New Year’s Goals for 2012 and Shopping for a Cause!

Happy New Year!!  I hope you all had a great time ringing in 2012!  Michael and I rung in the New Year in Montreal and had a great time!  With the new year upon us it is a great time to reflect back on 2011 and set goals or resolutions for 2012.  I thought I’d shared my goals for 2012 in a video blog for you all!

I have another little something special for you all today too! As you know I am running the Boston Marathon in 2012 for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  I have a fundraising goal of $5000 with a deadline of January 31st!  To help with my cause Sparkly Soul Headbands (which I LOVE!!) has given me a promo code WHITNEY that will give you 15% of your purchase!!  The best part is 25% of your purchase will go to my fundraising goal!!  

You know you need a little sparkle in your life to help motivate you to workout and accomplish all those healthy living goals in 2012!!  So head on over to Sparkly Soul and do a little shopping to help a good cause!!  The sale runs from today, January 2nd to January 16th!!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for some more great stuff coming your way!

What is your New Year’s Resolution?  Do you set goals or resolutions? Do you love Sparkly Soul headbands?


8 thoughts on “New Year’s Goals for 2012 and Shopping for a Cause!

  1. Kara says:

    What a great idea! I completed two races with Team in Training-this is such a unique and fun fundraising idea! I’ve been wanting to try out these headbands for awhile-now I have a great excuse to buy one 🙂 good luck!


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