?!

I’m learning how to dress appropriately but I’ll figure it all out soon enough, at which point I’ll do whole post on it for you!  All in all, I had a great first week of training!

Week 1 Boston Marathon Training!

After my 10 mile run on Saturday my parents came into town! They came to support me and attend my fundraiser. Saturday night I hosted a fundraiser to help raise money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society since I am running the Boston Marathon with them.  I hosted along with 4 other girls who are also running!

Cocktails for a Cause Hosts!

The Brahmin in Boston donated the space, appetizers and a drink special to us! The food was delicious and included stationed and passed appetizers and flatbreads.  The food was plentiful and kept coming all night.  They created a RUNberry Maratini for us which was similar to a cosmopolitan with raspberry puree in it.  They donated $2 of every drink sold back to us! It was so generous of them and helped to make the event a huge success!

Cocktails for a Cause!

Michael designed all of the signs for all of the auction items (we had over 50 items!) and other posters for the event! My Dad printed them all for us and they looked incredible! Thank you so much Dad and Michael! I love you!

It was a great time and I was so grateful that all of my friends, family and Michael’s family came out to support us! All 4 of us hosts had a great turn out and enjoyed getting to meet each other friends and family.  We had so much fun eating, drinking, socializing and bidding on great items all to benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

Myself at Cocktails for a Cause!

Michael and I ended up staying out pretty late with all of our friends and family.  Luckily my parents were happy to sleep in just as much as we were! And they took us to a delicious jazz brunch where I ate more than I would like to admit! Since I was feeling rather tired and not so great from perhaps one too many cocktails we spent the remainder of our Sunday relaxing on the couch and watching football! We did make a delicious dinner and dessert which you’ll likely see on Wednesday!

I had such a good weekend! It was busy but so fun and was great to host such an amazing event for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

Just a reminder that I am running a raffle here to help raise money! I have to raise $4000 before January 31st! Every little bit helps and with just a $5 donation you can win great prizes like a $50 Holabird Sport Gift Card, a $25 Go Sport ID Gift Card, a 4-week customized workout plan, Sparkly Soul Headbands and a signed copy of Perfectly Fit Intuition by Jana Hollingsworth!  If you give up one morning coffee and make a donation, you’ll get the chance to win some great prizes and do some good! So check out Prizes for a Cause for all the details!

Also I am running a special with Sparkly Soul Headbands! If you purchase a headband and use the promo code WHITNEY you will receive 15% of your order and 25% will be donated to my fundraising efforts for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! I LOVE their headbands.  They are fun and sparkly and they don’t slip.  Seriously.  They have stayed put for 10 mile runs, and crazy hour and half yoga classes where I sweat buckets! Plus they are so cute! So go on and shop for a good cause!

How was your weekend? Do you dress appropriately for cold weather running? What is your advice so your dressed perfectly? Do you love Sparkly Soul headbands?  


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